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Weekend drinking thread [15-17 Nov 2019]


Kicking off the weekend with this vermouth from Lustau. Deep mahogany, raisiny and very moreish. What are we drinking?

Weekend drinking thread 15th-17th November 2019

Just switched from looking up Lustau Añada 2002 and straight to this: synchronicity! Bought a couple of bottles from M&S when they were almost giving them away, and now wondering about how/when to drink them. Any recommendations for what would suit?

Earlier this evening @Laura, with considerable ease, planted the thought of NZ pinot noir in my Pooh-like brain. I’ve subsequenly opened a bottle of 2014 Craggy Range Martinborough Pinot Noir and very good it is too. Lush and smooth are the words that come most strongly to mind, though it has quite a lot of restrained power and a lingering finish. I have several bottles and this seems a good time to start drinking it.


Lucky you! I have a couple of their Palo Cortado, an Amontillado and Oloroso but nothing vintage. I would think it must be getting there by now if it is an Oloroso.


I’ve cracked open a bottle of Grand Put Lacoste 2013. The vintage isn’t the best but the wine hasn’t lost all it’s charm despite that and it’s a very nice drop regardless and a novelty to enjoy so young


What I was really after was the circumstances in which they should be drunk, and with what? I’ve never been a sherry drinker, maybe had a glass 10 or 15 years ago, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to get the best out of them.


Well at a recent tasting with Lustau they served up the Oloroso with that incredibly powerful blue cheese from Spain, Cabrales and it was a brilliant match - so blue cheeses will certainly work. Hugh Johnson suggests it might go well with kippers and I think you would be safe with a sweet dessert…or just on its own.


Not the best picture tonight, and the plating went a bit awry too. Can’t win them all. On the other hand, both wine and food tasted great :slight_smile: Scallops and chorizo with cauliflower purée, and a sauce made from the corals and some amontillado. Following on from mentions on the Alsace Growers’ tasting thread and elsewhere, I was searching for a bottle of the Dirler-Cadé GC Saering Muscat, but this Kientzler GC Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé Muscat 2015 popped up first, and is pretty darn good too.

It’s really poised and airy, very light on its feet but lots of complexity too. Floral nose - lavender, jasmine and grapes; bone dry; a lovely balance between fruit and a steely but not overpowering backbone; and then classically minty and long on the finish. Great with seafood. I actually like something a bit fuller with asparagus in spring, but for shellfish this is perfect.


The scallops look delicious and succulent.


From kippers to dessert via blue cheese!

Sounds like a very versatile (and delicious) option.


Hadn’t heard of Cabrales before but looks interesting. I wonder if I can find any nearby. Many thanks.


I found the Lustau Anada wines reminded me of Madeira, quite a different flavour profile to any other dry or sweet (PX or Cream) sherry I’ve ever tried. Definitely drinkable on their own, or maybe with some salted almonds. I imagine the blue cheese others mentioned would work well too, though I haven’t tried the combination personally.


They were quite the biggest scallops I’ve ever bought! And indeed delicious :yum:


Was the sauce simple to do Robert? Just the corals and amontillado or anything else?


Paid £15 for this in February with the W/S. Second day in a row with Riesling, top draw young Kabinett, ripe stone fruits with a nice spritzy tingle.


Roughly chop the corals, cover with water, simmer for 20 minutes. Whizz with a stick blender, pass through a sieve, add a dash of amontillado, and reduce a bit. Whisk in a knob of butter, and correct seasoning. Not that hard.


The añada Sherry is lovely with pungent cheese, as mentioned, but personally, I think it is just wonderful by itself… The 2000 I had last Christmas was great with blue cheese (I just had a roquefort, I think), but it really didn’t need embellishment - just have a glass after dinner… The perfect vino da meditazione. Got the 1998 waiting to be enjoyed this Christmas (and beyond).


Just had a fabulous visit to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and now sat in our cabin overlooking the New Zealand country side. Bought a microwave Thai and decided to open the Johanneshof Gewürztraminer we bought at the cellar door.

Delicious on its own and with the Thai. Comparable to an Alsace Gewürztraminer of twice the price we paid.
My notes were : Clean and bright. Light yellow/gold. Clean nose. Intense. Lychee, rose petal, . Clean palate. Off dry. Medium acidity. Rich. Spice, lychee, floral. Hints of stone fruits, apricot and rose water. Long finish. Delicious Gewürztraminer from an estate renowned for this variety on the northern tip of New Zealand’s south Island.


Another excellent fino from Gourmet Hunters, probably the oldest (15y) on the market. Driven cork.


This evening, I’m planning on opening up this Roussanne and I’m sure I’ll find something fitting to go with it.

In the meantime, I just have to get through the various children’s Saturday activities, this weather is not helping.


A cheapy last night with my Chinese takeaway as I was feeling shattered:

Nice enough easy drinking wine but a bit one dimensional and lacked anything to make it really stand out as a shiraz.

Might open this tonight: