Weekend drinking thread [16-18 Nov 2018]

A few wines likely to feature in my weekend. Firstly, this to go with tonight’s Thai meal…

This to accompany the rugby tomorrow…

And, this because I’m still celebrating some positive job news…

Happy weekend to one and all!


Off to a friends tonight, will be taking these 2 with me.
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Both excellent! The Society GV has been my go to fridge door/house white over the last 6 months or so.

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I limit myself to a bottle every Friday with some nice food, a cassoulet for tonight. This bottle has just been opened. Reminds me a lot about Chateau Musar. Great find at £9.95, although it is now £12.95. Very tasty :blush:


This is clearly the week for good job news! :smiley:
Congratulations, @Alchemist! And some lovely bottles to celebrate with! :clinking_glasses::wink:


I have a small stock of this, but passed it by tonight for something to go with our leftovers pasta. The result;

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Oh, I do love that Nerofino! But I think it’s out of stock now…? There’s another Teroldego available, which I am yet to try - but I liked the fact that the Nerofino was a blend with Lagrein- they really work well together.
Hope you enjoy! :blush::+1:

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We didn’t think the other Teroldego was as interesting; the Nerofino is one of our house reds, it probably wouldn’t be out of stock if it wasn’t for us! I guess we’ll be drinking more Janare and Baccolo instead…


Well it’s a good week for it. Congratulations and enjoy! :wink:

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I had a delivery today, a few of the Christmas essentials

However, for the weekend I’m starting with

The nose on this when opened was pure “no-added sugar” Ribena, and the fruit and alcohol were distinctively separate. So I gave it an aggressive double decant and after an hour it’s starting to integrate somewhat.
Next up will be…

…I’m sure it would appreciate some more bottle aging but it won’t be getting the chance.
Merry Weekend to all.
The Grace Bridge wasn’t much to my liking. There’s some slightly sour cherry notes, but it never really integrated even after 2 days and the general impression is of sweetness which I found rather odd.

The LAN has promise but probably needs more time in the bottle.


Just opened a bottle of

which I think was in a Community tasting a while ago. First sniffs reminded me of the Midnight Bakkie which I thought was terrific, but on tasting it’s actually much crisper, with a green apple acidity. Less oak I suppose… It’s quite a “wake-up and pay attention” wine rather than one to encourage drifting off on the sofa, but after dinner who knows? Only have the one bottle so I’ll have to apply myself!


Just realised the Rowley Birmingham reference. I hope you won’t be v v drunk LOL LOL LOL

love it

I’m on this


We were feeling sparkly this evening, so kicked off proceedings with this:

Beautifully packaged! Not a fizz buff, but I’d say it was very nice but not necessarily any better than the Society’s Cava, which I still think is a big winner in the budget fizzy category.

Moved on to a bottle given to us by the in-laws:


Enjoyed comparing it with the Muga. Bigger bubbles - more at the 7UP end of the spectrum. A little more leesy on the nose; definitely sweeter on the palate, perhaps to round out the more pronounced acidity but I think they’ve overdone it a little, and the sweetness takes over somewhat.

But I’m overthinking here - both have been great for rounding off the week and are doing the job very nicely :champagne:


This came back from a US business trip in 2016 with the recommendation to keep it 6 months before opening. Well, 2 and a half years on its doing very well. Quite fruity up front, blueberry predominantly. A touch of smoke and a definite sweetness but not enough to take over. Pretty good! Let’s see how the second half goes over the weekend


Tonight we are drinking the most ridiculous bottle of wine. Bought from TWS but no longer available, a Corte Ignacio ( concha y toro) Merlot 2015. It is like a port, at a wapping 15% ! It has a lovely flavour but the alcohol content is just daft and it is hard to get past that. Drinking it with pasta but the other half will have to be another day to go with cheese and we’ll pretend it is port.

Tomorrow we will drink a Campo Fiorin with Lasagne.



and this…

with roast gammon, red cabbage and dauphinoise potatoes.

PG is sooo different from the Domaine Weinbach one from 2013 tasted last week. Trimbach wines are much drier and more restrained and this took a wee while to open out but very good with it. Maybe a touch more sweetness needed.

The German PN was not a complex wine but it was delicious. Like a “Spatlese” version of a village burgundy (does that make sense?) , with little tannin but plenty of acidity. Lovely.


Nice menu and wines! Loving the fact that you have found a wine to match your name Mark!

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Now we’re just finishing off the final few inches of the Domaine de Chevalier. Still dreamy, smoother still on Day 3.

Always nice to have the odd reminder of just how good it can get.


This weekend I plan to try one of these

Has anyone tried this wine and have you any tips regarding length of time to leave after opening etc.

It’s a cheesy raclette-y kinda weekend, so some Savoyard/Jurassien treats for tomorrow’s dinner party!