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Weekend Drinking Thread [13th - 15th November 2020]

Hope it’s not too early to start this weekends drinking thread?
Celebrating my son’s 13th birthday today.
Decanted the Crozes Hermitage for later and left the Riesling to air in the bottle, but had a cheeky sip and wow, can’t wait for a full glass later on.


Doing a little winetasting with family via Zoom this evening. We’re all trying Aldi’s white Chateauneuf du Pape, followed by the Society Blaufrankisch. I don’t think any of us have had a white CNDP before, so that should be interesting even if I’m not expecting this to be a particularly good one. I’m a big fan of the Blaufrankisch already, and hoping to win over the others with it.


Really interested to know how the Chateauneuf blanc is, might find an Aldi and try and get some myself if you think it’s worth it.


This to start of the weekend.

This is very good. I think this variety is seriously underrated. Love this enough to send a case to reserves immediately.


Kicking off the weekend with this:-

Not really much to add to the rave reviews other than they are correct. To the experienced Cubillo drinker is the 2010 much better?

2nd glass even better than first. Needless to say disappeared pretty quickly.
Have a great weekend all.


Had to double up after a hectic week at work. Came across this white bordeaux this week, interested to see whether it’s still in it’s drinking window


We have ordered the Aktar @ Home curry box this weekend.

All reports indicated that it would contain an absolute mountain of food - and how right they were. The APC delivery man thought that we’d ordered a moderate-sized hippo in a box rather than a family feast. I think I’ve counted four mains, five sides plus rice and naans, which should keep us going until Tuesday. The only problem is … I’ve discovered we are out of all curry-friendly wines :roll_eyes: so we’re going to go with Brewdog beers instead.

Enjoy your Friday evenings, everyone! *

*If your Friday evening looks any different from your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, that is …


I’ve not tried the '11, but the '10 was definitely noticeably better than the other vintages I’ve had. [insert more raving here]


First a wine from earlier on in the week - a 2018 Loire Chenin, which I just found a bit meh. Possibly better with bottle age but the merchant who sold me it last weekend said it was ready. Not bad but just a bit straightforward.

However tonight’s tipple is in a different league altogether. On the cusp of full maturity with some primary notes remaining but with a depth of flavour ranging through raspberries and cocoa and some savoury notes. Really fresh on the finish but clearly with time to go for the tannin to finally resolve (still shows a little at the end). Sadly as my drinking buddy is on antibiotics I have to drink the whole bottle :grinning:


Tonight I’m opening these two. Both from one of my favourite Bodegas in Rioja, and a usual of the Society. I’m planning a weekend of drinking some of my favourite wines, this week my team went through its annual sales target, first team in our company to do so and after a rough year, and not seeing my team in person since March, I’m in the mood to celebrate.

Gomez Cruzado’s white is, in my opinion, the best value white rioja around (obvs Gravonia and Tondonia but they aren’t the cheapest).


Have a few of these in reserves for now but may get them soon based on your review!

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Also any idea on the price?

£14 I think, it’s on their website.

I discovered the GC tasting in Haro and yes I agree emphatically it’s fabulous.


Just opened this to accompany fish pie later hopefully it’s youth and sharpness able to deal with the sauce.


Well this is cool.
Really digging this one. Loads of peach, nectarine, cinnamon, nutmeg, then there is a wonderful creamy texture from time on lees. And some more nuttiness on the long finish.
White Burg x Northern Rhône but completely individual if that makes sense.
With sea bass fillets.


First time trying this society fave, loving it with homemade potato and rosemary pizza watching Children in Need with the kids


Might be infanticide, but I wanted something relatively exotic


Bought a case of the 2014, had a bottle couple of weeks ago, my thoughts:-

N: Stone fruit, lemon
T: Grapefruit, lemon, peach, dry finish but tastes way above 13.5%

Decent bottle.


Chicken Kiev tonight but wanted red wine so we’re having Beaujolais.

Lovely pomegranate colour. Hibiscus, sour cherry, cranberry, fresh strawberry, cocoa and raspberry on the nose. Also forest floor. Cherry and soil on the palate plus some truffle. Low tannin. Exactly what was required after a busy week. Going to enjoy this all evening long.

Happy weekend everyone! :grinning: