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Weekend Drinking thread [15 June 18]



Fresh from last night’s TWSTaste fun, I find myself with wine on the brain… :smile:

What’s everyone planning on opening this weekend?

As well as finishing off the rose and the Sicilian red, I am off to a housewarming party for @Freddy, so I’m not sure what we’ll be drinking! :thinking:

Maybe this:

Possibly this:

I am sure I’ll be able to update you with more later…!


The virtual tasting was great fun, @laura ! :grinning::+1: looking forward to the next one already…
And I love that Dveri Pax Blaufränkisch!! :heart_eyes: hope you have a fun party…!
Friday is a dry day for us (unless we’re on holiday, or there’s a party going), so sparking water tonight.
Tomorrow we’re out with friends, so unsure what wine will be available, but I’m planning to polish off the leftover Nero d’Avola when we get back home. My hubby will be out at a Johnny Moped gig, so I’ll have the the rest of the wine all to myself! :wink:
On Sunday, planning to open this enticing white Rhône:

…which will hopefully go with salmon chermoula and new potatoes.
Looking forward to hearing what other members will be sipping this weekend… :clinking_glasses:


We’ll be repeating last night’s BBQ fun over the weekend, and as well as finishing off the Nero d’Avola I’m tempted to open this recent purchase…

It’s probably been 25 years since I last tried a Lambrusco (and that would have been something dodgy at a student party), but hoping for good things from this one!


I didn’t even know we DID a Lambrusco! :smiley::smiley: This is very exciting news, will definitely get some. We did one (a different one, I think) a few years back and I totally fell in love.


I’m a complete Lambrusco convert! I love the stuff!.. The violets on the nose, the cherries on the palate and the dry finish are what I love about it. I am yet to try TWS one, but absolutely love this one from M&S :ok_hand::

Let us know how TWS’s Lambrusco is, as I really ought to order some of it’s good…:grinning:


I’m having a friend over for a gin, but also making (well, putting in the oven because I’m lazy) some BBQ pulled pork, mac n cheese etc. I’m not sure what to have with it actually so here’s a little poll:

  • Muga Selecion Especial 2005
  • Morellino di Scansano
  • Morellino - Riserva
  • Ch Angludet 2008
  • Freycinet Louis Tasmanian Pinot Noir 2015
  • Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004
  • A hearty Rosé
  • Buy something on the way home

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Can’t remember what else I have, I should really keep my cellartracker up to date :smiley:


Off down to Devon for a ‘Weird Wine Weekend’ and taking these with me:

Also got a few of these:

As well as a bottle of Musar 2010 & a Magnum of Weinert Cavas de Weinert 2006 which has been sitting around for far too long.

Many drinkies.


Oh boy it’s good!!


That’s good to know, @ewan… cause I mean, there’s absolutely nothing on my wish list at the moment!!! :crazy_face:


Tonight a bottle of M&S Oudinot Brut Champagne that I have kept since Nov '16.
Cost me a tenner on one of their deals and does improve considerably with a bit of extended cellaring.
Not a huge footie fan but enough international rugby tomorrow to tire me out!?! lol!


I know it’s shallow but I really love the bottle design on that! And not a bad price either. Would you say it’s more a foodie wine or should I just sip it in the garden? :smiley:

Have just discovered we’ll also be drinking this tonight:

Can’t WAIT! Everyone keeps tagging us on photos of them drinking this on Instagram and it’s been intriguing me for a while…


Tonight and tomorrow we have these:

The Macon Lugny is to go with some hot smoked salmon tonight (yes, ‘The Egg’ is being fired up again)

Tomorrow it is being turned into a pizza oven so thought we’d try something “Italian” to match

And as mentioned elsewhere, Sunday is when we get to catch up on the TWSTaste with a BBQ


Well I am absolutely hanging at work today after a night out with work where we did BYOB.
Not sure what the weekend holds but probably an early night tonight.
Did these last night


We will be finishing off the tasting wines over the weekend and tomorrow it is our wine club’s end of year BBQ where we drink the year’s profits - being, like TWS, a not for profit club! It is always an enjoyable affair and quite boozy too! We are starting off with something sparkly and then a selection of whites, roses and reds. The quality is always good and the wines often come from TWS or a local wine shop. Or sure of the source this year, may report back on this later on.


And these…

Along with a Domaines François Lurton Syrah from Lolol in Chile and a trial of Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay from the early 90’s before it was called Yattarna.
Bit of a struggle today…:sleepy::cry:


Not shallow at all, @laura! All part of the aesthetic experience! :wink: My other half also loves this bottle design (it’s quite similar to the Cremant de Jura bottle shape, from Aldi)…

In reply to your question- we did both, and I think it can be terrific both as a ‘sip-on-its-own’, and as accompaniment to food. From memory, we had it with pasta puttanesca, and it worked beautifuly with the ‘dock yard’ smells and flavours of this dish (my husband’s favourite pasta dish… nothing to do with the name, I hasten to add!!). I think more people should give it a go. Red sparkling, in general!
There’s a Portugese sparkling red I got my eye on, in one of our local wine shops… I’ll have to try it out this summer, methinks!

Sorry, this was a loooong reply…! :blush:


Saw this the other day @Inbar & @laura
You may be interested


Good old Butlers!

We’ll no doubt be finishing off the TWS Taste bottles over the next couple of days as well, but I know my wife will be keen to have a nice glass or two of white. It’ll probably be one of these, none of which I’ve tried before:


Wow! Talk about coincidence! I bought this very one just yesterday - from ASDA of all places (been there for my eye test, and couldn’t help ‘testing’ their wine shelves too! :slight_smile:)… It was, indeed £6.50, and I bought it with the sole purpose of converting my brother-in-law to Lambrusco. Never tried it before, mind you, so glad it’s looking promising from the info in the link… :clinking_glasses:


Torn between these two bottles for the weekend back in London…



not sure why these links did not turn into nice boxes…