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Weekend drinking thread 16 - 18 April 2021

It’s 3.30pm and no one has started the weekend thread…:grinning:

Anyway starting Mrs Q’s 60th birthday celebration with these two beauties…


Wow! Quite the way to start the weekend.

Side-by-side comparison or will you save one for tomorrow?

Either way, enjoy and happy birthday to MrsQ


Just opened this up for tonight’s dinner. Tastes rather good straight off the bat so looking forward to it now.

Happy Friday all


Had my first jab yesterday (the Moderna one) and not feeling to great today but not bad enough not to have our usual #newwinefriday traditional dinner. Love this vineyard and had this one before but not this vintage so I am counting it as a new wine today. And the way I feel I so need a few glasses (even though I will probably regret it later) On the menu is some comfort food: Lamb shanks with mash potatoes and peas… Happy Friday all!!! :smiley:


Happy Birthday Mrs Q.

Great way to start the weekend/this thread!


The Cuvee Paradis is superb. While still young and I would think will improve further it is drinking well now. Lots of brioche and toasty notes, apples, creamy mousse and a long finish.


Just opened this rather special wine. Incredibly silky in a very delicate way. Fruit perfectly ripe but lots of tertiary notes. Still dense and compact. Alas my last bottle…
Interestingly still quite tannic and tannins ripe but chewy. It just tastes so young and fresh


Just coming to the end of 5 days great weather & walking in the Lake District.

Here are the week’s casualties, with the exhibition Chardonnay this evening.


The Taittinger Comtes de Champagne is really quite a different beast to the Gratien Cuvee Paradis. It’s a much paler yellow colour with very fine bubbles. Some tropical fruit, perhaps tangerine, as well as the yeasty brioche and more acidity but that would be down to the Chardonnay.

Overall this is a very good Champagne and will most definitely age for a good few years but I prefer the Gratien Cuvee Paradis - although I wouldn’t say “no” to this one :grinning:


This came from a Waitrose 25% offer last year I think. Pale colour and a very pleasing warm cherry aroma. Soft cherry flavours with a gentle hint of dry tannins. Not very complicated but good to drink. Probably about a tenner on offer and good value. Waiting for a mushroom pizza to cook.

Edit: in fact very good to drink; really enjoying it!


This is in the perfect place now. I was ready to be disappointed by this bottle and then no longer request their wines at EP, but sadly it was everything you wish for when you open a bottle of red Burgundy. The perfume filled the room immediately. It is delicate and powerful at the same time. Long long finish. The price makes it a very occasional treat.


Wow, a great maker. 2010 was outstanding year and your village wine will be at its peak. I am sure it is the wine equivalent of a Mozart opera. Complex, great length, harmonious, balanced yet underneath a core of structured powerful fruit


Nice weather recently en Ecosse. This seemed like an appropriate start to the weekend. As per the

back label

“We hand picked the grapes from a block of Sémillon vines, which we planted in 2004, and pressed and cool fermented the juice. A second fermentation in bottle created a sparkling wine using the ‘méthode traditionelle’. It is dry, elegant and refreshing.”



Uruguayan Tannat for pizza night this week. Good value but it sure needs a breath of fresh air before serving :wink:


Did you get this from the auction?

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Great wine. Note to self, drink and buy more Condrieu.

I see that the 2018 is now available :thinking:


Where in lakes?


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Their Viognier (Collines Rhodaniennes) is also pretty good, I had the same vintage of that in October 2018. Must try the Condrieu.


Pizza and this tonight, celebrating a last minute opportunity to get the AZ jab today, hopefully my wife next week and we can start hoping for a return to the norm.

So I’ve decided to try to ruin my evening by watching Tottenham! Clearly looking for ways to be grumpy and miserable all weekend :joy::joy:


A bottle brought back from a Burgundy trip in peak heat. Was a little worried it would be oxidised but caught it just in time. Diam10 cork no doubt helped. More tertiary nutty flavours coming through, and a slight bitterness on the aftertaste. Went very nicely with lobster, crab and prawn ravioli in a langoustine bisque (from Pasta Evangelists).