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Weekend Drinking Thread [12-14 June 2020]

A sherry weekend for us

The Manzanilla had an intense bruised apple, almond, yeasty aroma and felt quite oily on the palate. Bone dry, perfect with a few olives

I’m a bit cross regarding the Oloroso :angry: :angry:- why has no-one ever told me to try it before? It was amazing. I hear people talk about Sherries being under-valued for the wine that they are - and this must be a perfect example. It really should be provided as a coming of age induction. “Passed your A-levels - here try an Oloroso.”

My notes recall an intense aroma of Demerara sugar, dried dark fruits - figs, orange peel & walnut. With all that flavour I expected a sticky sugary high alcohol mess. Instead I was met with a dry (medium) fresh, well balanced mouthful with a finish that went on for ages. All that for just £13.

If you have passed your A -levels and haven’t tried it, here’s the link:

Would love to hear others reflections on Sherry and what I should try next. On recommendation from here I already have this in the basket:

Enjoy the weekend!


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MrsB is going out for a bike ride with some cronies (not crones, @JamesE), but she has a bottle of wine in her backpack and will not be back for some time. As such, I have bath and bedtime duties for larger and smaller child. This requires fortification.


This weekend’s line up

Inspired by the cocktail thread I also think a Home on the Range will feature along with a glass or so of some lovely WS Sherry.

Happy weekend everybody.


Absolutely pristine bottle of Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2007. Every time it’s this good I regret deciding, based on a couple of premoxed earlier vintages, not to buy later vintages. I love Clos Floridene but it doesn’t match this. Not easy to describe but seamless flavours of oak spice and ripe citrus and a long complex finish. I’m not a big oak or Sauvignon Blanc fan but this is the exception.


Greetings, recently delivered wines, and welcome to your new home. For some of you, I’m afraid it’ll be quite a brief stay.


Drinking this tonight from a past EP offer. Probably needs more time to open up but very nice and couldn’t wait any longer!


On this tonight and loving it right from the off! First ever Sylvaner we have tried, paired with a prawn curry and polenta (random I know). Came on line immediately to nab some more and of course it is now sold out :cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Fortunately we will have a great time now seeking out other Sylvaners. Always an upside!



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Looks like a Negroni


Rather young but good to see how it’s fairing.


Oooh, I’ve got that 1OTW Riesling in my basket. If it’s as short-lived as you suggest, do let us know your thoughts.

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Got my first delivery today, and choosing what to have first is proving quite difficult.
Particularly excited about these…


There is no wrong answer here.


With pleasure. If the sun arrives next weekend, I’ll crack one open.


On day 2 of the Winemaker’s Lot 2003 Merlot and of course I do think it’s better today. Fuller and more rounded flavour. Also had a decent chance to settle so it’s much clearer.

But I’ve already noticed that merlot is making a rapid comeback!


Having opened a shiny case of lovelies, I realised that I was in the mood for some chianti classico. This happens quite often. The result is that a bottle of this has been opened.

It’s absolutely hitting the spot. Cherries, cranberries and a tiny bit of mint. Juicy and fresh. Just gorgeous, and further evidence that 2016 was a wonderful year for Tuscany. Makes you want to eat tasty things and share it all with friends.

This is bottle 3 out of 12 but I now wish I’d popped a second case into reserves. There is no way you could tire of drinking this.


Did your wife actually say “I am just going outside and may be some time.”? Are you sure it’s a bike ride and not a socially distanced outdoor party?

I can understand your need for liquid courage.