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Weekend Drinking Thread [13 Oct]



I almost hesitate to post about making plans for lovely bottles … on Friday the 13th, but I’m not superstitious. Just watch out for those ladders as you emerge from your wine cellar :wink:

So, tell us about that special bottle that you are planning to open, or if are heading to somewhere exciting.


I shall be heading to my sister’s house in Kent for a family gathering for her birthday. I may not be bringing a particular bottle … but I am bringing something better!!

(hint, it costs £40 and she will then be able to drink great wines, and I will not be able to speak about gifts in advance here again)


A few things going on this weekend, firstly polishing off this with the evening meal:

Very impressed with it - possibly my favourite Spanish red in the list for under £10 #discovery

Then we have friends over for a slightly Greek-influenced lunch tomorrow, washed down with this:

Random purchase on holiday in Kos last week - could be dreadful. So I have this as backup:

And then I’m off to watch Brighton & Hove Albion v Everton on Sunday lunchtime in one of the boxes. No idea what the wine will be like, but there’s always the brilliant Harvey’s Best Bitter to fall back on!


Tsantali wines are usually good, not tried that specific one. The Julienas is very nice indeed and super value! Looking forward to the Vina Mayor, nice to have ‘everday’ Ribera del Dueros on the WS list to save drinking my few remaining Pesqueras!


I’ll be having this paired with a nice chat… one of the few bottles my wife actually likes.

I know I mentioned dry October before… I mean this is just 7.5% alcohol. I also know it is “intended for long keeping”, good job I have a case in storage, not just this odd bottle at home.


I shall be opening this…

With cheese and meats

And an old vine gewurztraminer from lidl. This will be my first madiran. I think a solid couple of hours decanting.


I have also just cooked some fresh razor clams with peas and chorizo… this now begs for alvarinho


https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=GE11181 This looks fun. I also hear that Chapel Down have made one in Sussex!


Wow, that is intriguing. Have been long planning a weekend trip to Rheingau… mainly for Riesling and Schloss Johannisberfg (and easy access by flight to Frankfurt)… this does look one to try a bottle (and maybe then forget… or cry #discovery) . Right now have to resort to this one


We ended up opening this Beaujolais last night after a journey back from the countryside including dropping off a hire car at Heathrow.

Perfect example Beaujolais and good value for the region. Easy drinking and well received by all.

Plans for this evening are loose but one of the options for dinner is this tiny place on a shop front that does fresh pasta to order and is BYO. Could call for this:


Bejesus that madiran would go through bank vaults! Absolutely blew our heads off (for the better)


Opened a bottle of this on Thursday and finished off this evening with enough lasagne to feed a small army!


It sure looks an interesting bottle. I always imagined Madiran as in your face and not exactly smooth.


One of my most frequent purchases - lovely wine!


I think you could call it a monster, but in a tuxedo


That chianti was lovely… nice weight and texture, with loads of violets on the palate. Not sure about the link above but it still looks to be available on the website for £8.75, and for that price it makes a nice alternative to the Society’s Rufina (which I order quite a lot).


Its worth noting that when I went over to Soalheiro that their wines should really be tasted as a trinity, there is the standard Soalheiro, the Primeiras Vinhas (old vines) and also their Reserva which is fermented in oak barrels - for me I enjoyed the Primeiras Vinhas the most but I do usually have a soft spot for old vines.


I have never tried the Reserva… I think TWS do not list it.


I’ve been at a wedding in Ireland on Friday the 13th ! The wine options at both the hotel AND the wedding were let’s just say EXTREMELY questionable!! Wedding white was an awful Trebbiano :weary::weary:…! Red was a slightly less questionable Sangiovese…! The hotel list was Horrendous :tired_face::sob:…!! Therefore I drank #Gin!
Cannot Understand how they had craft gin and shocking low budget wine …!! … nevermind :joy: