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Weekend drinking thread [15-17 January 2021]

Evening all. Thought I’d get this underway. Anyone else joining TWS fish and chips takeaway Zoom later?


Gosh, you’re keen starting this thread. Tho’ I know what food we’ll be having over the weekend, I’ve not thought about the wines for Sat & Sun. (for tonight’s fish Mrs M disdainfully brushed aside my suggestion and stuck Villa Maria SB in the fridge).

VM goes well with F&C from the chippy, which we’ve had on a couple of recent occasions when an ordering cock-up meant we didn’t get our fish delivered, but I don’t think you can beat a young* inexpensive* Champagne.

*to get the acidity


Blanc 2016 with some salmon (Cajun style I’m being told it will be)

Geez this is good. Save your money on expensive CNDP Blanc’s and buy this instead.


Love this wine! :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

BTW, quite a few reached the same conclusion in this thread…

White Chateauneuf du Pape/ White Rhone - Drinks Chat / Fine Wine - The Society’s Community (thewinesociety.com)


Some generic 2017 Crozes from Jaboulet that was put in as a slot saver for a Sainsbury’s order. Its actually pretty good stuff, medium bodied, fresh with good peppery, blackcurranty, character.

Worth trading up to Thalabert though!


Sour cherry, stewed fruit, chewy ripe tannis medium+ finish. Good depth.
Made from the Prieto Picudo grape from Léon. BodegasLa Osa


We love all the Thymiopoulos Xinomavro


Started with a bottle of the Tahbilk Marsanne 2016 tonight. With 4 years in bottle the characteristic stone fruit flavours are starting to deepen and there signs of the honeyed elements developing. Still more to come.

Medium green, gold. Medium plus nose. Stone fruit, apricot, candle wax. Green apple and lemon. Medium plus palate. High acidity. Mineral, apricot, lychee. Medium plus finish. I love this wine but it does need time in bottle. This one is getting there.
Edit. With time, honey tones became more enhanced. Perhaps this is more forward than I first thought.


Thank you, I have 6 x 2017 in the cellar. I eyed them off today. I will resist for another couple of years!


Into this one tonight, the first of two.

I’m not a massive lover of syrah but this seemingly lighter version than what I am used to really does it for me. I am enjoying it immensely.


Pretty tired after a 4.5 hour shift of marshalling at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic so nothing sophisticated tonight. Whisky and ginger plus crisps followed by Waitrose king prawn pizza and an Adnams Ease Up IPA.

Need to get my thinking cap on for wine matches for tomorrow’s dressed crab followed by pork chops in red wine and mushroom sauce. Currently thinking a white burgundy for the crab and tbc for the pork dish.


Posh fish and chips, tonight, so it has to be…

Happy Friday, everyone! :clinking_glasses:


Bordeaux this weekend


For us this evening a classic claret, Tronquoy-Lalande 2009, bought 4 years ago from the WS. Might have kept it for years yet, but hey! how many wine-loving years do I have ahead? This is delicious. Not a word the professionals use, I know, but for me it’s fundamental.


Easy merlot tonight from Israel. Simple, pleasant and at £10 worth trying. Bottle 1 of 12. Not bad at all.


I love drinking. And I love Spinal Tap.

“No Moët, no show-ay! No Chandon, no band on!”

I think this a decent guzzle. Better than it was in the dark days of pomagne and toilet duck (early eighties through to the nineties), it is a bit gripey still, but with some sophistication and depth. Slightly flat footed, (I wonder how Bollinger does sturdy without rusticity?) but it does that thing that champagne must, it makes you smile, it makes you talk.


Rhône EP prep underway

Tempted to buy a case of this rather than the 2019. By my logic that means more money for the EP!!!


This evening I’ve had a bit of a wine moment.

When it comes to Pinot Noir I’ve always thought I don’t need to pay burgundy prices for a good PN, I’ll go New Zealand, Chile, Tasmania and recently Germany too…and I’ve had some lovely wines.

Mrs B cooked a magnificent Beef Bourguignon this evening and I declared that we needed some red burgundy to go with it.

The cellar has just one to choose from - I bought a case of this wine EP so it was this or nothing.

I’ve had 3 of the 6 bottles previously, and tonight it was like a different wine and I am blown away by how good it was. It’s definitely at the affordable end of the spectrum, and those on the community who know their red burgundy will observe that I am really only getting started with a wine like this, and I am thinking I need to rapidly make up for lost time.

The PF from Beauregard was delicious too.


Excellent. We’re having this tomorrow. Thanks for the notes! Did you decant?

I have the ‘16 of the Bellene and the more notes I see, the more I think I will hold off starting it until next year.