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Weekend drinking thread (12th to 14th March 2021)

Tonight we’re having this sparctic trout, a cross between an American brook trout and an Arctic char. Stunning colours.

This week in particular it seemed appropriate to have this with it.


OK here we go for a fizzy Friday night…
Chartogne Taillet cuvée St. Anne. Always a TWS sell out.
Mostly 2017 and blend of the usual suspects.
Owner says vineyards are horse ploughed with no herbicides. Disgorge 5gm/l bottled Jan 2018.
Lovely mousse, pale lemon, elegant, richly aromatic. Goes very well with duck liver pâté.
Great start to the weekend.


Hi @Andrew1990, there was already a weekend thread going, so I merged the two - hope that’s OK :slight_smile:


Spicy King prawn Bucatini in the works as I type alongside this one. Must say its still decanting but with the out of bottle first taste of this and what I can only call an intense explosion of fruit & aroma I have immediately gone and added the 2018 vintage to my reserves. There goes my no more buying wine for March promise!!! A beautiful Grenache but it is complex and full of almost citrus but with a gentle touch… a great explosion one the nose… ! Yum!


Oops sorry folks I missed that.

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Keeping things simple this weekend, with Society’s own labels … Sicilian for pizza night and Zinfandel with burgers and all the bbq trimmings tomorrow


Quite a bit of oak upfront. Let’s see if it mellows with air.


That vintage is a beauty but really needs another 5-10 years :roll_eyes:!


Glass of M & S Fino to start the weekend, followed by finishing off a TWS favourite with some posh mac’n’cheese with added chorizo bits. We think this red’s going on the weekday drinking list for sure. Very easy going and drinkable. Happy weekend everyone :grinning: :wine_glass:


Happy drinking! Love that red. Another pizza night favourite of ours, which helped us get out of a bit of a supermarket Malbec rut. Cheers

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Starting the weekend at long last.

The white was in my mystery box and the red is a delicious Fitou that I’m looking forward to later.

Happy weekend everyone!


This is slipping down like a wet otter and I think it’s just as well. I’m cooking fajitas for dinner and I think it would get lost in all that spice later on.
Dark cherry fruit, sweet spices and what I can only pin down as Haribo cola bottles. Happily in the drinking window but with more potential.
Happy Saturday everyone.

Edit: It is Friday :dizzy_face:


I am minded to agree - have a suspicion the portion that goes in the eto for a day will be better. If drinking now I think it just needs a good decant.


The colour of that Burgundy is stunning! Hope it’s as good as it looks :+1:


My final bottle of 7 of this. One was corked but all in all, it’s been a good ride.

Very interested that you decanted it. Each to his own but may I ask you why you decanted it?

Antech 2017 first up, fantastic stuff - really delightful nose and well balanced, will certainly be getting more.

Now onto the bin 008 manseng noir which I must admit I’m finding quite… ordinary? Nice and surprisingly rich rich nose but the palate is very flat. The nose actually reminds me of a durif but none of the punch in the mouth.


Opened another of these…

great stuff, wish I’d got some more in this year’s Rhone EP.


a well known favourite here…lots of red fruit and that Mediterraneany herby stuff


Tonight: Mouton Cadet, year unimportant, tenner from Morrisons. Funny thing but I’m sure it used to cost around £16 a few years back, and was worth the extra cash.

To my recollection it used to be THE great standby for drinkable claret - always delivered, never that complicated. BUT it was consistently acceptable at a time when Claret varied hugely in quality (and was often awful).

This bottle is … nice… OK even. None of the cassis / blackcurrant of yesteryear. Moral of this story, never revisit your youth.