Weekend drinking thread 14th - 16th December 2018

Checked again and nothing, nor on the remaining 5 bottles. Most odd.

Recent auction purchase and no idea on the provenance.

@Inbar glad it worked for you. I did double decant it and left for 4 hours but sediment was still an issue. Tannins in mine were a lot more obtrusive than yours sounded. Maybe a different barrel or possibly mine was defective in some way. Maybe WS should be more explicit about the need for a thorough decant (with tea strainer!)?

Anyway, I will leave the remaining WS stock all for you!


Ah, that’s very kind of you, @MarkC! :wink:

Actually, it goes to show how different palates can be, and it was thanks to your post that it even occurred to me to double decant and watch out for the sediment (of which, as you said, there was plenty!). So although we had a totally different experience of it, I’m so glad I read your and @GWills’s post. This forum is great for ‘compare and contrast’… :+1::blush:


My final order 2018 from TWS…
FC34321 Chartreuse de Mougères, Pèlerin Blanc, Pays de Caux 2017 £6.95 In Stock x4
LO14321 Reuilly Les Pierres Plates, Denis Jamain 2017 £12.95 X1
RH50121 Lirac Rouge La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2016 £11.50 In Stock X1
FC34191 Syrah-Mourvèdre Côtes de Thongue, Domaine La Condamine L’Evêque 2017 £6.75 x4


I bought a bottle of that one a few weeks ago as a bit of a punt and it’s still sitting in the wine rack. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on it?

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I used to sell this about 15 years ago, so it will be almost new to me…Ill let you know ASAP.

I have not had a single drop of wine yet, this weekend.
Nothing last night, and half a can of lager on Friday.
I almost feel ashamed as I have accumulated a veritable cornucopia of delights to get stuck into.
So tonight I am determined to drink something that is several levels above “nice!!”
I will let you know how it went


A most enjoyable selection last night:

Muga Cava Conde de Haro Brut 2016 - lovely dry flavour, perfect with antipasti/olives/bruschette
Pol Roger Extra Brut - an altogether more serious wine, dry, rich, powerful and wonderful

Then with Herb-crusted slow cooked shoulder of Lamb
Brunello Montalcino Brunelli 2010 - glorious, perfectly mature, sweet fruit, tasted of warmth
Cote-Rote Brune Gilles Barge 2010 - weightier, slightly less poised than the Brunello, still delightful

And to finish with a Chocolate pudding
Remy Martin 1738 - exceptionally smooth

The head is not too bad this morning, surprisingly…


Yesterday’s line up

  1. Vina Ardanza 2009. Typically Rioja. Red fruits on the nose. Needed 1-2 hours in the decanter to fully open. Vanilla notes as well. Balanced. High acidity with good finish.
  2. Toro San Roman 2011. My first Toro. Quite closed nose at first. With time in decanter. Casis and inky notes emerged. Full bodied wine. With a good finish.
  3. Rauzan Segla 2004. Classic Margaux nose. Thin on the palate. Short finish.
  4. Doisy Daeny 2010. Botyritis, honey, apricot. Excellent balance between acidity and sweetness. Long lingering finish. Will get more from TWS.
  5. Gerwurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2010. Truly essence of lychee. Such a different wine from the Sauternes with the absence of botyritis. Good wine but I think the Sauternes is much better.

Just had this with roast beef. Gosh it was delicious


Tonight we’re having meatballs and pasta, and decided to open this delightful bottle:

We had the 2016 a few times before, and it’s one of our favourite Nero d’Avola wines, with a twist. Very Amaronesque on both nose and palate, with plenty of cassis, ripe black fruit notes, fig and liquorice. A delicious wine that never disappoints. :ok_hand:

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@tom Champagne apart and obviously in a restaurant, I have never drunk a wine > £20 a bottle. I notice there are no reviews for that wine, how did you pick this wine? Hope you don’t mind me asking.

Another bottle of Chave St Joseph Silene 2016. More infanticide but cuts through the slightly rich sauce tonight.

Funny how the drinking window on Cellartracker starts as the TWS one closes (2021)… tempted by your notes to get a bottle (35 in stock)

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Somewhere in the middle probably about right, but it is splendid now for sure. And worth the extra £5 from the St Joseph of the same label and vintage.

That’s about my usual limit too, but I wanted to try it in a recent mixed Rhone case. This is one of my favourite areas and I love the St Josephs I’ve had from this producer so thought I’d give it a go, I’m not so experienced with Cornas.

I tend to stick to a few tried and tested wines in my Rhone EP buying so every now and again I like to get a mixed case of new Rhones to balance this out, which sometimes results in a new regular :smiley:


They’re much better with a bit of cupboard age on them. We regularly keep one or two for a year or so and they’re still perfect.

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Pinot Gris Klaxon!

2007 Trimbach Reserve Personnelle Pinot Gris. Off Dry, round and mushroomy. Such a different sort of white, and more balanced now than two years ago. One left.

Served with smoked gammon steak, steamed potatoes (from my brand new Instant Pot[TM]), and my first attempt at homemade saurkraut.


So how was the homemade sauerkraut? I love a good choucroute/sauerkraut, but I’ve always left the making of it up to someone else.

That’s right up my street, back when my wife was working in the city she had a lady who worked with her who was Austrian, she even had a pot in her kitchen with our name on it and when she made sauerkraut and or leberknodel the pot would come home, wonderful food.