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Weekend drinking thread [11th -13th Sept 2020]

A treat for Saturday.

 Right in it's drinking window, tannin, alcohol and acidity all integrated.
Watery rim, slightly fading colour

Fruit, then a wander through the woods, then a longish finish with a hint of sweetness.

This is a good wine but here's the kicker.  It reminds me of the Catherine Marshall pinot that was half the price. 

Day 2 mellowed further, mild tang of iron on the finish.  Very comfortable drinking for languid contemplation.


Another bottle of Trapiche’s El Milagro Malbec 2013 from Altamira in the Uco tonight. This is from their Terrior series. Big, powerful wine.

Opaque centre. Youthful rim despite its age - purple. Restrained nose. Red plum. Blackberry. Dark chocolate. Vanilla. Dense palate. Firm tannins. Dry. Fresh acidity. Ripe dark fruits. Plum. Black currant. Long finish. Better than the last bottle of this I had. Much richer but with same grip.


Enjoyed this last evening with a bbq’d veal chop and trimmings. Fabulous weather as the weekend drew to a close.
The Chinon was smooth, soft red berry’s and very easy to drink. Learning more and more about Chinon Cab Francs and fortunately a few more to go.


Last Night Jaboulet Condrieu 2015, lovely drinking. Not too flowery or blousy. Nice mineral note, touch of almonds, and I get jasmine. Nice.
Oddly I then tried a glass of Qupe Hillside Syrah 2013 with my corovin and the needle pushed the cork in, so I had to open it. It’s quite mineral and linear for a Syrah. Typical fruit otherwise, nice but not great. Not sure which style its meant to be, not lush new world nor blood and structural old world. It sort of falls between for me.


2015 Graacher Himmelreich, Riesling Kabinett, Max Ferdinand Richter, Mosel


2015 Kabinetts are drinking really well this summer, this is really a standout with juicy lime, slate and floral notes and lots of length. Nice Sunday afternoon sipping!


2019 Bolney Bacchus Lychgate ( England, West Sussex)
Delicious paper white wine smelling of nettles and new mown grass nettles and tasting crisp dry with a dash of lychees and hedgerow.


More than a year ago we’d planned for this day, booking a restaurant so we could invite our family, distant relatives and friends to celebrate with us. All cancelled.

Our eldest DHL’d us this, which we opened as an aperitif
2018 Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut Cap Classique (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

so we opened it during a Zoom with him and his partner in Wales and they joined us with a glass of fizz.

and with our meal for two we had

2012 Flagstone Pinotage Time.Manner.Place (South Africa, Breedekloof)

A very special, rare and expensive, 5 star Platter wine that I got from the winery. The only one I’ve got, and it was really beautiful great quality and finesse.

Before the roast chicken we enjoyed another glass of the Simonsig MCC and with it
2012 Château Batailley ( Bordeaux, Pauillac)

my penultimate bottle of this vintage, bought EP from TWS and drinking beautifully now.

Hopefully this time next year we will be able to have our postponed celebration…


Many congratulations on your anniversary, @peterm. :tada: The celebration will be all the sweeter when you finally get to have it properly.


Sorry you missed out on your bigger celebration but definitely looks like you made the best of a difficult situation. Congratulations!


Many many congratulations, @peterm! :grinning::tada: what a fab achievement, and sounds like you made the most of celebrating under the weird circumstances :+1:


We had the family and friends across over the weekend on separate evenings.

The sparkling options were TWS Prosecco and La Cavea Prosecco Spumante NV

The ladies decided that the Own Label was the better choice. More subtle was the general consensus.

We opened a couple of bottles of Yalumba Shiraz. This was a VCP allocation sometime in 2019 and these were the first bottles I had opened. They went down very well with the guests but I was left a little perplexed. Has anyone else tried this? It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I could compare it to a Beaujolais or Pinot. It wasn’t the normal big robust Aussie. I’ll leave the other 4 bottles for a couple of years to see how they develop.

The last wine of note was the Crasto Superior. The last bottle of the 2016. This was great with probably the last BBQ of the year. Smokey, black fruit, oak and vanilla. Still a little austere on its own but with chargrilled meat it was fab.


Do you think the Flagstone has further ageing potential @peterm or is 8 years about right?


I think that vintage of Time.Manner.Place is perfect now. As it is the only bottle I have ever had, or even seen, I can’t claim to know how other vintages of Time.Manner.Place age.

Pinotage is capable of great aging. For some years Kanonkop has been annually releasing 10 year old Estate Pinotage.

I have 26 bottles of Pinotage from vintages 2010 back to 1990 yet to drink, so I have faith in the aging ability!

But if I had more 2012 Time.Manner.Place I would drink them sooner than later.


Thanks Peter

We had planned a family vacation for our Golden day a few months ago. Cancelling was a serious disappointment all round, especially not having a week with all the grandchildren. But like you we tried to make the best of it. I wish we had booked a restaurant as you did. It would have avoided the considerable aggravation recovering the money.

Lets just hope this all gets sorted before our Diamond day!

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Ah… we had to pay a hefty deposit. They told us we could go ahead as long as we sat at tables of 6 - which is OK for the restaurant as they don’t seem to be at risk of a fine, but is not only against the meaning of ‘the rule of 6’ but as I read it, against the law.

So they agreed we could postpone the event and they’ve kept the deposit. We’re hoping we can do it next year on our 51st anniversary.

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Scored again!!
I bought this Crozes 2016 EP for £14:08 per bottle.
I have paid cellarage on mine, so £16 per bottle is a bargain.
It almost obviates the requirement for buying EP.
But there again I cannot remember the likes of Grand Courtil or Gaby popping up.
So another 2 onto my next reserves list.
This HAS been a good day!! :+1: :wink: :dragon:

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Might I add my congratulations too.
And once we start to return to the new version of normalcy, I am certain that you will have a memorable family celebration!! :bouquet: :gift: :champagne: :dragon:

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“Golden Plus”, I’ll drink to that.

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