Weekend Drinking Thread (13-15th January 2023)

Here’s the line up for tonight’s local Fairways Wine Society get together. It’s a fine wine night so a lot of expectation. A Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo vertical.

Great way to start a New Year. No dry January here, sorry!!


You really do have it tough sometimes, don’t you!


It’s been a little while in the planning. Always a worry when providing fine wine to others. What they will think, will the wine show well. We do very few vertical tastings. We’ll see!


Do they end up as ‘horizontal’? :grinning:

Good luck!


My first try of the 2021 Mosel/Saar vintage. I think it’s compulsory to say that such wines are ‘racy’ or ‘steely’. In this case I’d probably go with the former. Plenty of acidity, refreshing and lipsmacking, something of the sweetshop about it (refreshers, sherbet lemons?). Not a complex wine, no long finish, but will go down very nicely.


Decided to open an over hyped wine! Shame I have another 4 available and 3 magnums, what a mistake!

My joint favourite Bin Series wine with the Taz Pinot. This got me into Xinomavro and I’ve not looked back since!


Very refreshing with plenty of acidity, simple and straightforward.


It’s really not that great is it :wink:? Not sure when I can force down my other 4 bottles. Magnums? Eh? Clearly if you don’t like it in bottles, then magnums need to be sold…


Simple bottle of this tonight with a Vietnamese Pork stir fry thingy from Simply Cook.

Uncomplicated, pear and lemon on the nose, quite light in alcohol so good for a ‘damp’ January. Quite an acidic backbone to it, so not overwhelmed by the food. It’s not fine wine, but it’s very drinkable.


I made some salads tonight to go with this.

This wine has an interesting story behind it.


First had this on holiday in Italy when it was a real wow of a wine. Remember it as very aromatic and full of flavour- not quite there tonight, hopefully because it is too cold rather than vintage (have another 5 bottles, and as it stands it is perfectly nice but a bit bland - hoped for more).

Roero Arneis 2019, Bruno Giacosa

Lovely viscous / oily texture, hint of honeysuckle- hopefully it blooms!


Wow, bit of a mixture out there this evening, but your tasting looks amazing, @AnaGramWords - can’t wait to hear how they were.

I cooked some cod marinated in miso butter, served with buttered leeks, a mushroom and black garlic sauce, morels, and garlic flatbreads. We drank Domaine Muré Pinot Gris, Côte de Rouffach, 2018.

I chose a pinot gris because I was looking for something with enough oomph to work with the sauce. It did the job, but next time I think I’ll go for a light red - maybe a Beaujolais, or perhaps a Mencia. A lovely wine, but the vintage is all about the fruit, rather than the smoke, nuts and grip that pinot gris can give, which would have countered the full-on dried cep and black garlic flavours. Mandarins, white stone fruit, and certainly some spice and pepper on the end, but it came into its own when we’d finished the food, and the acidic balance shone through.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Having thoroughly enjoyed the TWS Bin Series Godello yesterday I thought I’d treat myself to something vaguely similar with the same meal tonight ( steamed cod loin on a bed of butter beans and chorizo )…

…a Bierzo ‘la del Vivo’ 2018 from Raul Perez. Mostly Godello with a small percentage of Dona Blanca, 80% fermented in large French oak, 20% on skins and yeast in a single amphora.

Straw yellow in the glass. Meadow flowers, peaches, spice and a subtle toasty note on the nose. Ripe stone fruit, citrus, a candied pineapple quality, subtle spices and creamy Greek yogurt flavours on the fresh and textured palate. The oak input is seamlessly integrated but would be missed if it wasn’t there and the fruit / acid balance is superb from the attack through to the lengthy finish

Has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality to it that’s hard to pin-down but if it was a stick of rock it would have classy stamped throughout it.

All the best for the weekend, here’s hoping you have a good one.


Bodegas Ortañón Akemi Viura 2017, Rioja

It’s intended to pair with sushi, and paired well with some delivery sashimi and sushi. Tropical notes, some grapefruit citrus, understated but definite oak influence. Have had it before, enjoyed it more this time (not just because it was my first drink since Sunday…).

Might have a small Balvenie Portwood later, gradually finishing off a bottle (whisky is a very occasional thing for me).


I’m learning Japanese but I haven’t quite mastered the thousands of Kanji characters just yet… ワインは美味しいですか?


Corte Giara Amarone La Groletta 2019… First Amarone for a very long time that it may as well be the first time; so I’ve no idea what to expect! Quite surprised at its garnetness despite it being only 3 years old. There’s new oak- coconut, toasted chestnuts and coffee, smokey, a bit floral, black fruit, a bit stewed, spice, spearmint. That richness comes through on tasting, fair bit of tannin, good acidity. Reminds me of Christmas, conversations by the fire. Finish hangs around a while. I like how the oak works here; dominates a little but I wonder how it’ll integrate in time.

And the cork… looks like a generic Diam?


I’m on my first of a case of these tonight - a 2017 Tokaji Mad Betsek Grand Cru Furmint.

And very good it is too - still quite lean, slightly smoky, but some subtle fruit too [quince, ginger & dried apricot]; nice & minerally too. Good texture to it.

Definitely a wine you need to concentrate on I think, rather than quaff down over a chat. I like that. But I shall leave the remaining bottles to slumber a wee while longer yet methinks, as there’s more to come from this beauty.


You seem to be doing quite well, at least on the important (wine) stuff. This 外人 never went beyond learning a few essential station and airport characters.

I’m no white Rioja expert, but it’s pretty good, a collaboration between Ortañón and Michelin-starred chef Félix Jiménez, for his restaurant.


Roero Arneis certainly opened up, but not everything I anticipated.

Anyway, on to this beauty- Domaine Cauhape Symphonie de November 2017. Very dense and grapey, gold in the glass, caramelised pineapple / honey…. not overly sweet. Delicious.


Opened a bottle of this last week. Really enjoyed the first couple of glasses. Upfront, racy wine and not one for serious contemplation.