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Weekend drinking thread [11th May 2018]

Early, I know, but one has to be prepared when it’s Eurovision! As I have Bulgaria in the office sweep, these are likely to be on the cards:

Both are very good. @martin_brown and I visited Borovitza on a trip to Bulgaria - you can read about our visit here.
Later that same week we met Militza Zikatanova of Villa Melnik, so we have a soft spot for these two wines.


I am looking to enjoy two wines over the weekend. One I really want to love (but not as much to be very sad it is all gone now), from the current fine wine list, is the Riesling from Poderi Colla. The other one a Chinon that I got from Lay & Wheeler. Today, no wine, but very likely a winter warmer beer from TWS mixed case will make an appearance (or rather a disappearance)…


I rarely plan my weekend bottles far enough in advance to know what I should post on a Friday, never mind a weekend thread that starts on Wednesday!

However, having bought a cheeky bottle of this today, I suspect it might find itself being baptised this weekend (assuming the weather holds)


I’ve had a couple of these in my wine rack for a year or so now and thought it about time to see how it’s coming along:

Sebastian’s note says: ‘The sort of vintage which will be delightful early; middle aged and mature.’ So I guess this is middle aged…


Snap @szaki1974 I’ve got the same Riesling lined up for Sunday! It will be nice to compare notes. I’m sure I also almost bought a different vintage of that Chinon so I’m curious to know how you find it.

@Paul_Trelford I’m working my way through a 6 pack of the 2010 Fontodi and I’m still finding it young, so also quite curious about your wine!

I have had two from a six-pack of the 2009 Fontodi; I didn’t decant the first but did the second and I felt it helped - softened the wine slightly perhaps, and brought the fruit out more. (Although it might just as easily have been the food matching, or even my imagination…). I can’t see decanting doing any harm to a 2012, and it may well help.



Our weekend started today, so I thought I’d kick it off with something exciting, something I’ve been looking forward to since it arrived last month:

Aw crap. The nose was all dead and fusty, like last week’s laundry didn’t get a chance to dry properly. What an extraordinary bummer. Luckily, I had another bottle … but … the same. Like rolling a pair of double-ones. I held back the tears, logged in and reported the fault.

Determined to open something a bit left-field, I went for my penultimate bottle of this:

No fault this time, hurrah, except the other half didn’t like it; she thought it was too ‘cheesy’. I see where she’s coming from - there’s a definite bit of cheddar on the nose - but nothing intrusive in my opinion and I’m really enjoying it.

So anyway, there’s no point ploughing through a glass of something that just isn’t your bag, so I opened this for her:

…which is going down a treat.

Wasn’t expecting to open four bottles today :open_mouth:


And to think we were starting to get worried about who would drink all the wine being purchased :rofl:


Aargh!! No!! It’s such a stellar wine - sounds like cork taint has struck twice :sob:


Gutted. I kept returning to the glasses for a hopeful sniff, on the offchance that I’d imagined the whole thing, but no, they’re duffers. One more intensely so than the other, but definitely both of them.

Think I jinxed myself last month with this post:

Hope this doesn’t put anyone off buying it though - by all accounts it’s fabulous.


Had a glass of this tonight.

A nice pleasant drop for the summer.
The expected tropical fruit, melon but nicely supported acidity. A good example of Aussie chard for the price. Brings back memories of the past minus the oak!


The bottle I had had a distinct savoury/black olive aroma on opening, but nothing like you describe - to get two like that is really unlucky!

I hope you stick with it and get a good bottle, it is fabulous (sorry, I know you didn’t need to be reminded :cry: )

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Went out to a veggie Indian restaurant for my daughter’s birthday. Fab place to eat, but dire wine list (and three wines don’t constitute a list), so just stuck with a simple rosé. Tomorrow is a dry one, and Saturday I’m out with the ladies , so who knows what this means wine-wise.
So the real excitement and anticipation is reserved for Sunday… A dry Furmint I’ve been looking forward to trying:

Will plan some nice food to go along with it… :grinning:


Planet India, by any chance?

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Ha ha! Indeed! :grin::+1::+1:
My husband thinks you’ve got incredible powers of observation, but I guess Brighton is a small place, really :wink:

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Ha ha! It could only be Planet India really - as you say, the food is great but it’s really terrible for wine. Fortunately their beer list is pretty good!

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Yep! :grinning: Even my real ale purist of a husband likes their beers! He really enjoyed the Joker IPA this evening :beers:

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BBR at London Bridge! Unnervingly tempting! :wink:


Whoop happy Friday y’all!

I am also enjoying the Eurovision festivities! One of my friends has been broken into this week so she is popping round for a good cheer up with our gang and i’m opening a rather random selection…

Who doesn’t feel better after bubbly…?

Then this…not the most ‘party’ wine but i’m intrigued

then this…

We may add a few Northern monk beers in there too.

Can’t wait to see what you’re all drinking!


Mouth is watering reading these. An Argentine friend is in the country this weekend, so I’ve resolved to cure any homesickness, quite selflessly I assure you, with a bottle of this (also recommended for Crystal Palace fans):