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Weekend drinking thread [11th -13th Sept 2020]

I had a interesting and slightly educational drinking experience last night. We had a good glass or two of this

I’ve drunk a good few bottles of New Zealand PN before but they’ve tended to be much younger wines drank without ageing. This was my first experience of the variety with a bit of age - 2010 vintage. It was also a tad more expensive than my usual.

For me, the flavour profile was very different. Very earthy. Forest floor. Mushroom. There was fruit there, red berry and cherry notes, but they were secondary to the earthier notes. To an extent I found it slightly lacking in fruit but found it interesting that those around me felt it was still pretty fruity given the age. Perhaps a slight lack of experience from me there.

I found it very interesting to drink and very different. It was enjoyable. However … whilst id be open to trying more part of me wonders if I actually may end up preferring the lighter and slightly fresher fruitier style that I’m perhaps associating with the younger pinots


I do actually keep it very simple. Crush and chop some garlic and ginger, then fry over a high heat until they take a bit of colour. Throw in the spinach leaves, cook until just wilted, season with salt, strain to get rid of excess liquid, and serve.

I find that the keys are getting enough colour on the garlic and ginger without burning, and being prepared to use enough salt. If I fail to do either, it’s just not as good.


Your presentation skills are outstanding. It’s really not easy to get food looking that splendid in a photo. Please keep them coming - the weekend drinking threads are always cheering and inspiring.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: As I’ve said before, food is my creative outlet, and since lockdown, even more so. I’m glad you enjoy the photos!


That looks like a delicious meal Robert, thanks for sharing.


Our weekend wines:

A South African Chardonnay from a favourite local wine shop

And then one of our dwindling stocks of this Rhône:

On the menu is smoked salmon rolls filled with cream cheese and dill then a Greek lamb stew with orzo called Youvetsi. No photos expected, our presentation skills are usually sub-optimal! I am however making a cherry bakewell cake that might be photo worthy before I hack it to pieces. The cake mixture tasted good when I scraped the bowl :yum:


The Barolo is very good on the second day with my burger at lunch. Definitely needs the food.


Cake looks promising, bit of a fail on the icing drizzling skills. More like puddles😳 Toasted almonds carbonised as I walked away and didn’t check back until I smelled the burning. Managed to salvage the less well done ones🤣 Proof of the pudding will come later on.


Catching up from Friday, this fine Chilean Cab Sav with some corse cut and fatty artisan burgers topped with gruyère and carmalised onions.

The wine smelt of ripe black fruits but on the palate it was very structured and all bay leaves and menthol. 2014 but still has years left I reckon.


As the late great Anthony J Hawkins wrote in his Grape Glossary

there is no such thing as “the” Pinot (Noir). In fact accuracy demands that it be referred to as “a” Pinot (Noir) because the name does not belong to a unique vine species but to what the french grower calls a “cépage”, that is, a growth defined as a group of closely related but not quite identical vine varieties sharing the same genetic background.

Seems this one is a blend of MV6, 777 and 115 clones, 60% from the Derwent Valley, 30% East Coast and 10% Tamar Valley.

MV6 is an Australian clone, 777 and 115 are Dijon clones. I don’t drink much PN nowadays, but I’ve had a lot in the past. I don’t recall many, if any, Australian PNs so doubt I’ve had MV6 clone.

I wonder if this clone offers tastes unfamiliar to those used to European PNS?


Looks delicious!

Finally on holiday! Feet up and a gin and tonic before we hit the wines later.


Making spag bol and enjoying the football with this

Lovely mature Sangiovese to accompany a very entertaining game


Looks delicious :yum: Toasting nuts is always fraught with danger!

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After a day of domestic chores it’s time to relax with a glass of fizz - so a Crémant d’Alsace seems a good way to start the evening:

Waitrose only began stocking this one a few months ago, I think. It’s made by Cave de Turckheim, and very conducive to relaxation it is too! :+1:

To match the distinctly autumnal feel in the air, we opened and decanted a much loved South African Cab Franc - ‘Circumstance’ from Waterkloof:

Unlike the 2015 this 2016 is fresher and a little more ‘Cab Franc’ as we know it. If I tasted it blind, I would have possibly thought this was a Chinon. It’s sort of its own thing, but has a definite Loire quality about it.

Lovely violet hues in the glass, with just a touch of brick tinge on the rim, the nose has notes of freshly-turned soil, blackberries, plums, clove and cedar. A whiff of pencil shavings is definitely there too. On the palate this is absolutely joy - the fruit is crunchy and fresh still (blackberry, raspberry), but there is a more earthy tone developing, with a pleasant leafy note and a balsamic sweet/savoury thing going on on the finish. Acidity it bright and appetising, but the tannins could probably do with a bit more time. They are chalky in texture, but fairly fierce (for a Cab Franc, mind you!). This could develop further, for sure. The description we both agreed on is ‘elegant’. Glad I have one more in the wine fridge - and perhaps will leave it for another year to see how/if it develops.

The 17 year old girl - who is fascinated by cooking, but only from afar - is making dinner tonight. Let’s hope we live to tell the tale!

Happy weekend! :wine_glass: :smile: :fallen_leaf:


Drinking the 2018 of this. Reminds me a little of the Pinot Blancs of the Sud Tirol, Dry, mineral and elegant. Some subtle fruit slowly reveals itself in the glass, good with a butter bean and cheddar quiche.


Glad to hear such a positive review of the Perrin CH. Mine arrives on Monday…


Finally having some of this after reading many rave reviews on the TWS community. Really nice, buttery, lemony and almost a flavour of white baguette. Will definitely order more.


Thank you. Very interesting. This wine gets plaudits in the Australian press. I tried another glass today with lunch. Seemed a bit more balanced but in my opinion not a 95+ Wine. I supposed I’m more familiar with claret which seems so much more simple than PN

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Have spent today watching The Godfather trilogy. Probably thirty years since I saw the first two and just as good as I remember them. Have opened up this:

Very, very concentrated, incredibly dark in colour, ripe cherries, lead pencils and an extraordinarily long finish. This is at the beginning of its life and has years to go, to the extent that I wish that I had waited another decade, before opening it. This is a stunning wine from a great vintage and unfortunately, it’s the only bottle that I have. I won’t make the same mistake with the 2019s.