Weekend drinking thread 15 - 17 September 2023

6.20pm and no one has started the weekend thread yet….umm?

Tonight a wine well known to this forum. I cannot really add anything to what has previously been said….just all rather lovely.


Purchased in 2018 for €18 from a SuperU in Bourgueil as it had a good write up in Decanter.

Still fairly deep garnet, cherries and tobacco on the nose. Dry and tannic at first but gradually opening up with pork chops. ***ish, not sure I would pick it out in a crowd.


My reversion to type knows no bounds…this is text book young Chambolle…cooked raspberry fruit…just gets wrapped up and dominated by a very fine velvet coating of tannin…needs two years. The finish is very delicate, almost waif like …


This for me tonight and it’s disappearing all too quickly.

An Iona Elgin Highlands Sauvignon Blanc 2021 ( not Scottish ! ).

Very much in my preferred style for SB. So, green, grassy, leesy, gooseberry aromas and flavours very much in a Loire style as opposed to the tropical notes more often found in the New World. No doubt, the cool Elgin climate, along with the winemakers intention, had an effect on what’s in the bottle.

It was also a happy match to my griddled mackerel and crushed potato meal.

Which for around £3 all in ( wine excluded ! ) I was delighted with. :yum:

All the best for the weekend everyone.


Fish looks perfect …having had the Charles I treatment


Thanks ! It wouldn’t have fitted in my griddle pan without it, mind. :laughing:

Greetings from Finland. This is a campsite by a lake and trees (there’s an unusual feature of Finland…) somewhere a couple of hours drive NE of Helsinki.

A prior visit to a State-run Alko, enabled the procurement of this reasonably priced Cava, and this even better value Baginbox Alentejano (€32 for 3l) in contrast to the bottled wines which were a bit on the eye-watering side…


Was your fish a catholic? !!


The German choices in Alko are often good, particularly when considering UK duty rises. Your parking spot looks… “average”? :joy::joy:


Ha ! With much respect to my Catholic grandmother who, along with my mother, gave me a taste for all things fishy at an early age.

No doubt the fish wasn’t a papist in its beliefs but it did fall foul to my Cromwellian kitchen skills in that it was not only necessary but I also dislike dinner looking me in the eye ! :wink:


A splendid response!!


Does that explain why Britain does so poorly regarding seafood considering you are rarely a hundred miles from the sea?? :joy:


The opposite for me as Fish Friday was very much a thing in my formative years. Er, an early memory and sound advice from my mum being, don’t worry about the bones, if one gets caught, just chew on your bread and butter and it’ll soon be gone. :laughing:


Yes, off with their heads we say! The only acceptable exception being a sardine, and even then we had to go to Portugal to accept this truth.


Off with their heads…gosh @JayKay there were lots of catholic martyrs…google “John Kemble and father Christopher Jenkins”


Schlumberger Pinot Gris, Les Princes Abbés, Alsace 2017 - £20+ vat Penistone wine cellars.

Opened yesterday & I had my doubts, seemed a tad ‘fat’ and lacking focus. This evening and well chilled it has really come into it’s own.

Nose is muted - musty even, colour palest gold. Palate is purest pinot gris - quince, a touch of lime cordial, lanolin, that rich and extended yet light finish which is so distinctively Alsace P.G.

Will buy again.


Protestant fish? Head on, anyway :astonished: As a half-Chinese family, fish with heads are normal! I cooked Dover sole à la meunière, and we drank Léon Beyer, Riesling Les Ecaillers, 2014.

Bone dry, intense, mineral, limey, zesty, almost spicy on the finish, and the absolute benchmark for the style. Really lovely, and hard to think how the dish could have been better partnered.


Not forgetting Bloody Mary and the Protestant martyrs.

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Yes…well…if you will harbour heretic beliefs…

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Few shouts for this over the last few weeks
It’s delicious vanilla and raspberry aligned with a medium finish - great with our bbq Herdwick …

Has anyone tried the new 2021 release?

Happy weekend folks