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Weekend drinking thread 13th to 15th August 21

I couldn’t find the weekend thread so have assumed that there isn’t one yet!

I’ve wanted to try a German Pinot Noir (or Spatburgunder as they call it) for a while, especially from Wonnegau as this is (according to my latest World Atlas of Wine) a really exciting region in Rheinhessen.

I like Borders Wines. They are quirky and I first came across them when looking for Greek wines.

These have just arrived. 2019 btw.

Just Coravined a glass and am loving it. Lots of red fruits and gorgeous aroma. Not as subtle as a Burgundy and perhaps more towards a couple of Oregon Willamette Valley wines recently. For £15.49 a bottle, I reckon a bargain and will age for a few years as well in my opinion.

Has anyone tried the only TWS one listed at £14.50?

Cheers and have a good weekend!


This one? @Brentw1

More German Pinot here. Pretty full on sour cherry and pomegranate fruit, a bit of grip. Another good vintage from Wassmer, riper than the 2017.


That’s the one! Thanks @NickFoster. I’ve corrected the price on my original post!

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Fish chip supper tonight so had my last bottle of Muscadet from Chateau l’Oiseliniere de la Ramee. Retains that tangy reminder of the sea but with greater intensity of flavour than one might expect from a younger vintage.

Medium plus yellow, gold. Slight effervescence. Medium nose. Salty tang, melon, lemon. Green apple. Medium minus palate. High acidity. Dry. Lemon, lime, green apple. Tangy. Wet stone. Hint of gun metal. Medium finish. Great with fish and chips.


Many thanks for starting the weekend thread !

This here tonight with sockeye salmon, filled pasta and broad beans…

…it would be remiss not to provide some background as it’s a really interesting wine.

Made from Alsatian pinot gris clones planted in 2001 in the San Luigi vineyard in Dogliani. Barrel, and malolactic, fermented in, either, new or one year old barriques.

My notes differ from those on Einaudi’s website, mind. I was expecting a more Burgundian style but it’s very much reminiscent of a good example from Alsace. A deep golden yellow with aromas of tree blossom. ripe stone fruits. musk and baking spices. Similar on tasting, rich and ripe peach, apricot and squidgy pear fruit and a subtly spiced buttery brioche note that gives it complexity. The oak input is beautifully integrated and there’s plenty of fresh acidity to balance and cut through its rich flavours. It has a lovely fresh, but complex, finish too.

Eye opening in many ways and very good value too ( £14.50 in a bin-end sale ). I only wish I’d bought more !

Looking forward to reading about what you’ve all been enjoying and that you all have a great weekend. All the best.


Drinking one of the last of these and as usual enjoying it enormously. Limey, grassy, and a sort of dry grapefruitness. This is a delicious wine and I always think it would be a great wine for converting those who find NZ SB a bit too much. It has all the normal qualities but in a more refined way with all the aggression removed - the sort of wine that might be served at an NZ pacifist convention!


Hot on the heels of that disappointing vin orange from Gascony I opened this one to go with left-over spicy hake balls in tomato sauce, wild rice, and garden courgettes done in butter and tarragon. So a right motley crew there !

Much more to my liking is this lovely Jura Chardonnay done in almost a vin jaune style with not-so-subtle flor characteristics like a fino sherry, plus hazelnuts, dried fruits, and that nose you get with those “caps” we used to have in toy guns in the 60’s. (Are they even allowed these days ? ) Can’t think it was “reductive” in the light of the vinification methods…But It was with tremendous fortitude that I didn’t finish the bottle, but as I’m working tomorrow, half remains to see how it opens up - or fades.

Well done TWS a genuine winner.


Last day in Alsace, and it’s been hot. We cycled out to Kaysersberg on what’s becoming a favourite route, that of the 2019 Tour de France, and after making a start on the packing, we relaxed in the garden with some entrecôtes on the barbecue.

The wine was Jean-Paul Schmitt Pinot Noir Rittersberg Grande Réserve, 2013

This should have been an excellent wine, but sadly just wasn’t. Faulty, I think, and probably TCA, though it didn’t obliterate the fruit, just left it without any complexity. The nose came and went, with a slightly strange sour note - not completely musty, but no perfume, and no savoury interest on the palate. A real shame - it wasn’t bad enough to be undrinkable, but when we’ve tasted this before it’s been a superb example of Alsace pinot noir.

It’s been a great three weeks away. Now to get ready for the drive home tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be back rather sooner than the last time - it’s been a year :crossed_fingers:


Enjoyed this tonight with a seafood dinner at Cafe Fish on Tobermory.

Fresh, crispy fruit and and a dry finish…perfect for our restaurant dinner.


Opened this last night, and spent most of the evening sipping/considering/exploring. Very special. Gold, like the setting sun. Honey and lime on the nose. Pear, maybe coconut, on the palate. Lanolin a bit heavy at first but tempered with food (simple ham/mascarpone pizza). Plenty of years under its belt, but several more to go, I feel. Bought from TWS earlier this year, and incredible value at around £40 for a 22-year-old wine.


More complex than most, quite herbal, up market bottle with a very deep, fluted punt. Not sure it is worth £20.


Been on holiday to NW Wales for the last week (lots of wines…) but got back yesterday in time to get this in fridge.

Immensely enjoyable. Recommended.
Actually thought it was a bit Chablis-esque if that is not forbidden to consider?


Righto. Last night the Mac Forbes Victoria Riesling from they didn’t like it thread.

I’m not sure what the dreadful reviews were about, it’s a perfectly pleasant dry Riesling. Springwater with a squeeze of lime, sipped beside a kerosine lamp. For me, it doesn’t quite hit the value sweet spot. A nice foil to a rather rich lobster risotto but lacking a bit of concentration or tension.


Part of an ongoing & occasional quest: To find the ideal budget drinker to go with whatever vaguely Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese style stir fry I’ve cobbled together out of the tired veg in the bottom of the fridge.

This time I might have found a winner! A bit of body, plenty of grapefruit with a touch of bitter pith and white pepper on the finish. This has a good deal more depth and complexity than equivalent Rieslings, Pinot Gris or Gewürztraminer from the same supermarket. £8.25 (but regularly reduced) and only 12.5% makes it ideal cannon-fodder, and a lot more acceptable to have guzzled the bottle between us.


This evening we are having friends over for a meal and a sleepover - the sheer delight and anticipation of it all after so many months! Their surname is Jones and we are serving them Domaine Jones wines :smiley:

These wines are not new to them - we have been together to the winery in Tuchan - but it seemed a good way to celebrate our get together.

A brace of 2015s: Macabeu and Grenache to accompany ‘sort of’ Greek souvlaki (chicken, pork and lamb).


This is pretty special and im already looking forward to drinking the rest of it tonight .
This is a serious Rosé with orange peel, lots of herbs, dried strawberry and cherry compté , it’s multi- dimensional, the oak is very well integrated with caramel and even some cinnamon on the finish .
Still holds fresh acidity and is truly a wine lovers wine …… TWS is sold out …. But I’ve found somewhere else who has it :wink:!


Excellent looking lobster claws :+1:t2:


Please do share as I haven’t got any :pray:t2:


Nice Chardonnay Pet Nat from Gassac. Creamy bubbles with apples and flowers on the nose. Saline finish, supremely refreshing.

Fair value for £13.99 from DBM Bristol



Try this Andy (if you haven’t already).

I would make similar comments as regards it being a more subtle SB at a reasonable price compared to Sancerre.

I have been a Pelle fan for over 20 years now.