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Weekend drinking thread [11th-13th October 2019] How well do we know each other


'89 Musar… lucky boy.

Did it go better with the kofte or black pudding?!

Although, ‘not funky at all’… I thought a little bit of ‘funk’ was what Musar was all about. More extensive tasting obviously required chez Edley!


Yeah very lucky he wanted to share. The kofte was spicier than I’d anticipated and wasn’t great with the Musar, but was perfect with the black pudding scotch eggs. They in turn were a bit too rich for the Burgundy, but then again I don’t need to eat anything with a Burgundy so it all works out in the end.


That’s right at the top of wines I want to try, how was it? Really loved his Bajondillo


Anyone had the Ataulfos…?


I was chomping at the bit to try this, seemingly great value, 12.5% ABV, early drinking Nebbiolo which had only arrived chez moi some 8 hours earlier…

…with liver, onion gravy and veg. It didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Ruby red colour fading to garnet at the rim. A splendid nose of red cherries, violets, spice and thyme just begged to be tasted. Sour cherries and red berry fruit, spice, herbs and a touch of earthy minerality framed and balanced by bright acidity and soft grainy tannins finishing with good length and some balsamic lift.

Authentic Nebbiolo character at a great price ( £11.50 ), no heaviness or over extraction just depth and a certin elegance of flavour. The lowish ABV is a plus point as is its food friendly nature. I’ll be ordering a six pack.

Put me in my mind of a Neil Young song too ( paraphrased slightly )…

I’ve been waiting for you
And you’ve been coming to me
For such a long time now.


It’s a lovely wine. It’s very fresh and pure, lots of red fruit and spice. Not the very concentrated style you’d normally associate with a Garnacha.

It’s not an overly complex wine but is a very enjoyable bottle. I bought a case of it and have 7 bottles left now.

I did order a bottle in a restaurant recently and someone I was with really didn’t enjoy it. It was too light for him. He does seem to think that red wine has to be a very deep dark red colour. He also turned his nose up at a langhe nebbiolo on another occasion with the same complaint.


Had this last night and it further confirmed my affection for South African wine.

24 months new French oak
54% Cab Franc, 36% Cab Sauv, 10% Merlot, 14.0% abv
Picked up a 6 pack as a bin end for £12.50 each.

Geez you’d need some decent fruit to stand up to all that new oak and it totally does. Ripe with tannins still present suggesting it could certainly age beyond TWS drinking window. Ceder, cloves, spicy, violets. Cracking wine this.


Love the Davenport, ‘Horsmonden’. Haven’t had 2018 yet, given excellent English vintage would hope it might be their best yet ?


One of my favourite wines :wink::yum:


I’m currently curing salt beef and will be cooking it tomorrow, what would everyones wine match be for something like that? I’m thinking of going for this: (I have an older vintage)

Or possibly a Faugéres ?


I haven’t had this vintage, but the 2016 is really good.

Suspect a fruity Southern Rhône like that might work. Salt beef shouldn’t be too unforgiving - something reasonably full-bodied with a bit of tannin should do the trick.


Second that direction.
I would go Shiraz / Zin / Malbec @Leah so think you’re heading down the right path


Okay so I guess this needs answering :wink:

As far as the Mix Up goes, well, I did have a glass last night but it still didn’t grab me. In fact I’d say it hadn’t weathered the 24hours in the eto very well. Sadly I think I foresee a white wine sauce or some such in my near future.

I have some Savoir wines that I’ll probably be drinking in the next few weeks but not right now, so close there.

I’ll certainly be drinking some claret in the near future but not this weekend! Actually I have rather a lot of wine that is not really suitable for aging and that needs to be my focus for the next few weeks whereas most of my claret can happily wait a while!

So what am I drinking over the weekend? Well it’s obvious really; the other red from Thursday’s tasting. So I’m very much looking forward to tucking into some more of the Chateau Ksara Cabernet Sauvignon :clinking_glasses:


Another option is a Cab Franc; fruity, but also savoury and can work well with any herbs you may be using as well. As it’s cured, I don’t think you’ll need a tannic monster to cut through the fat. But obviously, a Syrah would be lovely too - for its pepperiness and gamey notes. Sounds yummy, whichever wine you choose…! :ok_hand:


That was my initial thoughts, I only have 1 big Zin I think. I thought the residual sugar with the salt in the beef would work well :+1:, so thanks :pray:.


Personally I’d plump for a lighter red with salt beef. It is a much lighter tasting meat that roast beef and doesn’t need a big heavy hitting tannic wine to go with it.

The Las Uvas de la Ira Garnacha that I opened last night would be perfect with it or a pinot noir, something from New Zealand or Oregon would fit the brief for me.


Having worked at the University’s open day today, my voice box had over stretched itself, and so a smooth and comforting wine was called for. After staring at the wine-rack for some time, decided to open a 2018 ‘Espada de Reyes’ Malbec from Tupungato (Uco Valley), which was given to us by friends:

We don’t usually go for Malbec – I’m not really sure why, because we have enjoyed, indeed loved, examples from Susana Balbo, Kaiken and Catena Zapata. But for whatever reason, it’s not a grape that tempts us with its Siren call.

Nevertheless, this one is actually ticking the right boxes this evening; deep ruby, the nose is all bramble, damson, sandalwood and sweet tobacco. Very autumnal, in fact. On the palate it starts fruity, but moves on to something a tad more savoury, with really pleasant ripe berry fruit, plum and smoke. There’s a lively acidity too, which keeps it rather fresh. Medium body, and a relatively sane ABV mean this is slipping down easily, without overworking the palate. Very good indeed!

Time to stick the feet up… :bath:


Another Clos Floridene Blanc 2010. Ever reliable (six more to go still in reserves). Lovely piece of halibut to accompany.


Firstly, I’m indebted to @robertd for the inspiration, from last week’s thread, to try making beurre blanc for the first time. Thank you !

Similar to what @Oldandintheway may have had too. Halibut, albeit farmed and then frozen, beurre blanc and steamed veg…

…with a Chablis 1er cru ‘Les Vaillons’ 2014 from Samuel Billard. I very much enjoyed both and they made a memorable pairing.

As for the wine, straw yellow with golden glints. Lemon, ripe red apples and wet stones on the nose and palate. An oily texture cut by vibrant fresh acidity, lots of depth and a lingering palate cleansing salty lemon finish. TWS drinking window is until 2020, I think it’s only just opening up !


Domaine de Montine is a lovely place to visit. We went a couple of years ago. To be honest I was more impressed by the reds than the whites, good though they are