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Weekend Drinking Thread (11-14 June)

The weather continues to be brilliant and I love a good chilled red so we had this with homemade burgers and chips

I did have a discussion with myself about doing some kind of Euro 20 themed drinking. But typically I have given up on day 1 and settled for this wine with lovely pure fruit flavours of blackberry and raspberry, but also a bit of structure and bite. Really recommended.

Happy weekend everyone!


After @strawpig’s post about miso butter last weekend, I had to give it a go, so cooked cod with miso butter, wilted radicchio, and peas and broad beans. I can confirm that miso butter is dangerously tasty - thanks Patrick! :yum: We drank Kientzler Muhlforst Riesling, 2018.

This is the first vintage made of this wine, and we bought it last summer. It has 2018’s typical ripe fruit, but it’s still tasting young and lean - I suspect both from the young vines and the young vintage. Wines from the Muhlforst vineyard are always marked by good acidity and minerality, and that’s all there - it’s not lean in a bad way, but I anticipate that like all adolescents, it will fill out with time. Its citrus and salinity matched the food well.

We have an Aktar Tandoori BBQ Box in the fridge ready to eat with friends tomorrow - really looking forward to that. Happy Weekend!


Impromptu bbq tonight with the next door neighbours.

These went down a treat. The star was the Meursault from my fine wine mystery case last year. I always know a good’un is on the table when Lady Brentw1 helps herself to a third glass!

Having said that, the Teurons wasn’t too shabby either.

Happy weekend all and let’s enjoy the weather.


Some great wines being sampled by all tonight.

Rose Xinomavro 2007 for me. First of three.

A very inviting mature nose. With A warm mellow strawberry note. Almost a brandy like colour.

Soft fruits, rounded and complex, slight marzipan element. A touch savoury, good balanced acidity.

A contemplative rose. Perfect feta cheese accompaniment

Happy Friday all!


Take a portion of frozen boeuf bourgingnon. Mix with leftover cherry toms and Passata softened with olive oil and garlic, to make pasta sauce.

Serve with penne and some of this Barolo, while watching Rafa vs Djokovic playing perfect tennis (still with an audience thanks to a decision to lift the local curfew).

Each bottle of this has been better than the last. Some beautiful Nebbiolo, this - now softening and with a gentle bresaola finish. I bought 6; I wish I had more (from 2014, that is - I have 2015, 2016 and 2017).

Quite a finish to the working week.


May I add that is also great value
Also watching the tennis. Vamos !


Quite an amazing contest between two heroic gladiators in Paris. I’ve never seen so much of a tennis court be used so precisely.

Accompanied by this lovely Mencia, chilled just enough…

El Castro de Valtuille from Raul Perez. Delicious, lovely cherry fruit, but with weight and length. The fruit becomes more cherry skin and stone in the aftertaste. The tannins come through subtly at the end, adding a pleasant dryness in contrast. Very suitable to being chilled on a warm evening.


Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc 2019, picked up from Majestic. Fairly good, probably wouldn’t buy it again at 11.99 though.


Thanks for this. I have 12 of the 2015s waiting in the high-end domestic storage facility* and this has given me the little encouragement I needed to get going.


  • cupboard under the stairs

Tried the new vintage Muscadet last night, reliable as ever and went perfectly with our fish supper.

Might have to buy in bulk as it’s on a special price per recently received publication.


Great looking fish!

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One thing I didn’t mention is that I decanted half of the bottle on the 1st day for a couple of hours. The last 2 glasses on the second day were beautiful

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Thanks - line caught sea bass, hard to beat. Summers here😎



(a.k.a. Trousseau, as in the Jura). Here made into a light red from the Douro where it is used primarily as part of the blend in some ports). Just what we needed to go with a light meal outdoors at last.

These being for today (Saturday) and Sunday. I thought we could continue on a Douro theme, having started, with a more substantial (but not too big) red from a blend of the two Tourigas. Prum needs no introduction from me.


It’s also used as a single varietal wine in the Algarve and comes out as a much fuller-bodied example than the Jura’s (and I’m assuming yours). Presumably it’s the heat / longer ripening season.

Here are bastardo vines at Monte de Castelaja, and the cheeky claim that it’s a Portuguese variety !


Looking forward to these two over the weekend.


Inspired by Mrs @peterm a bottle of sauvignon blanc. I have a ton of wine in my cellar and not one bottle of SB. So a trip to the co-op, and the following was purchased, Villa Maria is on offer but not in my co-op.

No need for a tasting note other than to say in the sun this was delicious, and disappeared all to quickly.


Bought 24 half bottles of Suduiraut 2005 recently for £506 all-in delivered to my doorstep. Surely a @peterm no-brainer® compared with the 2020 En Primeur prices. It is delicious! Still available for similar prices with the main merchants. The colour of the wine in the glass is actually much more pale and golden, rather than brown as it appears in the picture.


Love Suduiraut. Amazing value. Also amuses me that it hosts the AXA group strategy week on an annual basis (usually).

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This to accompany Moussaka later this evening

An unoaked blend of Syrah and Grenache, IGP Cotes Catalan.

We opened an Eguisheim coop (Wolfberger) Riesling VV 2018 last night and it was a delicious combination of citrus and white floral scents and flavours, with an added depth from a bit of bottle age and the merest hint of petrol. Delightful apero and will repeat this evening.