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Weekend drinking thread [11th-13th October 2019] How well do we know each other


Just for a change a cork photo!

Dry river 2004 Chardonnay. Fresh bright melon fruit flavour with enough acidity to tighten up the finish. Some bottles of this have tended to the sherried side but this shows none of that. Shame it appears to be the last bottle, if CellarTracker is to be believed.


That looks like a great evening Philip with a wonderful selection of wines!


I was at a Rioja tasting on Friday that I mentioned earlier. While it was completely satisfying, I a,m not sure that on the back of this I will make the extra effort to get to know the region better.

Francois Picart Brut £14.5 Cava - This was very good, especially at the price… Beats similar priced Champagne hands down.
Abel Mendoza ‘Five varietals’ 2018 £41.5 - To me this was the Rioja of the night… surprising given that white wine production is only like 10% of the total. This wine is very young, but it has so much promise, the price tag is relatively steep, but it would definitely stand up to similar priced whites from anywhere in the world.
Viña Muriel Gran Reserva 2006 £33 - Apparently this is old style Rioja, which (surprisingly to me) is about freshness and 'medium’ness of body. True enough, at 13 years of age this had almost piercing acidity and only a tad generic of old wine taste. It has opened up nicely through the night…
Lopez de Heredia Bosconia 2006 £29.9 - Another traditional Rioja, slightly more to my liking on first taste, but did not really make a lasting impression.
Camino Real Reserva 2014 £14.5 - This was put in to demonstrate what you get for twice the money (Telmo Rodriguez)… it received quite the stick on the night, but (a) it is not exactly a cheap wine, (b) it is well made and perfectly satisfying to drink if uninteresting.
Telmo Rodriguez Lanzaga 2013 £33 - This I really liked… apparently modern style Rioja with more body, more like my thing.
Bodegas Artuke Condenada 2016 £50 something - the most expensive Rioja of the night, tasted a bit like a supercharged Beaujolais. It was delicious, but did not live up to the price tag.
Phinca Hapa Blanco, Struggling Wines (not sure of the vintage) - An orange Rioja Blanco… someone said hairdressers on the nose, which I think was spot on and did not change through the night. It was strangely satisfying (no hairdressers) on the palate.
Guy Fargo Harmonie Cornas 2016 £41 - The red wine of the night, sorry Rioja. This was opened after all the Rioja was gone. Drinking perfectly now, but also with a long life ahead. I am yet to be disappointed by Cornas to be honest.

The rest of the weekend was about Burgundy. Have had the Pernand Vergelesses Rouge Domaine Rollin 2006 and the Jean Marc Brocard Chablis 1946 Vieilles Vignes 2014 . The Rollin is great, pretty Burgundy nose and nice fresh taste… the blurb is right, you would not guess this is from 2006. Will need to check back at TWS for some more bottles. the Brocard is a bit too austere to my liking even with extensive exposure to air.


Likewise, on both counts.

But this did allow us to experiment with Godello!


Blind spot Rutherglen Muscat tonight with homemade apple crumble. Perfect! Finally found a use for the apples that come off the very old tree at the end of the garden although once again we will only use a fraction of the viable crop - the tree possibly pre dates the 1930s house and produces huge apples of a variety we have never determined that turn green-red and quite sweet but also spoil and drop very easily and turn brown after five minutes once cut open.


Sorry, I’m a bit slow! Sending me to bed with a smile, though. One of Hampshire’s better secrets!


Three wines that were disappointing this weekend. First was a Blush from Neuquén, which we drank with picardos in Puerta Madryn

Second was a Pinot Noir from the same province, which did not meet the expectations we had for this wine - dud bottle?

The last was a Viognier from Mendoza’s Valle d Uco. We have add this before six months ago

My notes were:
Humberto Canale Blush:
Clear and bright. Deep salmon. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Floral, Raspberries, rose petals, violet sweets. Clean palate. Off dry. Medium acidity. Raspberry cordial. Hints of pear. A simple blush wine that offers very little.

Saurus Select Pinot Noir:
Clear and bright. Medium red centre, pale red rim. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Red fruits. Clean palate. Dry. Medium acidity. Restrained fruit. Quite austere. Disappointing after tasting the same wine at the vineyard. Short finish. Perhaps it’s the bottle - going through a dull phase?

Alma Austral Viognier:
Clear and bright. Clear with green highlights. Clean nose. Medium, low intensity. Floral, stone fruits, peaches. Clean palate. Good acidity. Dry. Peachy fruit but no depth. Slightly ‘hard’ finish. Since tasting this the first time we have been drinking better quality whites and this has shown when revisiting this.


I think the serious problem has been in last 2-3 years. Looks like EU Fisheries Policy is now mandated for quotas not to exceed the recommended maximum (they have done for a few years). However, UK won’t be bound by this if the dreaded B happens…another example of freedom …to hang ourselves?

Lots of worrying things going on at sea at the moment, that’s where the problem for salmon stocks seem to lie.


Agreed. It’s interesting how the EU fisheries science has always been disregarded by the various countries politicians. The bureaucrats have worked well, the elected few not so.


Let’s not trust the ‘experts’ then? Just hope Gove is never put in charge…


Trust the experts. Don’t trust the politicians.


Generally the case…politicians don’t usually know enough for informed questioning of the experts anyway.


I knew nothing of fishery policy pre brexit but read a far bit and it’s not the simple them v us at all. Not the place to discuss but at least I now know a little bit more, so that’s something.