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Weekend Drinking Thread [15-17 March 2019]


Many thanks for the heads up. I had a bottle in January when it was reduced to £28. Incidentally TWS listed the 2013 a couple of years ago at £26 ( which I’ve still to drink ) . Coincidentally my final note in the wine journal was ‘Every bit as good and characterful as any Barolo or Barbaresco I’ve had. Superb and ageworthy’.

When I saw your post this morning I scooted down to the London Colney branch to see if there was any left and managed to pick up another four bottles (leaving two on the shelf ).

As for Freisa, my experience is limited but what I have had ( all from TWS apart from this one ) have all been excellent. Any new one listed will have to be tried !


I probably should avoid the fine wine enomatic machine in the showroom. Unless I want an itch that I’m eventually going to have to scratch.


I felt it would have been indecent to use before 10am, so spared myself that dilemma!


Went to a friends place for a meal last night and took this along:

Another mid priced Savoie mondeuse that sadly has not lived up to the previous ones I’ve had. Excessive tannins pretty much swamped all other flavours. A little better with food allowing a little raspberry to shine through.


Is that the same bottle that Freddy picks up at the end of the Three Choirs ‘insanely curious’ video…? Is that why you had it :slight_smile:


A last bottle stuck at the back of the wine cellar - quite deep, not really what I look for in Rioja, but nevertheless will go well with a casserole!


Is it Sunday already…? Weekends just fly by! :confused:

Opened this 2013 St Emilion GCC, to go with our lamb tagine:

Got it in Lidl, of all places, a few months back, for £19.99 - quite a bargain at that price! Garnet in colour, the nose was a little closed at first, but then revealed mocha, cedar and plum; just sniffed it again - and there is also some bell-pepper, blackberry compote and a bit of incense (a bit like sandalwood).

The palate was a bit austere at first, but again, with a bit of time in the glass is starting to show some dark fruit (cherries, plum, blackberries) and mocha notes; the tannins are chalky and very present and the acidity is bright. There’s nice spiciness to the finish, too.

The other half loves it, but I wish it had a bit more verve to it. Still, should be great with the food, and may well reveal a bit more with time! :grinning::wine_glass:


Actually, the other half chose the wine for me to taste blind, and I very much doubt he had any idea about Freddy’s viedo…! Still, you certainly made me curious now! I will have to check it out!! :+1:


It’s all about being Irish on St. Patrick’s day … so a dog/child walk on the beach and then the pub :shamrock::shamrock:!!:wink::ireland:


A bottle of Domaine Gilles Robin Crozes Hermitage with today’s roast…

Pretty much as TWS describe, this is an early drinking CH - all dark fruit and cracked black pepper on the nose and palate. A delightful drop after a short decant.


Not really, if I don’t find sediment in a wine, you would expect to throw some, I just put it down to expert vinification and that it’s been allowed to settle and has then been properly racked . I haven’t a clue as to if the wines are fined or filtered but they taste natural/complete so suspect any intervention in that respect would be minimal.

But as always, i’m guessing.


A bottle of this tonight with some aromatic crispy duck

I think it’s a perfect match. Lovely strawberry notes on the nose and quite high acidity on the palate which helps cut through the fatty duck. :grinning:


Sticking on the new world Pinot theme, tonight a first for us, mushroom risotto done in the pressure cooker (https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/12/pressure-cooker-mushroom-risotto-recipe.html). It was great! With it a bottle of Aurum Mathilde Reserve 2011, which was delicious but I think the fruit is starting to fade when thinking back to the bottle we had last year. One bottle left which we’ll drink soon.

Looking forward to Friday and the arrival of my golden bottle. Just call me Gary McGarry!


It’s becoming a tradition to welcome our youngest back from university term with roast beef.

Dealing with the suspense of waiting to find out if I’ve been allocated my request in the Rhône EP offer, by drinking something from a previous offer:

I opened it when I put the beef in the oven, and it was a bit barnyard-y on the nose, and quite firmly tannic in the mouth, with only a little berry and bramble fruit. By the time the beef came out and the potatoes went in, the rural aromas had gone, and it was showing lots of brambles and currants, a bit of liquorice, and some smoky tobacco. With the potatoes out and the food on the plate it was silky smooth, the tannins now completely integrated with the fruit, still some liquorice, and pepper to finish.

