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Weekend drinking thread [11th-13th October 2019] How well do we know each other


You should either be an actuary or in IT with an answer like that :wink: !!

…Ha ha, I wrote that before getting to the end of your reply!!! Have you ever thought of being an actuary though??


Halibut stocks under pressure tonight, but not here…]

Last night it was lamb tagine with this for me…


and this for wife and daughter who don’t generally drink red…

The former is tasting quite mature now. Quite soft fruit, gentle tannins and acidity. Will be good for another year or so.

The Oz Viognier was from the Whites Discovery case earlier this year. Interesting and good. More refreshing than French equivalents and liked by us all.

Tonight we had everyone at home after a resounding rugby victory for son’s team watched by us all…we had an old favourite…which my daughter liked too, and the Viogner and Gigondas were finished, with steak frites and veg. Son isn’t a wine drinker, probably as well as he’s off to a friend’s birthday for beers etc…

Think we are still on the 2017 of this, lovely as usual. Cellar cool, my daughter liked it. Full house weekends are getting more expensive…wouldn’t have it any other way!


The money’s good, but my stats isn’t really up to it! I’ll stick to telling computers what to do.


The money is indeed good, but you need to become a hermit for about 3 years whilst doing the exams I think…

The Alsace drinking season is just beginning for me now…


Glad you had success, and a great match for halibut. It’s a good sauce - one of those that can appear a bit frightening, what with making an emulsion with quite a lot of butter, but is actually quite easy.

Looks like you’re still working your way through a big bag of broccoli :wink:


There’s a season for it? 1 January - 31 December, surely?


Haven’t made it for a year or so, but I found getting the shallots chopped really finely was one of the secrets…


Yes indeed, but I find that most Alsace is eminently well suited to the autumnal/winter menus. Pinot Gris in particular.


With Pinot Gris, definitely. A good dry Muscat is the perfect summer garden drink, though.


Agree completely re Muscat, and we have the garden…sometimes we don’t get the summer here though!

Planning to grow asparagus from next year so it’s a must!


All this talk of Alsace, but tonight I went off-piste with Beaujolais :wink:

Partridge two ways, bacon, savoy cabbage, and beetroot purée. I wanted something red to cope with the beetroot, but not too full, so as not to overpower the bird, so opted for this Fleurie.

A lot of cherries on the nose, with some violets, menthol and wild strawberry. As fruit driven as you’d expect; no tannin; cherries and raspberries in the mouth, but not particularly long. It did the job I wanted with the food, though I think I prefer the Exhibition Fleurie overall.


The Trouble with Dreams… is the extremely limited production.

Crunchy crispy creamy buttery biscuits. And deliciously bruised apple. Bubbles few and far between. Mouth watering. Sublime…


How was the Grivot? I have the 2011, 2014 and 2017 vintage of their VR village.


I had to double check the quantity of butter, 4oz for a sauce for one, I’ve used less baking cakes !

I’m now off to the local leisure centre for a much needed calorie burning workout.

As for the broccoli, there are better green vegetables out there, I’m glad to see the back of it.

Oh, your partridge two ways looked fabulous. Keep those pics coming !


@Bluebeard the 2010 Grivot VR was in a really good place - all tertiary flavours but still with some crunch still in it. Like the sensation of cranberry but the taste of wet leaves. Delicious.

@Kent_wino that was my first taste of anything from Davenport, we all enjoyed it. Liking the fact it’s organic and natural ferment and with a melange of traditional grapes but still tasted conventional, like an English Chablis.


Today is my 50th birthday and also the first night of the Jewish Festival of Succot so I will be in the garden/sukkah making mangal and drinking this, my favourite barbecue wine of the past year, bought a couple of years ago from TWS and not currently offered in any vintage unfortunately:

Cheers everyone!


:tada:!חג שמח ויום הולדת שמח

Hope you have a fun special day, and a great BBQ! :+1::wine_glass:


Happy Birthday, and welcome to the best decade so far!

Looking out of the window here, BBQ is the last thing on my mind :slightly_frowning_face: Have a good one!



Weather in Israel is quite a different story…! :grinning:


Riesling all the way on Friday. Alsace dry Riesling 2012 Jean Luc Meyer Vielle Vignes from Eguisheim with poached salmon. Then a 2004 Brauneberger Juffer Spatlese. Not sweet enough for our dessert but a mighty fine sipping wine.The Alsace was excellent.

Saturday we raided mam’s dwindling wine rack and found a 2009 Dom de Thalabert to go with a chicken casserole. Got it out to stand up and let any sediment settle. John and I went out late morning and on return for lunch mam complained that the cork on the red had broken when she opened it. That was quite early to open for breathing purposes, I said. Well to cut to the chase a third of the bottle went into the casserole :flushed::scream:. What was left was delicious, full bodied but smooth as silk. The gravy was great too, a perfect match.