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Weekend drinking thread (15th to 17th October 2021)

Watching the IPL final, and with some guests for lunch on Sunday I’ve dug these out for the weekend.

Something there for everyone to enjoy, but, in all honesty, mainly me…:wink:


That’s a cracking line up!
For now I’m just having a lovely fruit beer


I bought this wine having read “Wine from another galaxy.” It has a very cogent red fruit profile. Strawberry, raspberry and bitter cherry. Slightly perfumed, as low intervention red wines often are. It has character and quirkiness. Long rich silky finish. Lotsof white pepper as well.
No oak.


This as an aperitif, then coq au vin with an as yet unknown red


That moment when you open the wine fridge and think “none of this goes with what we’re having for dinner”.



Friday night: is Tartiflette night. A heart stopping combination of gratinée potato with an entire Reblochon cheese, plus cream & shallots, white wine and lardons. With alpine charcuterie and rocket salad.

Actually an excuse to re-try two wines I rated 11/10 at the press tasting.


Is as good, if not better than the bottle at the tasting… pale colour but my goodness it delivers in complexity. Somehow hits that elusive sweet spot between posh burgundy, and mineral Chablis. Revised rating from 11/10 to A+


I can see why I zeroed in on this wine. It is very immediate: evolved brick rim to the glass, balanced oak nose, cab franc to the fore on the palate, roughed up with some tannin. However there isn’t much on the finish - more rustic than elegant. Somehow reminds me of a young-ish Morgon. Revised rating from 11/10 to B-


That is what fuels the next wine purchase. Happens all too frequently in my house…

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This natural wine from Testalonga’s Baby Bandito line is a fresh Chenin that develops very nicely once in the glass.

Good fruit on the nose and a puff of fresh acidity to keep you interested all night long. We had it with Malay and Singaporean dishes, from Singapore Gardens in Swiss Cottage, and it went down well. Really well, in fact.

"Craig Hawkins and his wife Carla, the winemakers at Testalonga, have been experimenting with winemaking techniques for years, developing a style that they are comfortable with – producing finest sustainable, natural wines in South Africa. They make around 40,000 bottles, using a variety of grapes under two labels: Testalonga El Bandito and Baby Bandito. Craig has never been part of the mainstream, even in Swartland, but that is because he is not imitating anyone. He has a clear goal – to make sustainable wines for his own satisfaction and to his own taste, rather than track the market. His independent and uncompromising approach has not always endeared him to South African authorities and he has been shunned by various critics and wine writers. This is the reason Testalonga wines are the finest South African wines.

The Testalonga Keep On Punching Chenin vines were planted in 1972, a bush vine (un-trellised), farmed organically. This is a block they have worked with for some time (at previous jobs) and it always gives very small clusters that are full of concentration and high natural acidity. The soil is very exposed (lots of rocks) and this comes through in the wines backbone." [from Pull The Cork]


2 half bottles this evening.

The Soave Classico always delivers. Shame the society don’t do the full bottle although I have some of the TWS Exhibition in reserves

The Angludet is a first for me. It is very good and I know there are a few fans on this community board . Plenty going on. Fruit, oak, cigar box with refined tannins. Lovely.


@CCouzens - great looking array of wines.

@lapin_rouge - heartstopping is about right, but oh, so good :yum: We spent the night in Saint Nectaire once, on a drive down to the Gard. Every dish on every menu seemed to be a variation on melted cheese. We left happy, but with rather more constricted arteries.

Wild Norfolk mussel season has started at the fishmonger, so this evening I cooked a mussel and cream gratin, with baked turbot fillets and seared Little Gem, and made some poppy seed sourdough rolls. We drank Vincent Stoeffler Riesling Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr, 2015.

It’s the first of three bottles that we bought in 2017, and it’s drinking beautifully. Confit lemon and lime, just a touch of petrol, lively acidity to keep it fresh, and just what you’d want from a riesling with a bit of age. Typically 2015, in that it’s hit its stride already and probably won’t improve much - but I don’t think that our other two bottles need immediate attention.

Happy Weekend!


Opened my single, only, too small bottle of El Mondongo Garnacha, Calatayud 2018

Seamless is the word. For the money this is great, will be looking out for future vintages. It’s tasty and ready to drink but there are depths too which promise an interesting evolution. Those wise people who bought six are in for a treat.


Semi date night tonight - we went to a Covent Garden wine bar by accident, called Drop.

The Greek one was my favorite.

We also tried a couple reds that didn’t leave many memories.

Following that it was Brindisa for some tapas.

8 GBP bottle that’s available for 40 there. At least a good one. :slight_smile:


70th birthday weekend celebrations. Here’s Friday night’s line up with local wine group


Happy birthday, @AnaGramWords! :tada:

Your 70th? Have a good one!

FYI, Andrew and any others who might be, here’s the Los Llanos Negros vineyards; we visited there in May 2017. This lot would have missed the current eruptions.


Happy Birthday @AnaGramWords what a selection. Took me back to WA travelling days.
Our last of a set of 4


An appointment with the doctor last night. A very pleasant experience.
With some sea bass.

Loaded with ripe yellow stone fruit with a hint of lime and no petrol (surprisingly?)
Reminded me a bit of the sobre lias style Albarino’s

@lapin_rouge - 1 bottle arriving start of next month. Might have to add that St Aubin to the order now.

@Lewis - very happy to read this as that is me :yum:


Thank you Robert :wine_glass:

‘Afraid so’ Thank you I will try my best :wine_glass:

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