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Weekend drinking thread 13th to 15th August 21

No I haven’t, but I’ll look out for it when I’m getting more SB thanks.


Good old Borders Wines again


Slightly different wine, I think: what Leah appears to have found is a supplier of the super-aged 2007.


The baby arrived Monday! First wine since, with close family and luscious chicken korma (more of a jalfrezi/vindaloo guy but this really was phenomenal). The first day I’ve felt rested in about a week, despite driving him around at 2am to get him to settle.

Not as beautiful as the baby. I think I know why I spend a lot more on whites, generally. Damn this new baby budget. I got no nose. Just closed all around but given the circumstances, it’s still really welcome. And baby is asleep.


Winning :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


Thanks @Aspedini

I see what you mean.

Mny congratulations on the new arrival. I will raise a glass shortly.


Sitting outside awaiting the arrival of the bats after a long day at the Wiltshire Game Show. This TWS classic is a great accompaniment.

Deep red centre, almost opaque. Deep red rim with hint of age. Clear legs. Intense nose. Sweet vanilla, black currant, ripe strawberry. Tabacco, cedar. Full palate. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Dry. Strawberry, raspberry, vanilla. Black currant. Earthy. Long finish.


To go with home made - home grown ratatouille (peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, onions plus coriander) and mixed grains I picked this Uruguayan Bordeaux + assemblage ( usual suspects plus a little tannat, syrah and marselan) from one the big operators in Canelones, Familia Deicas / Juanico

In fact we visited the winery / cellar door in Feb 2020 and had quite a good tasting and toured their winery, museum and extensive grounds…

But this TWS offering is a bit safe, yes it’s smooth and rounded - but not terribly exciting. A bit too “pleasant”, short and a tad boring tbh. £22 ?? wow really did I pay that much ?

Oh I remember - after I bought my new car earlier this year - a Skoda - they’d forgotten to put the tow bar on which I’d ordered and so they offered me a virtual gift voucher for £200 to “treat” myself and so I used it on a - almost random - mixed TWS case. This would have been one of those wines I think.

Anyway, so, gift horses, mouths etc…


I don’t usually look for budget Bordeaux because to me they almost always are underwhelming and I feel you get better wine from other regions.
This is a pleasant surprise, I was after half bottles and not specifically claret but glad I got this bottle to try.
Beautiful nose of blue fruits and cassis. Hint of oak and for such a young wine is nicely integrated and drinking well. Re-buy for sure as it’s a great proposition as half bottle


Congratulations and best wishes @RogerSterling to you and your family !

And a quick toast to all of you with this…

…paired with goat tagine, couscous and flatbreads earlier this evening. A Campo de Borja Garnacha 2016 from Cuevas de Arom. Bright cherry red colour with an invitingly fresh nose of pippy raspberry jam and a hint of liquorice. Ripe and rounded, distinctly pippy and lightly grippy, bramble berry flavours with an underlying liquorice streak on tasting too. Notably fresh acidity provides elegant balance and there’s considerable depth of flavour on the finish.

I should add, those grippy, pippy flavours are very much to my taste and, to my mind at least, an indicator of quality. Maybe there are more complex examples of garnacha out there but this has a sheer drinkability that’s hard to beat for the money ( £16 )

Hmm, I see TWS are now listing the 2018 :grimacing:


Had this 2013 Sinards over the last 2 days.

Bought ages ago when on double offer at Sainsbury’s. For the money very good and on the savory side of things. Decent acidity and tannin to keep it together. A solid effort. Could go a few more years yet but beginning to fade on day 2. Have a couple of 2017s bought with similar discount and will leave for a while.


Errrrr don’t tease when my hand is ready to slip! :joy: it’s a stunning wine, got 2 more in reserves but I want a few more!!!

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Enjoyed 1996 Jadot Beaune Greves 1er Cru, fresh and with a lovely nose, but plenty of structure. I suspect this would have been even better in a couple of years. But a very nice mature Burgundy all the same. Great with homemade pressure cooker rillettes and chicken pie.


Tonight was a big treat. Cooked for a family members 30th wedding anniversary.

Starter was mozzarella, aubergine and tomato stack. Matched with Pouilly-Fumé bought in Waitrose one offer at the moment. Was a lovely fresh Pouilly-Fumé great value for money!

Main was herb crusted rack of lamb with dauphinois potatoes and Savoy cabbage. This was matched with an these two Musars. Wow was these good. The 01 was a lot more elegant with a longer finish, it had flavours and aromas of prunes, raisins, cherries, cedar, leather, tobacco and autumn leaves. The 91 was a lot more powerful and punchy. There seemed to be more nail polish remover aromas than the 01 and a lot more smoky and tobacco aromas too. The 91 had more flavour intensity but i found I shorter finish than the 01. Overall both wines were stunning. I preferred the 91 but the 01 was more favoured by the guests. Sadly this is my last bottle of 01 which I got from Waitrose when on offer I just wish I had bought more!

Finishing the last of these wines now and I think I may have to find a bottle or two of both of these to stash away for a rainy day!


Oooh, you’re the second person today who’s been having Musar with lamb! We thoroughly enjoyed our chinese takeaway, otherwise I’d be feeling somewhat jealous… Did you finish all the wine?

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Almost all the wine! Got about a glass of each left for tomorrow!

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Congratulations and welcome to the club :~}

I spent many many many hours chugging our boy up down round through the country lanes round us at times the rest of the world seemed asleep, and grew to love it - seems like it’ll never end when you’re in the midst of it, but it’s what life-memories are made of :~}


This stuff is magic for the price, and double-magic when reduced; a really good solid Gruner IMO

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I recall JR recommending these 2016. I have a couple in reserves so pleased to read your TN. Any view on how long they might be worth keeping?