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Weekend drinking thread - [14-16 June 2019]

In surprise news I can reveal that bursts of sunshine were seen in Surrey this afternoon, though they have since disappeared.

And in a further attempt to support the ailing reputation of NZSB a secret source has revealed exclusively to me that this

is pretty damn good too. 2017 rather than 2018, but I’m sure it’s still true. I would say more on the lemon/lime spectrum than peach/nectarine but perhaps that’s the different vintage.


Double jubilation in our house this evening, as I have just had my WSET 3 exam (phew!) and the girl had just had her final GCSE exam! Could there be a better excuse to open an English Sparkling wine?

This is a 2014 Camel Valley – and a beautiful one, too. Lovely lemon biscuit on the nose, sour bread, citrus and baked apple. It aged really well, as it is very smooth despite the high acidity you usually get in an English sparkling. Everything feels like it had fallen into place. We loved it! :heart_eyes:

As we’re having some Indian curry tonight, decided to open a bottle we recently got in Alsace:

This is a Grand Cru Gewurtz from Kirchberg de Barr, Clos Zisser, by Maison Klipfel. We got it for about 18 Euros (I think) in the amazing Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg (well worth a visit, if you ever find yourself in Strasbourg! I posted about it here).

An off dry blowsy example, and we love it for it! Turkish delight and rose water on the nose, as well as apricot and cinnamon and some white pepper, too! The palate is rich and oily, but is held in check by a zingy orange zest acidity. It is floral, sexy and delicious. Or perhaps I’m just doolally from the exam, who knows! Either way, chin chin and a happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Sounds like a good match for the curry! I am cooking cod for the mystery Craggy Range drinkers.

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It actually stopped raining in Shropshire…the county with the highest rainfall in the current wet days at 168mm …or 3 months worth.
Having spent the day with 8 year olds looking at stream based invertebrates…not letting them in to the powerful water to minimise the risk of having to collect one from downstream!.. I wanted something that was not too challenging, and just a pleasant quaff.
This worked.


This with a bit of seabass for fishy Friday. Just waiting for the boy to settle…


Lovely pinot, with some mature forest floor notes. Still lots of cranberry and raspberry fruit and lovely texture. You could pay a lot more for burgundy and get less.


All Riesling loveliness.


2011 Barolo. Not TWS, a sort of ‘handed on gift from my Dad’s neighbour’. And rather fine with Friday night ribeye steak and chips * . My purist inner winesnob abhors the overt oak character - my hedonist higher conscience loves the combination of reducted fruit acids & oak vanillins.

For those that care… with a green zebra tomato salad + shallot vinegrette.


Have to try this sometime. I liked the Jordan Chenin Blanc a lot.

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Ooo, What’s it like? I’ve got a bottle in the rack just waiting to be opened.

This competes with the Ferraton Cornas for wine of the year. It’s magical stuff, ethereal, compelling but weightless and evolving beautifully in the eto. Probably would evolve further in bottle but the remainder of the case might not get the chance.


The vinous spoils of this evening’s 6-person Chinese take-away …


My struggles with red Crozes continue. I decanted this four hours before serving with Friday night’s ribeye. Nice colour but not much on the nose. Tried it from both a Riedel Syrah glass and a large Dartington glass. Slightly better from Riedel but simply “nothing to write home about”. Not faulty but simply ordinary. Much better Syrah/Shiraz value available elsewhere at this price point. I have a case of the ‘15 too. Given the quality of that vintage I am hoping the ‘15 might finally win me over.


Much better syrah available, as you say… nearby in the Languedoc!

Rhone Syrah wines are well known to be great to drink soon after the vintage but then goes into a dumb phase for up to 10 years before opening up again and regaining their deliciousness.

Some new Spätburgunder have appeared on the website. The new Fine Wine List is likely to go live on Monday.


Yeah I really enjoy this.
Have had vintages 2012-15.
Picked it up from Booth’s awhile ago when they had a 3 for 2 deal on everything above £10. Think this Jordan Chardonnay cost me <£8 once that discount kicked in and drinks really well with 5 years on the clock.


Reward for writing a simple letter to a Food magazine…a case of this. Will let you know how it performs!


Wine tasting last night, and we were buying the wines. We got a selection of Spanish whites, with a sherry thrown in at the end for good measure (and because I love it)

Our hosts provided an impressively sized paella.

Basically a pretty sound selection of easy-drinking wines, with a couple of outliers (for different reasons). The Society’s White Rioja seems really good value at £8.50 - nicely done oak and not overpoweringly oxidative like some. It was a first time for me to try Txacoli, and I really enjoyed this Astobiza.

A noticeable spritziness to the mouthfeel, to go with the Granny Smith crunchiness of the nose and palate. Very clean and refreshing, but probably wants food.

The 2009 Pazo Señorans was on a different level - ripe, steely, long and fruity. But then, it does cost four times as much as any of the others.

Top value, though, definitely goes to the Maribel Amontillado.

The flavour-to-pound ratio is astonishing. I’m going to have to add one of these to every order from now on.


Some good looking bottles there, @robertd! And the paella is something else! :star_struck:

What did you think of the Massani dry Muscat? It’s in my wish list, but am yet to purchase it. Any resemblance to its Alsatian cousin?

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