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Weekend drinking thread [11th-13th October 2019] How well do we know each other


It is that time of week again. Hooray!! I will be abstaining tonight, purely because of last nights #twstaste and Mr. Leah’s return on Wednesday. However, there will be wine on Saturday and probably sunday too.
I thought this week, we could have a little “fun” and play a predictive what’s in your glass game with some of our regulars on here. Please don’t be offended if I haven’t chosen you, theres always next time, so please vote and tell us what you think these members will be drinking this weekend.
Selected members if you would be so kind as to post a photo or the wine(s) you in fact DID drink with added bonus points if you include yourself in the picture…:smiley: Let’s begin…

This weekend, will @herbster be found drinking…

  • The remnants of his cote du rhone 5L Juame
  • His lovely mum’s weekend contribution - Yellow tail
  • Prosecco at a childrens party

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What do we think @robertd will be nursing?

  • An Alsace blend
  • An Alsace Reisling
  • An Alsace Gewurztraminer
  • None of the above

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(I’ll eat my hat if its none of the above :sweat_smile:)

Our resident bubbles expert @Cormski

  • An English sparkling
  • A blanc de blanc from Champagne
  • German Sekt
  • A Californian blockbuster

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Our favourite Black Isle resident @MikeFranklin

  • Left bank claret
  • Right bank claret
  • A left over Trousseau
  • Holding his nose and forcing down the rest of The Mix-up

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Lets get voting and tell us what you are drinking this weekend.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A wee touch farther North than the Black Isle but close!


Oooops :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:! I’ll know for next time , sorry Mike .


It’s only maybe 7 miles north, so no big deal.


This is inspired! :laughing::rofl:


I am going to a Rioja tasting tonight, which i am looking forward to… It is not like I have been avoiding Rioja (sorry @robert_mcintosh, the wine you brought to that lunch was sublime) on purpose, it just rarely came my way. time to confirm my aversion set things right. For full disclosure I do own the odd bottle of Rioja, mostly laying down for a couple more years. This weekend’s drinking will probably not be Rioja though.


…love it - maybe the results can be self-determining!


I rather miss the chance to go these tastings. My new life is rather different to before and wine hasn’t so much taken a backseat as been locked in the boot. I even missed the TWS Taste yesterday.

Do let me know how you get on. I may have to dig out a special bottle of Rioja just to get my mojo back


:joy: Great idea! You’ll just have to wait and see (photo to follow…)


Is the football absorbing a lot of attention? Not too inspiring so far.

Opened a 2014 Pauletts Polish Hill Riesling this evening to go with a Thai green curry. Came from TWS though no longer in stock. Overwhelming petrolic aroma which I can’t get past. In the mouth the petrol is still strong, with some lemony fruit and refreshing acidity. It’s pleasant enough drinking but I won’t be chasing after more, and I still have another bottle anyway.

The curry is not my best either - not enough chili and too much ginger. I’d have to say England and I are both under-performing this evening!


Home alone tonight. Just me and Daniel Gomez Jiminez-Landi. :wine_glass:


Stuffed peppers with this sulphur free Beaujolais. The only sign of the lack of sulphur is in a touch of volatile acidity. Loads of bright red and black fruit, full of energy. Good example of unsulphured wine. Slightly funky, fruity and vibrant gamay.


And so…

Booty from August in Alsace. Tasting with our wine group from Domaine Loew. Really lovely - such a light and lifted style, and so much finesse.

I did drink an Alsace riesling (1 mark). I did drink an Alsace gewurztraminer (1 mark). I did not drink an Alsace blend (0 marks). But “None of the above”? Quite complicated. If you say that each answer has to be exclusive (i.e. I drank none of the above at all), then 0 marks. But on the other hand, if any bottle that I drank had to match it, then I did (1 mark). (Can you tell that I write software as a living ? I should get out more.) @leah - your survey, what say you?


I say well done ! That’s quite the haul ! Thanks for the AWESOME picture too :slight_smile::slight_smile::wink:!


Why dont you put this on as a review . I rely on members reviews as to whether i buy a bottle for the first time. You dont have to write anything just put on what you have written already.


Done. Have done quite a few in the past, forgot this time.


Good choice. Love the whole range (though not had his ultra premium). For me, I think the basic Sotorrondero brings most enjoyment - simple pleasures…


Now this…

…is a great wine.

Possibly my star buy this year in sub-£10 category.

But that’s not to say you should all go and buy some (at least not before I’ve stocked up!).


The right order is to stock up and then to post… :wink:


Took yesterday off to cook all day and host a wine and canapé party for some friends in the evening. A much needed distraction from work at the moment.

One friend brought the 1989 Musar which was superb. Fruity, alive and not at all funky.