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Weekend drinking thread [16-18 Nov 2018]


Referencing the Kataro Sireni, a bit of bumpf from the web “….the Kataro winery is located on a picturesque hillside in a lush region of Hadrut in the Republic of Artsakh. Named after an ancient church located in the village of Togh, Kataro is produced from Khnodgny (also known as Sireni) an indigenous grape variety grown on the slopes of Togh at an elevation of 600-700 metres. The result is modern wines from a truly ancient wine-growing region”.

From WineFolly “….The name Khndoghni is derived from the Armenian word “khind”, which means laughter. This is a native red wine variety from the controversial Nagorno-Karabakh area, which – depending on the source – is considered a region of Armenia, a separate nation, or a part of Azerbaijan. This grape has high tannins and offers interesting characteristics of black and blue fruits, cotton candy, and earth. Wines made from this grape have grippy tannins, precise structure, and exhibit aging potential. Khndoghni is usually aged in Caucasian oak barrels that are sourced from the same area”.


Hi @Inbar. The Undurraga we have is Carignan


Thanks, @woodap! I knew there were a few of the ‘TH’ brand.
Guess we’ll just have to open it and see! :wink:


Can you also share how you found the Dow’s Crusted Port? Thanks :slight_smile:


Will have a glass of this while I watch the rugby. Better than working I think.

Whatever your tipple today please enjoy.


Enjoyed this last night - nice easy drinking claret from a good year, still showing plenty of primary fruit, but certainly drinking nicely with the tannin’s well integrated and no sharp edges :

All the talk of Musar here has encouraged me to open a bottle of the 2003 for tonight:



I wonder if it depends on what food you pair it with. It’s not that I didnt like the flavours, but with a relatively light pasta dish the alcohol did not seem well balanced. We are looking forward to having it with some of Mrs Kirkhams best Lancashire Tasty!


Another bottle of Trisatheum Chardonnay 2016 from the Willlhamette Valley in Oregon. The first one was tried straight after delivery and this one is showing much better. Still lemony and with a lemon pith note on the finish but now seems more integrated without any rough edges.


This handled a gingery stir fry admirably. Fabulous value at £8.50, I guess it would be perfect with any fish dish as well.

Afterwards some proper Indian sweets with this good value Aussie fortified:


Opened this evening:

And what a different wine this is. I’ve only had Musar from Bekaa valley before and bearing in mind it is from the same valley it doesn’t get much more different than this. 100% Cinsault, I think, rather than Musar’s blend of Carignan, Cabernet and Cinsault and a totally different wine. Quite light on the nose but some red fruit there. Much clearer cherry in the mouth with just a touch of oak and acid, but that cherry is surprisingly sweet. Full bodied (14.5%) but only really noticeable on the medium length finish. Very young feel to it making it quite easy drinking but that sweetness is not normally my thing. I’ll have to see how it grows on me.


How many more examples of Sauvignon Blanc can supermarket shelves take ?
I don’t know but I’m glad Aldi sourced this classy bottle from Haut Poitou.
Light in alcohol, fresh as the proverbial daisy, zingy lemon and grapefruit hits., freshly cut grass, smoke, flinty hints with a reasonably long finish , distinguished by its smooth rounded grip.
Just try it, and it’s Exquisite at £6.99.



Second phase opened last night…daughter home for weekend so whites got polished off quickly.

Half of this all to myself last night…

It was superb archetypical Syrah, though I strongly recommend heeding @Taffy-on-Tour’s comments the other day. This was opened and decanted at 6 and drunk (largely) from 8pm onwards. I had a small taster just after opening, and the feral, gamey bouquet was big, and then moved on to blood…when drunk though all the complex fruit and spices came out with lovely finish, with fine tannins to the fore. Definitely needs a good decant though… #

Other half of bottle tonight. Think it’s a smaller half for some reason.


This actually lasted a day and a half (not the eggs) and it was great throughout. Bone dry, as promised by TWS, with super delicate bubbles. Lemony, apply goodness with some slightly burnt toast to follow. I don’t drink too much sparkling, but definitely very happy with this one.


Just about to watch Countryfile!


Lovely day walking in the glorious Sussex countryside, and now settling down with a Fino sherry, and some olives and Serrano ham.

Later on we shall be tucking into some homemade tandoori chicken, and as hubby really wanted to open a red, decided on a 2015 Chateau de L’Abbaye Fleurie:

Never had this one before - friends gave it to us a while ago- so looking forward to seeing what emerges…

Chin chin :clinking_glasses:


2006 Le Faite Blanc from Producteurs Plaimont. A blend of all sorts of SW grapes including arrufiac, gros and petit manseng and petit courbu.

I adore this wine. Rich, complex, alive with fruit and acidity, savoury, honeyed and looooong. Went down so well it was empty before I thought to take a picture.

Very sad to see the end of this vintage and hope the 2008 is as good.


I too was out today. Lovely if breezy day! Walked along the cliffs from Eastbourne to Cuckmere Haven then back via Friston Forest. \lovely walk with loads of variety. Now to continue with the Tourelles and see how it has developed since opening!


Our home was featured - the park with the tree painting. Hope the wine was good.


Brisk long(ish) walk today and decided on this as a reward

I’m very impressed by this, has that elusive - for many new world Pinots - combination of ripe fruit and spice without any excessive weight. Quite tricky to describe but just seems seamless and complete.


Know exactly what you mean. Tollot -Beaut are good value wines…at least in the context of Burgundy.