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Weekend drinking thread: 11th to 13th Nov 2022

And welcome to the weekend !

Autumn has descended upon Yorkshire with a vengeance: its cold, windy and not the kind of weather that tempts any outdoor activity. So fortuitously I have a bottle of Chateau 9 at the ready. But more of that later.

My invite for TWS posh Bordeaux tasting has arrived - and its a treat. Six wines I would never be able to afford, so perhaps here is a chance to understand ‘what it’s all about’

The wines will be tasted in the following order -

Château Petit-Village, Pomerol 2007
Château Palmer, Margaux 2007
Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac 2008
Château Beychevelle, Saint Julien, 2009
Annonce de Bélair-Monange, Grand Cru St Emilion 2015
Château Bélair-Monange. Premier Grand Cru Classé, St Emilion 2015

Which is interesting, I would have expected the opposite order? so a lesson learned already.

Back to tonight; Domaine Durieu Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2018. From Majestics ‘mystery fine wine’ case, I paid £12, it sells for £22. With my favourite guilty supper: flash fried chicken livers on a green salad (nobody else in the house will touch it)

The wine is a bit ‘meh’ - nothing special - smooth and unchallenging. So about right for a Friday night. The chicken livers are outstanding, I trim and dry marinade them with thyme, smoked paprika, salt, pepper - then coat with a mix of flour and cous-cous. When fried this crisps up to be wonderfully crunchy exterior / soft interior.


Have you tried chicken hearts …??

Actually yes in Singapore, chicken hearts skewered and teriyakied (is that a word?) in a Japanese restaurant - they were very good. I’ve also had duck gizzards & hearts in Limousine - the place not the car - which I can thoroughly recommend. Where have you had chicken heats?


BBQ at brother in laws house …. Bet you’ve had andoulette too eugghhh

Your B.I.L clearly knows his chicken!

I’ve had the AAAAAA version which is a fat HEAVILY smoked sausage thing with concentric rings inside… it’s kinda strong tasting but works with Breton galettes (savoury pancakes). I imagine it will kill or cure a hangover.

I’ve not had the version made with bits of pig unmentionable in polite company. Or maybe I have? The French have this thing where they use the same word for different things.


Could be in the sherry thread - made by Zuleta from PX, 6m under flor. But no solera so a table wine. Big nose, big flavour - needs food. From Spanish Wines Direct.


Day two of M&S Langhe Nebbiolo. Still an appealing cherry aroma and finally a bit of fruit too - slightly acidic raspberry. And perhaps a bit less tannic dryness. As before, I wouldn’t consider this wine offensive in any way, in fact it’s easy enough to drink, but I wouldn’t bother buying it again.


One to look out for in the 2021 EP offer. Slightly bitter apricots, dry, rounded and fresh. I think my last of 6, and probably the best.


That is very deep under Flor… :rofl:


This newly stocked Kadarka here tonight. Attractive ripe stalkiness, slight bitter edge (cherry pith), light, but not lightweight. This is the style I like my Kadarka best. I know it will not some people’s cup of tea. Glad I bought a case.

Notice the embossed bottle. Reserved for the best Kadarka, Kékfrankos and Bikaver of the region.


He’s spent a fair amount of time in France…. I need to go for a few weeks

Haha, I have - not once, but twice - unfathomably. And I can’t say I can recommend it… I suspect like many a foodstuff of old, it’s an acquired taste shall we say.


Trying the Tio Pepe Fino ‘En Rama’ for the first time tonight. And taking counsel from the Sherry thread I picked some accompaniments from the local Portuguese deli.

I’m not sure I have much to add to previous descriptions on this, other than that to my taste the freshness is enticing, and that’s a great hit for the money. And it’s really good with the fat anchovies…


Contemplating the Yalumba Signature 2018 “First Release” and had remembered I had a couple of bottles of the 2012 stashed so thought a little homework was in order!

Opened and decanted now for 3 hours. Great promise of dark berries probably damsens, ripe blackberries. A whiff of eucalyptus too. To taste, this wine is definitely at a good age to drink but make no mistake, it is a big wine augmented by American oak which delivers a lick of sweetness which is not entirely to my taste. It does have great structure which carries the wine’s weight well.

Still on the fence regarding the 2018 but veering towards the Brunello EP to spend my hard earned this month.


I’ve opened a bottle of this for ce soir - a 2011 Domaine Mochel Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergbieten, Cuvée Henriette. Quite a mouthful.

And quite a mouthful as a wine too - good texture, nicely dense, still quite “fresh”, and an interesting fusion of green fruit and aromatic green herbs and slight stoney-smoke with a dash of the old petroleum and a hint of sunny spring flowers. Not bad at all and slipping down all too easily :~}


This is in quite a good spot now. Not a fan of their standard CdR. I way prefer Lirac by Chateau Redon or Condoulet de Beaucastel for entry level Rhone (not sure if that’s a completely fair comparison price wise). Just checked, sorry completely not fair comparison price wise! Buying EP has that effect. Free wine! Etc.

There is still good primary fruit but a lot of good extra development coming in now. Great interesting nose. Absolutely baffling why majestic was offloading this at £10. Really enjoying it.

Have a great weekend all. This working week has felt a long one!


One of my favourites. Such a shame their wines are not stocked by TWS any more.


It’s a beauty, isn’t it! Just getting better & better the longer it’s open. A bit more sweeter fruit starting to come through as we speak and taken on more weight too. I had decanted it for an hour too before tucking in, so you could imagine this one going on for many moons yet I suspect. I bought just the two of them when they appeared on the list at their - in my opinion - bargain price, and this, sadly, is the second of those two.

An excellent accompaniment to my imminent enjoyment of potted highlights of yesterday’s excellent cricket, and I’m not confident this one’s going to, um, last the evening.


Nice to see a few Rhône wines, this evening. I went Northern with the Society’s Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage 2020. Big and powerful dry finish. Add a little salty shallot, white wine and chestnut mushroom reduction and duck breast, then the match is perfect. Always pleased with the wines from Nicolas Jaboulet and Les Alexandrins. :yum:



My last night in Buenos Aires and tonight I’m on this…

I really love my New World Chardonnay, particularly of the reductive, struck match variety, especially the slightly more rounded version you get from someone like Crystallum (I’d be all into the new vintage if this trip wasn’t eating into 2024’s wine budget: Crystallum 'The Agnes' Chardonnay, Western Cape 2021).

This particular wine - Autóctono, from Bodegas Vistalba - is aged for 12 months in oak and a further 6 months in bottle (I suspect on the lees) and while you definitely get more oak to this than the Chrystallum, it remains delicate and retains a fresh acidity and reductive quality, which shows the altitude (1400m) of the site well. An absolutely delightful finish to my time in Buenos Aires. Now time for Mendoza where I’m sure only moderate quantities of wine will be drunk…:roll_eyes: