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Weekend drinking thread [11th -13th Sept 2020]

An early start to the weekend for me, as I have the day off. After taking the dog for a walk, visited my local wine merchant and now £175 worse off, just settling down with a glass of this.

I love Lafarge wines and this is amazing value at £13.99. Light, elegant, with just the right level of acidity and strawberry flavours. Lovely balance, with the grace and style of Audrey Hepburn. A great way to start my weekend.


Warres 2004 Quinta da cavinha reduced from £27 to £5!
Morrisons Huddersfield. I’m thinking ribeye steak & blue cheese sauce before opening the port.


Wow and I thought that I had a bargain. That’s great value @lapin_rouge and a great producer. Enjoy!

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Opened this for the weekend. Seems to be true what they say about the 2010s in terms of approachability… Tannins very much present, also some attractive red fruit and a surprising meatiness. I will leave my remaining bottles for a few years I think. I think pleasure from this bottle will increase as the weekend passes.


They also had half bottles (forget the producer) of 2003 for £3 ea. I might just have to trolley a few tomorrow morning - for xmas hampers to friends with yorkshire cheese etc…

Incidentally - passetoutgrains can be a lovely food wine, especially with a touch of bottle age. I think you might have won this round.


Holidays! Finally a break. Finishing off the Musar Jeune 2018 white from yesterday and then going for a hunt through the cellar to decide on holiday drinking.


We’ll call it a draw but I think that you’re being too generous. Both are great wines and a fine way to kick off the weekend.

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Started the weekend with a parallel tasting of Syrah.

The Trinity Hill was not so fruit forward than I expected, tasted of black fruits and some red. Lots of fresh pepper.

The Crozes Hermitage was wonderful, blackberry, black pepper, some earthiness. Great length. Certainly going to put my order in for a case from the “Backing our best growers” offer


Just enjoyed the last glass of this with a modest hunk of Gouda, while I think about what to open next.

Edit: oops, forgot the link


2017 Dr Edge Tasmanian Pinot Noir. Funny grape Pinot Noir. Not sure what to make of this. Smelt correct, absolutely rave reviews. Tasted nice but not particularly complex. Worth forty quid, probably not for me. There again Burgundy at a similar price can be rather everyday and there again occasionally it’s great and you wonder why you don’t buy more. I suppose just keep trying. Should have added served cellar cool.


This Aglianico tonight:

Black fruits with a really nice smokiness and slightly bitter note, then a delightful and long spice, liquorice and dark chocolate fuelled finish.

[First foray into the weekend drinking thread, wooh]

This is a super Kabinett, clean and bright.

We’re drinking it just chilled; it smells of lemons and tastes of blackcurrants. (Plays with your head: white wine tasting of black fruit?) The tasting notes describe the ‘weight’ of the vintage, and for the first time I think I understand what that means. Highly recommended if it comes back into stock.

It’s our first bottle from von Kesselstatt, but it won’t be the last. I came across the 2018 Riesling last week (in the Co-op in Hebden Bridge, believe it or not) and grabbed the last bottle on the shelf in anticipation. Looking forward to trying that too.



Bogle Old Vine ZInfandel 2017 with veggie chilli. Lovely ripe sweet fruit, fresh acidity and subtle oak. Leaps out of the glass with its aroma and well priced for a Californian!

Lots of Mocha and blackberry!


Fish and chips tonight, the last night of my two weeks off before going back to work so we fancied a change for the evening. Opened an English sparkling to go with the meal

Skylark from Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard. 60% Phoenix and 40% Seyval. This is their 2017, the 2018 Blush won a bronze at the GB Wine awards this week. Rather light sparkling with apricot and tropical fruit notes.

As I’d watched @lockej wonderful chat with the Bougrier’s on Instagram I had to open this from the Backing Growers discovery case. A lovely fruity Cab Franc. Mrs @Winestwit wasn’t a big fan which was great news as it meant I could have even more!!!


I had a bottle of that I opened at NY this year - it was excellent. I got it at a discount too, but yours is several orders or magnitude better!

Some super wines being drunk already - what a great Friday evening.
We’re nearing the end of quarantine, with Cantonese food and riesling. Beef and oyster sauce, sour and hot prawns, spinach with garlic and ginger, and Bruno Sorg Riesling Grand Cru Florimont 2014.

A long-time favourite wine for us. Still very youthful, but oh, so drinkable. Floral and zesty nose; quite flinty; very intense citrus, with just a touch of sugar to round it and work with the food; and a long saline finish. Happy weekend!


I tried St Laurent for the first time last night. I regret only buying the one bottle, it was great, with a lovely peppery hit on the finish. Definitely one I will buy again if it appears on the list in the future, let’s hope so.


Paired with yesterday’s stage of the Tour De France…

…ripe and surprisingly complex nose, black cherry, berries, a savoury quality and even some dried flowers / pot pourri with air. Ripe and savoury fruit on tasting with similar flavours to the nose and some peppery spice too. Fresh acidity provided some structure to the rich, medium to full bodied, fruit but I found the finish slightly cloying. Just a bit too rich for me, and like some 2015 Beaujolais, it had a ripe Grenache like quality, that I wasn’t particularly looking for, but which others would like.

Have a great weekend everyone !


Could I ask how you do the spinach? I had spinach with garlic in a restaurant beside Lake Como many years ago and I have since then repeatedly failed to replicate what I assumed should be a very simple recipe! :blush:

On the theme of the Tour de France, we finished off our last bottle of Painted Wolf Peloton Blanc 2018 with salmon fillets, accompanied by a king prawn, white wine and shallot reduction, and truffled cauliflower. Crisp and clean, this Chenin Blanc dominant Cape blend cut through the fattiness off the fish perfectly.

I’m happy to see the Fistful off Schist is back. I’ll be ordering these again, soon.