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Weekend drinking thread [15th-17th February 2019]


Thought I’d kick this off. It’s mid Feb, the kids are breaking up for half term today, in England anyway…:scream:

I’ve just booked a ferry to Amsterdam for Sunday as Mr. Leah is STILL not off his vessel so a ski trip is a little late to book for tomorrow . I’m hoping he makes it home tonight so I’ve bought him a rib eye and I’ll be decanting this later on,

What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend??

Weekend Drinking Thread [15-17 Feb 19]

its the annual Safari Supper with our neighbours…we have dessert this year and I’ve chosen a nice Maury to go with a chocolate mousse (might serve a whiskey as an alternative too)

Ive actually chosen two bottles - a mas amiel 6ans and a Bertrand 1998…will open the relevant bottle when i’ve gauged appetite for more alcohol after cocktails, starter and main…then cheese afterwards !


I really like a good Bobal and opened this last night (I think it came from the bin end sale?)

Really delicious & amazing value for what I paid, I actually enjoy it more than the Solo Bobal that’s usually available. I suspect it will taste even better tonight.

Then this, I think:


Just opened this for my wife to have with her usual Friday pizza.


Finishing off this tonight …

… before moving on to this beauty (4th of 6 bottles)


I love that Escaravailles label (I know that’s a whole separate thread)…


Well I’m off on a ski tour in the dolomites, driving across tomorrow, so you’ll probably not hear from me until next weekend. Is that a group sigh of relief I hear?


As a staff member are you prohibited from reviewing the wine Ewen, see you have had 3 bottles before but no reviews on the wine page?


No, not prohibited - it’s just I’m spending more time drinking than typing … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any chance of the society stocking the rest of the Escaravailles range? My local wine merchant did them for a while, but they were kind of pricey. Great wines though.

Always love Hochar, looking forward to the next release of both Hochar and Musar.


We tend to dip in and out - Cairanne and Rasteau 2017 will be in later this year, with anything over and above the EP allocations fair game for the list.


Here is the review I left, “Very dark in colour, slight marker pen on the nose, can’t identify other smell, sour cherry akin to haribo sours, grippy tannins and acidic but not in a bad way. Very enjoyable, thought it was better without the pizza !!. Can recommend”


Celebrating getting a merit in WSET level 3 with a thoroughly delicious glass of this:

Wonderfully soft and juicy. What a treat!


The weekend gets underway with this fully mature southern rhone.

No complaints here! Lovely.


This tonignt with some cod.
Inspired by @Inbar!


Rib eye and Ardanza. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Love Ardanza and have a few vintages stashed.

Keen to hear your take on this one.


Well done @Bargainbob! A well-earned glass.

Tonight for us cod loin with pesto alla trapanese, with I think one of your recommendations from the press tasting last year:

Delicious! What a cracker.


Contino 2001 Riserva. Cork was very recalcitrant, even resisting a butler’s friend. Ended up fragmented and the last remnants in the bottle. Quick decant sorted it. Nicely mature still with tannic bite but with that slightly sour/yoghurt note I associate with Rioja. A few more left but will drink this year I think.


Something I have been eagerly anticipating:


Some duck ragu to finish off, and for no other reason than its Friday going to crack this one. I’ve had a couple of these from a case of 6 various vintages and bottlings bought a couple of years ago. The previous 2 have been good and this is supposedly a great year so looking forward to it.