Weekend drinking thread [13-15 March 2020]

I opened this bottle for a generous decanting. Very nice red/purple colour, on the nose just after opening still closed. It is quite early in its drinking window, curious to see how it fares.


I have a bottle arriving on Tuesday as part of a mixed Southern French case. Interested to hear your thoughts.

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This month’s celebration: my wife’s 40th (tomorrow).

Considering opening this for dinner:



Some salmon tonight with a 2016 Lirac Blanc that I know gets a lot of love on this community


The Liberator The Francophile Chenin Blanc | Vivino.

Drinking this, which was available briefly from TWS before disappearing rapidly. Actually made by de Morgenzon. Aromas of apple and cider with flavours of apples, pears, peaches and flowers. Dry with a sort of lingering soft acidity. Easy and pleasant.


Bought a few of these following the Taste the New List’ tasting last month and decided to open one tonight.

Just as lush as I remember (20 samples in!). Pure, sweet fruit (not sweet wine) coming through very strongly in the nose and palate - cassis for me. Very fine tannins and bright acidity keeping this very drinkable, all the way through supper and beyond :yum:



Simple daal tonight with this delightful dry Mosel. Really exceeds expectations for £12, featherlight, saline and bracing!


Well, its been a thoroughly depressing and scary week so tonight I seek escape through wine and music.

Happily tucking into a glass of this which is pretty full on and will be drunk and enjoyed over two days.

Rugby shaped hole in tomorrow so what was going to be largely a beer day will now be mostly a wine day. Every cloud…


With everything that’s going on, time to seize the day and eat and drink well. I cooked a hot fruits de mer, and opened a bottle of Kientzler Geisberg Grand Cru riesling, 2013.

Proper, grown up riesling - bone dry, intense fruit and minerality, somehow mouth-filling yet lean and pared back at the same time, and great length. For me, about as good as the grape gets. And I’ve drunk lots of rieslings…


After a busy day with house DIY (well only basic prep for the real pros!) and then erecting post and wire support system for the new fruit tree ‘cordon’ at my allotment, I was well up for proper food and drink tonight…

…butcher’s steak pie, tatties, cabbage and neeps (last of the allotment stocks of these) with a bottle of old faithful Guigal CdR 2016 for me (not all of it!) and some Tahbilk Viognier for Mrs C. Didn’t realise how hungry I was until I finished. We will finish the Viognier with gratin of haddock tomorrow night. and the CdR will be finished on Sunday with something to be determined.



Took a night in the eto to really open up but a nice, dark fruited mini CNDP style CdR with that 2016 freshness and drinkability. Might improve yet, which is good as I have another 10!


After 4 hours decanting, still not much going on on the nose. On the palate plum, black berries fruit, tannins, nice length. Same on the second day after opening. Drinks OK now, but I think it will surely improve with more balanced tannins over time. I might get a few more bottles, but would keep them 2-3 years before trying again.


I will squirrel away for a good while then. Thanks for your input.

Prepping for isolation in Argentina.


Finishing the Cinderella Reds from the online tasting this weekend. Last night we finished the Mondeuse with some filled pasta with oil and Parmesan. Smooth but uninteresting. Tonight we will finish the Cote Roannaise Gammay with a chicken, chorizo and red pepper bake. Not sure it is the right wine for the meal but our commitment to cutting down on alcohol prohibits opening another red!


Last night we had Salmon Teriyaki and as Victoria Moore (The Wine Dine Dictionary) recommended a new world pinot noir we opened some IWS Exhibition Central Otago Pinot Noir 2017 from Prophet’s Rock. It proved to be an excellent match though Madam drank Tio Pepé, another VM recommendation


The other half has just rejected - rejected - a glass of this…

…in favour of this:

I’m struggling to deal with this unfortunate development in our relationship. We need to find a way back from this…somehow.


That’s a bit serious @herbster. You don’t seem to have much luck with your nearest and dearest and their wine choices… The positive is that there’s more for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I’m with @VinoVeritas on this. My other half doesn’t get on with Nebbiolo either but that means I have to drink the whole bottle