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Weekend drinking thread [14th-16th August 2020]

We finished our staycation with a tasting of Bordeaux wines as dictated by Michael Schuster in his book “Essential Winetasting”

The point was to compare wines of different values and see the differences of terroir and quality, focussing on mid-plate length and texture.


What did you discover? :grin:


Been waiting for a slightly cooler evening to try this, a case of which was delivered a week ago, Fontodi Chianti Classico 2009.

Pretty much mature. Still some tannic grip but ripe rather than astringent. Classic sweet/sour fruit balance and dark cherry fruit in the finish. No rush for the rest.


Belated birthday dinner (for me) of 30 day aged T-bone steak from the local butcher with Parmesan and truffle chips. Since I have two children under four I don’t have time to take photos of food that’s ready to go, however I did get a moment to photo my wine options.

I went in the end for the GPL 2000 which turned out to be very classic, laden with black fruits and just what the Dr (who spoiled my actual birthday on Wednesday by giving me an endoscopy) ordered.


On a recommendation from @Inbar


We are having the 2017. Green apple, honeysuckle, a touch of flint. Lovely and silky in the mouth with, strangely, a hint of chilli tingle at the end. Delightful easy drinking. Thank you @Inbar!


Trying a Morrison’s Picpoul de Pinet (Costières de Pomerol) picked up a couple of months ago. Very pale, almost colourless, and a slightly strange woody aroma initially. Developing into predominantly lemony flavours with some apple and pear. It’s okay but I’d rather drink the TWS or Tesco picpoul I think. Hoping it will go well with some yet to be decided king prawn dish.


Happy birthday! Glad the wine delivered. The slab of beef in the background looks amazing too.

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And the conclusions were?

It was indeed. :yum:


Very much enjoying the new Puiatti Ribolla Gialla. Very moreish, with a delicious almond note


A modest start with griddled venison burgers and broccoli came this on a warm, if cloudy, evening. Great example of a modest wine in a great vintage.


That is a treat! One of my favourite chianti producers

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What a great selection !! Happy birthday

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To be fair the Morrison’s Picpoul seems to be improving as the evening goes on, though I still stick to my original conclusions. Perhaps the amazing snooker is having an influence!

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An offering from Mosquita Muerta (Dead Fly) this evening. The Sapo de Otra Pozo Blend de Tinta 2017. A blend of 60% Malbec, 20% Syrah and 20% Cabernet Franc all from growers in the Uco Valley. The wine was matured in French oak and part in concrete eggs. Very smooth wine from a Bodega that frequently receives plaudits here.
Unfortunately, no photo due to my failure but my notes were: Ruby red centre, medium red rim with hints of violet. Medium/light nose. Red fruit. Hints of black currant. Medium palate. Ripe, grippy tannins. Good acidity. Black currant. Plum. Leather. Graphite. Medium, long finish. Great food wine.


Enjoyed a glass of this society favourite tonight. Mid bodied, easy drinking and straight forward claret. Blackcurrant flavours and relatively smooth

Decent quaffer


Bottle of this last night, in an attempt to broaden my knowledge of Italy:

Still struggling to know how we feel on this one. Very (dangerously) drinkable but feels quite hot due to the 14%. Nowhere near as heavy as I’d expected, fairly food friendly. Definite plum notes. Probably falls into the “perfectly decent Friday night wine after a long week” bracket but not likely to be a re-buy for me - purely stylistically, nothing wrong with the wine.


More of a wine for winter?

Not sure to be honest - it felt pretty wintery (relative!) last night in Twickenham with the rain, and I’d probably look for an Autumn/Winter wine to be slightly heavier. This is part of why we don’t know whether we like it - it doesn’t quite fit into expected categories!

These two over the course of today and tomorrow

An exploration of SA wines continues with this white. Sounds rather a monster for a white from the description but we will see

Then this with Afelia. The second of two bottles. Enjoyed the first so hoping it will be a good foil for our pork dish.