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Weekend Drinking Thread [12th-14th October 2018]


So here we are at the weekend already. Thank goodness. This evening I’m popping across the road to see some neighbours, drink some wine and let the kids run feral :grin:.

I’m bringing a bottle of this from a recent #twstaste because I really like it:

And for them, for putting up with my kids I’ll bring a bottle of this blend from Portugal:

What are everyone’s drinking plans this weekend??


I’m doing best man duties (and being general wine donkey) at my best friend’s wedding in Landan this weekend. After a rather boozy pre-wedding tasting at my house a few months ago we decided on:

And 6 bottles of the Exhibition Chilean Chardonnay for the top table as it’s just blaaddy lavely. And i’ll have a hip flask of the 16 Y/O blended scotch as what best man doesn’t provide the groom with a little liquid courage…

Now to write my speech…


Sounds like a great weekend ahead with some lovely wine choices - hope it all goes well!!


I am being taken to watch a gig in leeds tonight. I am being treated to some sort of food first too so we shall be enjoying this…

Followed by northern monk beer after :slight_smile:


Good to see a #TWStaste wine work its way into your weekend! :+1:

Got friends staying for the weekend - will make my show room selection tonight!


We are hosting a wine and food appreciation dinner. We are cooking the meal, and @tfpywfpy and @Pipe49 are bringing the bottles. So wine surprise for me and MrJayKay!


I’ve just taken delivery of a case of this, so will be opening the first bottle tonight:

And tomorrow night I will be opening this, which I’m really looking forward to, given all the positive reviews here in the Community:


We are going round to friends in Bath later, they are currently doing the ‘stoptober’ thing :neutral_face:


A long and slow roast pork and southern states accompaniments this weekend. A couple of bottles at opposite ends of their windows should be interesting.

Weekday drinking (8-11 October 2018)

Hope you don’t mind, @DrEm - but I moved your post to the weekend thread - so that it doesn’t get lost in the weekday one… :wink:


Off to a friend’s this evening, over near the South Downs, before we car-share it to London tomorrow morning for a school reunion knees-up.

I can’t decide whether to take this…


…or this:

I’d take both, but he needs to drive in the morning…!


Ah! greeting from Brighton! :wave:

Tough choice… but you are Mr Lebanon! :lebanon: :wink:

Have a fun reunion!


You know the one you want to have, don’t you, question is, do you want to share… :confused:
@Inbar, very happy for you to have moved me to the weekend… it’s been a long week.


Tell me about it… :crazy_face:


!آه أكيد

But then…

Yeah. Deep down it’s the Rosine … plus it’s easier to replace than the Lebanese one.

Maybe I’ll take both, “just in case one is corked or something…” :wine_glass::wine_glass:


Think we are having this tonight:


We’re entertaining friends this evening; not sure quite how ‘entertaining’ it’ll be, as one of them is ill but they’re insisting on coming. Ah well!

Planning to start with a smoked duck and figs salad, and smoked salmon blinis- will open some sort of sparkling wine, though haven’t decided yet which.

For mains, I made a beef tagine, and planning to open this Malbec blend, as they are big Malbec fans:


It’s one of Michel Rolland’s projects in Argentina, so bound to big, bold and something else starting with a b. Beautiful, if we’re lucky.

Happy weekend, all! :fallen_leaf::clinking_glasses:


Have had a dry October so far, but I’m going out for a beer or two for a friends birthday after dinner. My partner Katie is making something hot and Thai, so I’m spoiling us with something nice that copes with chilli heat.

Probably this, as a reward for 2 weeks abstinence and more time in the pool and gym:


The Riesling sounds great! :+1::+1:
One crazy label, too! :grinning:


… and my showroom selection for our weekend with good friends is: