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Weekend drinking thread [13-15 Sept 2019]


This was a clean and fresh simple rose. Bougrier seem to make great inexpensive wines. Personally prefer the fruitier and sweeter Rosé D’Anjou, but this is good vfm.

Glass of M&S Justino’s 10y/o Malmsey picked up for a fiver. Great bargain obviously, I’d normally choose Bual or Sercial, but no complaints! :wink:


After a substantially larger than usual family lunch I’m just settling down to a camembert sandwich, washed down with a couple of glasses of white Vieille Ferme 2017. I’ve said it before, this is not an extraordinary wine but it’s very fresh, slightly greenish, exceptional value, and always good to drink. When you don’t want to push the boat out but just want a nice glass of wine, you could do a lot worse.


I’m a bit late to this but it isn’t every weekend I am in Florence trying a glass of the '15 Sassicaia. Well, actually it was half a glass. For those of you feeling jealous I can report that it was no better than alright, but I am no judge of young wine. I thought it had everything in place but rather like the wings of an ostrich, allowing it to run rather than soar.

Had some beautiful Brunellos though…


Cheapskate weekend, £6.99 Aldi Fleurie and Theakston’s Black Sheep Brown Ale…
With steak and spud pie, thick onion gravy…fried chicken breast with coarse chopped Cumberland sausage, smoked paprika, butter steamed mangetout and french beans…
Fleurie with the chicken !!! ! [20190914_144327_001|375x500]


Yesterday we drank this with steak and homemade oven chips

I had dug out a decent claret in the morning but after an exhausting day cycling to the Romsey Show, four hours at the show in the baking hot sun, then the cycle back I knew we were not going to appreciate fine wine.

So we necked down a G&T, finished off the VV from the online tasting with some smoked salmon then had a glass each of the Malbec. Nothing exceptional but just the job with a steak.

I seriously pitied the blacksmiths in the heat and was very impressed with the big horses all brassed up with added Pom poms.


After a longish ride in the sun I didn’t feel like spending too much time on my feet in the kitchen and eventually decided to have a selection of easy to prep and cook snacks yesterday.

First up. Red shrimp and chorizo with chilli, spring onions and honey …

…with a Nierstein Oelberg Riesling Trocken 2015. At 14% ABV I was a bit concerned about balance but needn’t have been, it was a lovely drop and held its alcohol lightly. Unfortunately the pic doesn’t do justice to its beautiful green gold colour.

Citrus, mostly lime and its zest, minerals, and a developing note of kerosene on the nose, nothing too overt thankfully. Powerful and nuanced flavours of lime, nectarine, earthy spice and minerals beautifully balanced by fresh acidity on tasting. Length and depth of flavour were very good as was its refreshing and complex finish. The TWS drinking window advises it will last until 2035, but for my personal tastes, I caught this just about right.

Looking forward to reading more tomorrow. Have a lovely day everyone.


No wine in the world is quite as overrated as a super Tuscan !


Having sweet potato and tamarind curry with this:

Nice fruit salad of a wine. Good match I think…


This tonight

Sold at a discount in a wine merchant in Oundle. Ages since I have had a Chapoutier wine. Nice and fresh, easy to drink but with enough going on to make it good value at just under a tenner.


Roast chicken this evening.

Slightly gentler than expected. Lovely wine, has some richness without fatness, pear aromas. Maybe not the best food match.


After our usual “dry” midweek we opened two bottles on Friday night:-

While the Coudoulet was by far the better wine (complexity, length etc) the WS CD-R is very enjoyable. Above all what was very clear is that many 16 southern Rhône wines will be great drinking from very early on. While the 15 Coudoulet (for me) still needs time the 16 is already very, very drinkable.

Last night we switched to Greece.

Reviews on the website aren’t flattering but I really like this wine. Stylistically it always reminds me of the Mascarello Dolcetto. Quite high acidity but terrific cherry fruit. Perfectly suited to match a pork loin with honey and garlic sauce. Now just two bottles left of a case of 6. I hope this experiment will be repeated!


From a recent edition of the Waitrose food mag, the photo looked good so I thought I’d give it a go. Marinated tofu. pickled carrot, pak choi and rice noodles…

…and to be honest, the delicious Hungarian white ( Badacsony Keknyelu 2017, Sabar ) paired with it was the star of the show. I’m sure I’ve commented on it before but it’s light and refreshing with lovely pure orchard fruit flavours and surprising depth of flavour. It reminds me of wines from the Alto Adige, 'nuff said.

Unfortunately the food lacked the easy fats and calories my body craves and is so accustomed to that I found it all a bit of a struggle.


One of the last of the bottles left to us by my Dad:

12 years old, and tastes like 12 months - still great fruit purity and length. We’d been out for a ride, so didn’t really fancy anything heavy or too alcoholic with the meal, so this fitted very nicely before and after the food, and the 7.5% was just the ticket too.


Your dad was clearly a man of impeccable taste.


We enjoyed this magnum en famille with lunch today. It was bought at the chateau which is one of the top Graves properties. Its colour was as bright as the day it was made and, perfectly balanced, has many years of life. I will leave its brother magnum for another few years (if I’m spared).


I agree that 2005 Graves have a long life ahead of them!


Sorting through his cellar was an object lesson in good wine - Burgundy, Barolo, Mosel (obviously), others… And then, a bottle of Blossom Hill Rosé. I can only assume he was given it, and didn’t know quite what to do with it.


A wine from Salta this evening. El Esteco is from the Penaflor stable. A Cabernet Franc made with grapes grown at 1700m. We had it with a hard Argentine cheese and a goats cheese from Uruguay although I think stew would have been better.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Opaque centre, purple red rim. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Black fruit, green pepper, restrained vanilla. Hints of chocolate. Clean palate. Full, viscous. Dry. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Very ripe plums, chocolate, and tar. Medium finish. High alcohol at 14.7% but balanced by the fruit and tannins. Food wine - roast dinner, venison stew.


Started the weekend with this, 2011 vintage. Bone dry, great length and just starting to develop some richness. Still got plenty of life, but I have no more :frowning:

Continued on with this 2014 Valpolicella, which was absolutely delicious. Pale in colour, almost pinot noir-like. Crisp cherry on the palate backed up with typical acidity making a versatile food wine (and I managed half a glass without food). Both this and the Riesling purchased from the Winery in Maida Vale.

Finally opened a bottle of this NZ Chardonnay (was in my final case from Naked Wines), which I was a little under-whelmed by. Had none of the complexity or depth I’ve enjoyed with other NZ Chardonnays in the same price bracket. Some fruit, some acidity, some richness, but wouldn’t buy again.


Wines over the weekend (Monday holiday for us in Edinburgh and the Lothians)

The Plácet would benefit from more bottle age and was enjoyed over 3 days and stood up well. Lots of fresh mineral quality with a kiss of oak. The Titolo is now past it’s peak for me. Was better 3-4 years ago, some sweet fruit left but a bit too dried. Great wine at its best from a small quality conscious producer. Would like to explore more Aglianico from Basilicata. Glad I bought a case of 2013 halves of the Burlotto as it is very tempting right now. Still some grip as is to be expected but lots to enjoy here.