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Weekend Drinking Thread - 14th May - 16th May

Why not start with a small glass of fino while cooking and listening to Scorpions!
Happy Friday!!!


How very rock’n’roll !

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Tonight’s culinary misappropriation: Som tam (green papaya salad - it’s the cucumber looking thing). I need to buy some green beans, but generally all the ingredients are present.

Lest it becomes vegan, I have some some tempura prawns in the freezer to serve alongside - although king oyster mushrooms should be meaty enough.

The question of course… is which wine to drink with it? - suggestions please - but not Riesling! to be honest I have a hankering for claret which doesn’t make any sense… but there you are.

There is an excellent wine merchant in Penistone (hope that town gets through peoples spam blockers) , which I might visit this afternoon.


Claret goes with (nearly) everything!


There was a / some of a thread about wines with spicy food a few weeks back, but I can’t remember which one it was. With my good wife being from Taiwan, we eat a lot of food with umami / spicy flavours & “atmospheres”, and for me, I’ve always found it hard to match a wine/s when we eat that way.

Rieslings do work sometimes, but these days I usually go for a cheap & cheerful very cold white [often frizzante vino verdhe], or a shiraz / garnacha / xinomavro / full-on rose, or full-mourvedre / mourvedre-based reds, often chilled a bit. The robustness & sweetness seem to work well with spice.

I have a hunch that semi-chilled red Liatiko might work well too [the Liatiko on the WS list is great], though I’ve not tried that match yet; or, strange as it may sound, that a semi-chilled Tannat might work too.


peanuts kill wine - go for fino sherry, maybe?


As will the birds eye chilli & fish sauce ! I’m thinking of opening a 2019 Roero Arneis, with a 2016 docetta d’alba as backup. What could possibly go wrong?

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We eat quite a bit of Thai/Vietnamese-type food.

If you are ruling out riesling (something Ozzie from Clare Valley would be my no. 1 here), then I can recommend Morrison’s The Best Pinot Gris. It’s fruity, slightly off dry and if the dish is sufficiently spicy, the fact that it lacks any sort of complexity becomes happily irrelevant.

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Going to play Game of Gamays tonight since there has been a lot of discussion about the latest in the Bin Series. The Blue Tractor is from the more central Auvergne app for a bit of a change.


Good to know. My brother has just moved there from up the hill nr Crow Edge :+1:

Right OK, to get back on to the theme. Oh and a nod to Bin 009 - gate. Birthday Boy; (moi) gets to choose what TOH deigns to rustle up for lunch. Ooh… tell u what… my favourite please - chicken and (garden) tarragon and local asparagus, new potatoes and (garden) cauliflower. So, my bit is to say quite innocently - what wine would madame like ? (hoping I can sneak in a Cape Point SB or a Margaret River chardy.) “Oh I don’t mind… but I don’t want white”

F*S. Pollocks.

OK what have we. I know - something light and fruity which won’t stare the meal in the face and say do you feel lucky - make my day punk. It’s a BoJo - and - guess what - a Chiroubles, sourced from Hyper-U in Rouen a month or two ago. And here’s the thing about the Bin 009. Chiroubles is one of the village crus, yes ? Everyone knows that ? It tends to be a bit more fresher yet has a nice mild tannic kick-back but… ATEOTD…it’s just a village cru BJ ?

Suffice to say, on the count of maintaining diplomatic entente cordiale, neither the wine nor meal antagonised the other too much and both were consumed with appreciative alacrity.


Continuing with my new found liking for Brouilly, drinking this tonight, well actually had a couple of glasses this afternoon watching the Giro, so had to open another bottle to ensure my wife gets her share. Easy to drink, fruit driven, silky smooth, balanced tannins/acidity. Bargain at £11.99 a bottle.

Have a great weekend everyone.


This is terrific IMO. Spice, honey and peach to the fore. The acidity will make it very food friendly although I’m having it as an aperitif this evening.


First of six from a VCP allocation a few years ago. Opened it a couple of hours ago and it’s outstanding stuff… there are a couple of cases of the 2017 still available, just added one to reserves!


Aperitif with this delightful Viognier…before the deluge of rain to come and dinner shortly…


Friends round for dinner, roast chicken on the table, and a bottle of the society’s Beaujolais villages. Nice fruity easy drinking. Nothing complicated, lots of tart red fruit, redcurrants and cherries, a tickle of tannins, and a truly lovely nose for a cheap and cheerful wine. Life is now just that little bit better.


Reasonably complex wine with a nice acidic lift.


A post-script to birthday boy’s Chiroubles. Fancying something sweet and digestif I delved into the trusty dusty cellar and found this. God knows its provenance but - surprisingly pleasant. Sort of roast peaches, some apricot, maybe fresh tomato, not cloying at all, quite lip-smacking and only 10.5%. The back label blurb says botryised semillon and riesling. Whatever.


We’re having BBQ ribs tonight, which calls for something big, bold and brassy.

The problem is, when I ask the question of the cellar it just looks at me with a ‘huh?’ :man_shrugging:

So of course, I went for the most expensive mistake/cellar defender/cannon fodder option…

And again it doesn’t disappoint - Luigi Scavino managed to achieve the impossible and unimaginable, and make a lovely, soaring aromatics vintage like 2008 taste like cheap supermarket Tawny Port.

I’m minded to think what was going on in his head, but then maybe - judging by the equally soaring scores on CT - that I’m just swimming against the tide. Ah well, you live and learn :roll_eyes:


I agree. I was allocated the 2015 as part of a VCP and stuck a case of 2017 in reserves as soon as I had tasted the first bottle.