Weekend Drinking Thread [13 Jan 2018]

Hoping to have a nice bottle or two this weekend to help me get through the January weather. Not sure what yet, but will share the best discoveries.

What about you? Anything nice planned?

There’s a great new Travels in Wine write-up by Sebastian Payne MW about Barolo & Barbaresco in case this sparks any ideas (or cravings)

I am going to be trying some of the Faith Pale Ale to see what its like - will report back to what I think of it :slight_smile:

Also bought some Society White Burgundy to see what all the fuss is about as its our top seller:

As well as some Montepulciano which I have heard good things about.


This one is on the cards, this being Burgundy week and all…


We are off to a New World Pinot Noir tasting tonight and looking forward to it. The weekend may also feature:

I have ordered some faith pale ale so interested in what you think.
I had some of the white burgundy at Christmas and it was very nice and I will definitely get more

Faith is a lovely beer @M1tch, and hides its ABV well I might add!
I enjoyed all the Northern Monk beers TWS offered recently in fact, the session IPA in particular was excellent.

[EDIT: I was thinking of Heathen IPA re the ABV! - Still a lovely drop in an event!]


I will be having this old favourite on Sunday
Out tomorrow for some Belgian beers


A bit of ABC tonight (fish dinner)


I picked up a bottle of this to have while catching up on The Crown :crown:


Espresso martini!


Gone for this Turkish number this evening

Lovely light cherry/raspberry fruit with good length and structure from the well balanced acidity. If you’re looking for comparisons I guess like an Italian Burgundy!


I opened this yesterday and it’s better today. Needs quite a bit of air, and probably could have done with another year in the cellar.

It’s good though! Very full bodied, hints of liquorice and spice.


Just trying the faith pale ale, it’s quite a fruity ale, flavours of Pineapple and peach. It’s more of a summer ale for me, I think if I wanted to go with a light beer I might go more towards a lager. I think I will look to go with a slightly more bitter ale or maybe a stout or porter.

Opened this tonight, which was lovely

Sorry it’s OT but I don’t seem to be able to post Wine Society web pages to come up as thumbnails, only as hyperlinks (using an iPhone 5se)- I don’t suppose anybody knows what I might be doing wrong? Thanks! And hope everyone has a jolly weekend.

As long as you’re posting the links on a separate line, with no other text, it should work…


Just finished the exhibition lmari Chardonnay. Very nice.

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Just remembered had a glass or so of this left - brought round by a friend over New Year. Spicy, nutty, slightly burnt caramel. Yum.

@Jonesy … ah good old Russian standard vodka ! There is a thread about wine and memories but this bottle gives me an interesting memory!
I’m not really a vodka drinker, but I lived in Azerbaijan for a while and every Sunday tradition held that the men folk of Baku would come out on the numerous squares and streets . They would sit and drink “vodka” straight ALL day long… they played cards, fell over drunk and went home peacefully … unless they fell in a fountain en route home or down an entrance to a restaurant, usually 5 feet below …! From 12pm that was the ritual . Even in -10! They sat outside small Azeri cafés playing cards , drinking vodka and sitting on white plastic Formica chairs. They were hardy as hell !
I took entensive Russian lessons while I was there, as very few people spoke any English or any other European language apart from Turkish . It was important as, the city and country is hugely corrupt and a knowledge of Russian and being able to stand your own as a western woman was important to avoid a number of different situations!!
When I returned to the Uk & Edinburgh where I had moved back to … I walked into a bar with a friend and saw this bottle for the first time on a shelf ! It was a new “brand” as such at the time and I instantly translated for my friend ! As time goes on I recognise my Russian skills have deteriorated drastically but can still sound out words on Cyrillic text . It’s amazing what reminds you of past experiences and even though I never drink the vodka in Baku, this bottle of “Russian Standard” reminds me of my time spent there …! Happy drinking tonight and thanks for sharing this picture which has made me reminisce :+1::+1:


Recall really enjoying a Meerlust Red a couple of years ago. I think was the 2011, a year I believe no Rubicon was produced, so some of the crop usually heading that way went into the generic red.

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