That was bottle 3 of 6. Lovely now, but I’m going to wait at least a year before opening the next one.


Consumed these over the weekend:

The Spatburgunder definitely lived up to the hype from others here Martin Wassmer Spätburgunder 2015, a great find!

The Circe Chardonnay took a little while to come out of its shell, but proved very enjoyable, medium to full bodied chardonnay. whilst the Valentin Leflaive Rose was an excellent Sunday night treat, and a fine match to some home-made ‘fried’ chicken!


With small plates and nibbles on Friday…

The first arneis I’ve had that wasn’t from Piedmont. Good varietal character but not as classy as the more expensive Roero Arneis ‘Bric Cenciurio’ that TWS list on occasions. And then gets gobbled up by members in short order.

A couple of beers on Saturday…

Members reviews were favourable and I can only agree. Don’t think I would have tried this without them. Very glad I did too.

Normal service resumed on Sunday…

Just beautiful wine. Shame that the chilli in the dish was a rogue hot one !

And with roast beef later…

Somewhere between the Rhone and the new world in style. Lots of flavour but not as complex as a top Rhone syrah. I don’t get the Hermitage comparison that some wine writers mention but it went down nicely all the same.


Whilst not huge on taking or remembering to make detailed tasting notes, I am making a bit more effort and use Cellar Tracker to keep a record.

To this end, have tried to copy this weekend’s into this post so apologies if it does not look or work as intended!

  • 1998 Château La Tour-Martillac - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan (18/03/2019)
    I have enjoyed this 6 bottle case over the last 6 months and had considered it good quaffing claret.
    Now that I have finished my last bottle, I think I have shown it a lack of respect. Whilst not La Mission it has given great pleasure. A real lightness of touch and plenty of black fruit juiciness despite its advanced years. Enjoyable. (88 points)
  • 1998 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée - France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Pape (17/03/2019)
    For sure this is a serious wine. Real savoury bite here and felt like a vinious well done beef joint in a bottle.
    Spent several hours sipping away and still not 100% sure of what I feel about it. Others seem to like it more than me.
    Oh well, have another 5 bottles to make my mind up! (90 points)
  • 2000 Château Cantemerle - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Haut-Médoc (16/03/2019)
    Colour belied its near 19 years and whilst the nose was a little restrained this was initially a somewhat boistrous affair.
    After a couple of hours, it mellowed and was a really smashing drink. Remained so the next day. Great balance between acidity, fruit and softening tanins. Still a few years left on this but guess its sitting happily in its drinking window right now. (90 points)
  • 1990 Château Feytit Clinet - France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol (16/03/2019)
    Muted but graceful old wine.
    Tannins fully resolved and fruits faded leaving notes of figs and dates.
    Clearly needs drinking now but will continue to give pleasure for a while to come. (89 points)
  • 2001 Weingut Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (15/03/2019)
    Plenty to like here.
    Mouthwatering, joyous and compelling. Really enjoyed this wine.
    Lost alittle of its acidity on day 2 but simply a smashing exemplar of this style of MSR wine. (91 points)

Posted from CellarTracker

The above wines reflect a little over zealousness on my part at some wine auctions over the last year. Will be running down (hic) my stocks of some of these older specimens to make room to repatriate some WS reserves this year. At least thats the plan!

Looking back over the weekend’s drinking, just a little surprised I failed to open any fizz given Wales’ fantastic Grand Slam. Oh well, birthday weekend next weekend. The excuses keep coming. :smiley:


Ooh! I’ve got this Arneis coming at the end of March. Like you, all the Arneis I have ever tasted have been from Roero or Langhe, so was really curious to see this one on the list and couldn’t resist ordering it. I got another Australian example at home, which I’m yet to try.

Interesting to hear your thoughts about the Blind Spot one. Looking forward to giving it a go and see if my experience is similar to yours.


We had the 2013 version of the Carmenere at the weekend. Very good drinking at the time but not particularly memorable.


I thought the Blind Spot was good for the money, it certainly tasted as I had hoped with that lovely herbal twist, on nose and palate, I’ve encountered in the few examples I’ve had from Italy. So very much arneis and not just another ubiquitous dry white. IMO of course.

The description of the Adelina wine you have sounds delicious. A bit like my own notes for the 2016 Bric Cenciurio. Don’t think I would have been able to resist either !

Very much looking forward to hearing what you make of the two wines and how they compare.