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Weekend Drinking Thread [15-17 March 2019]


Ohhh! Looks gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
Have a fantastic time!

We’re off to a pub in Brighton for a Taiwanese lunch - continuing the other half’s birthday celebrations. They do some fine ale, so he’ll get what he wants - I might have to stick to beer too… Not sure they got wine worth drinking.

Windy Saturday, is it not? :tornado:


Take the wind over 6 inches of snow, roads blocked…You would think the snow came. out of the blue. Enjoy the “boozer” :+1:What’s the plan for day 3 & 4? :joy:


Waitrose ‘bargains’.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. I decanted the Carmenere and waited for an hour and a half before trying. It was highly vegetal but settled downa bit over the two or three hours over which it was drunk, so not unpleasant. Overall impeession was one of excessive sweetness.


That’s how to travel! I bet you got some envious looks from your fellow passengers.


The train was going past Burgundy so figured it was time for lunch


We’ll see what the prince wants… :+1::wink: any excuse to extend celebrations.

It’s a tough one! But honestly, I’d rather have snow than these gale force winds. It’s starting to depress me, and the fence has never seemed so eager to explore the fields at the back…! :grimacing:


Another weekend, another mystery bottle for me, chosen by him indoors. I like this game a lot!

Notes say: “lovely med-gold colour, quite viscous, clear. Nose is restrained at first [wine was too cold, for sure], with yellow apple, meadow flowers, something a little nutty and a delicate touch of vanilla. Quite complex! On the palate - a very creamy mouthfeel, starting with ripe stone fruit, but there is also nuttiness, something a little herbal and a very zesty tangerine note on the finish. Finish is long. Well-balanced and moreish wine!”.

This was the beast:

What a beautiful wine it is, too! The oak is so restrained - the vanilla is very delicate (I am usually not so keen on vanilla notes in wine, white or red); the lees definitely imparted a savoury nutty element, and the fruit is still fresh and zesty (certainly on the finish).

We’re making some home-made tagliatelle to go with our crab in cream sauce, so I think the other half chose very well! :heart_eyes: :+1:


Had some burritos with this:

Subtle Chardonnay, an Aussie “Macon” rather than Aussie Meursault, very decent value.

After food this lovely 2015 Kabinett for sipping. White flowers, wet pebbles and a hint of marzipan:


Those Au Bon Climat wines are awesome. Had a hefty price tag last time I saw them though!

Just opened this:

Always a fan of Ksara, their entry level wines pack a punch at the £10 mark. Peppery and full on, a bit earthy too but think that will mellow with some air. Nice wine for a windy night.


On the second day with this wine - my first Freisa - and very delicious it is too as one of those M&S third off and a third off again, down to £18ish, if I remember correctly.

It’s even more tasty today and goes very well with a leftover Bolognese. On the back of the bottle, it is described as “… a local grape that is distinctive, fierce and untamable”. Not sure about that, but I would definitely try it again - delicious!

I would say that this is better than any Barolo I’ve had - still very fruity, full-bodied and with enough smooth tannins to cope with food. Probably a further 4 or 5 years life easily. Oddly unusual label, almost old-fashioned?

Unfortunately, probably none left in M&S now and perhaps a lot of money at the original £40+


Perfect match with some smoky and spicy ribs.


Very slim pickings in my M&S. Got myself a Muscat de Beaumes de Venise and a German Riesling with a third off but no Pol Roger or Chablis, sadly. However, their Langhe Nebbiolo was only £7 and is cracking value at that price. You’re not going to confuse it with the Vajra but it’s not bad at all. Might go back for more!


I got a couple of these for the other half! So glad to hear it’s a good 'un! :grinning::+1:


Interestingly, there’s no sediment in this bottle, something I’ve found in some Nebbiolo wines (Freisa is apparently related), such as the Ghemme Torraccia del Piantavigna, even though there are evident tannins; can anyone enlighten me as to why?


Benefits from air. Definite spicy edge to the finish but high quality cherry led primary flavours. Will probably improve with a little time.


I did a quick run to the cellar showroom this morning. I didn’t have a clear plan, so just wandered around, mouth agape, for 30 minutes before rummaging around in the bin-ends and pulling together a mixed case of white and fizz.

Already making a dent in it having downed (with friends!):

About to move on to:

…in hommage to the Riesling birthday earlier in the week - with a spicy Thai.


Yep, know what you mean… It’s a sweetshop isn’t it?!


Yes, an Aladdin’s cave… so easy to spend silly money.


I’ll keep an eye out for that.

My local M&S is selling off wines that should have been drunk young (mostly 2016’s) that they clearly didn’t manage to sell but instead of calling it a bin end sale have some spiel about a ‘Spring Festival’.

A bottle of Ksara’s Clos de st Alphons which usually is delicious was cooked, they gave me my money back but it’s put me off trying any of the others as I think they’ve been sat around for ages improperly stored.


Tasted five 2014 Burgundy reds this afternoon…

Four in The Sampler…

  1. Sylvie Esmonin Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes - this was really delightful, ready to be drunk… soft red fruit, light but not lacking
  2. Meo Camuzet Vosne Romanee - my favourite of the four if I had to drink it now, more substance and structure than in the Gevrey, attractive savoury meatiness, very young but a delight… a wine that sends you deep in thought when tasting
  3. Sylvie Esmonin Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Clos St. Jacques - An infant but already attractive, sgoukd be great in 5 years.
  4. Meo Camuzet Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru aux Boudots - very tight at the moment, giving very little away, but that little is really promising.

Tasted in this order, incidentally also low to high pricewise. 2014 is under the radar for reds, but I like what I see so far. 2017 may be similar? Some food for thought before Tuesday.

The bonus was a 2014 Marc Bouley Volnay that I opened midweek and decanted half in an appropriately sized vessel (a half bottle in other words). Opened the second half this afternoon. This is also drinking beautifully, will go strong for at least another 4-6 years.

I think I need to take another look at the Voane Romanees in the current offer.