Weekend drinking thread 14th - 16th December 2018

This time already and no weekend drinking thread.
This week has tested my patience in more than one way so im just going to have a small glass of one or other of these as they are both open and then have a semi- early night .
I’m sure some of you will have grand weekend plans of Christmas parties etc… so what wines will you be drinking??


My first ever WS EP purchase, now a lovely drink:


My wife will be drinking this, a fact she is not yet aware of. Nothing for me full of the cold.

Here is the review I left "“Light in colour, plum, possibly strawberry boiled sweets on the nose, low tannin, tasted of redcurrant and cherry, very smooth. Easy drinking wine which definitely improved for more time in the decanter.”

Enjoy your wine & weekend.



I think we will have one of these tomorrow

Tonight is all about Christmas tunes as I get down to it with a local wind band, performing to a traditionally enthusiastic crowd of adults with learning difficulties. Then home for a glass of something nice, probably a whisky. :yum:


Dry this evening, but tomorrow we’re going out with friends to a Lebanese BYOB, so - as mentioned in another thread - will be taking this bottle:

Will give it a long decant at home, then decant back into the bottle. Curious to see if we enjoy it as much as we did in the Summer Fine Wine tasting.

Will also take this Aldi Champagne, which has been lying around for far too long. By all accounts, not a bad one for the price:

Happy weekend, one and all! :clinking_glasses::slightly_smiling_face:



Some juicy Barbera to go with a nice spicy chilli, ready when my better half gets home out of the cold. If the mood takes us we may also have a glass of this afterwards:


A rare trip to Burgundy for me this evening’s pleasures.


Rather good but no rush to dink the remainder of this case.

Interestingly, no alchol strength listed anywhere on the label. Wondering if this is legal?


Fruity and straightforward value red for me this evening. This is great value for under £8…

Can thoroughly recommend as an easy drinking start to the weekend.


Tesco Montepulciano tonight. Very good for what it is and perfect with pizza.

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Sipping a glass of viognier and enjoying it a lot


Will soon be eating some fairly mild red Thai prawns and will happily continue with the wine. I think it will be a good combination. Smooth peachy flavours with a hint of sweetness should sit very comfortably with the Thai spices.


Day Two of this:


It’s okay I guess, but that makes it a bit of a let-down. To this nose, it’s not a patch on the 2014.

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Garlic prawns and scallops with potatoes, chorizo and fennel, and saffron mayo tonight:

And to drink, a Pinot Gris from Rieffel. I wanted something with the gumption to stand up to the flavours, and this did the job nicely - not completely typical Alsace Pinot Gris - quite dry, with quince and mandarin nose, I thought, and then ripe citrus fruit on the palate. A bit spicy on the finish - zingy was how Mrs Robertd described it - made for a good pairing.


Exhibition Crozes hermitage again tonight, with grilled lamb and couscous. Sooooo good.



Agree with your comment.


An unexpected gift of Argentine Malbec, Costieres de Nimes and and a newy to me German Limestone Riesling… I will report back when all three have been downed.
It is going to be hard going this weekend seeing it is also the Hockey Club Old Farts Christmas Dinner (4 courses and wine) £20 all in.
A high percentage of older gentlemen will be all in by 2.30.
The selection of wines will be any bodies guess, the only certainty is that our “sommelier” will only have withdrawn the wine from his garage on Saturday morning, so the Reds will be in need of de-frosting . Report to follow …
image image image p


Is it on a back label? Legally has to be on the bottle somewhere.

Hopefully you’ll also be able to celebrate a win for the England men’s hockey team in their world cup semi-final clash with Belgium in India…which I think pushes back at about 10:30am. Fingers crossed!

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It’s getting to the pointy end of the year when you start to contemplate opening some of the wines in your cellar that you’ve had your eye on for some time.
And so it was last night when we had some lovely breaded haddock, homemade spiced wedges and samphire.
Opened this
Only to be severely disappointed when it was evident that it had been struck down by the dreaded premox.
Luckily a Tim Adams Riesling 2016 was in the fridge which was quickly called in as back up.
It’s good but not what was anticipated.
Hopefully more luck tonight with this


I’m going to an annaul christmas meal at a friends house tonight, Beef Wellington every year. A real highlight of the Christmas period.

I’ve got a bottle of Au bon climat pinot 2015:

a chateu musar 2011:

and this Mascarello Dolcetto D’Alba 2015:

Not sure which one(s) I’ll be taking at the moment, any views much appreciated!


I’ve had the Au Bon Climat and the Musar but can’t comment on the d’Alba. Personal choice, I’d take the Musar as a better foil for the beef. The PN I found a little too sharp for my taste although it softened up a little the longer it was opened. Lovely and fruity though. The Musar had lots of rich things going on and was a wonderful accompaniment to a Sunday roast, so has the edge for me…although the company also often has a lot to do with it! No doubt you’ll enjoy which ever one you choose!