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Weekend Drinking Thread (11-14 June)

There’s a first time for everything as I get to kick off the weekend’s thread.

A great opportunity to plug… Ta Da… Norfolk wine (again)

(@Andrew1990 will know this one) but, fresh from going to that well known purveyor of fine wine (the local garden centre) I was delighted to see they stock the 2020 pinot from the latest addition to the Norfolk Stable - Burn Valley Our Story ; up in North Creake near the coast and within the Chelsea-on-Sea part of Norfolk.

But it’s really not too bad at all, at least as good as Winbirri’s. Decent colour, some depth of flavour, not all fruit and not too sweet; and a very luncheon-friendly 11.5 % abv. This won’t have been chaptalised, not these days.

Very cool label with a map of that part of Norfolk illustrated.


Yes Peter, i visited BV in 2020 . My view is that you need to drink the wines when they are young and still fresh.
The 2020 Norfolk vintage was sadly badly affected by dreadful rain at vintage time. Very tough year. I have a bottle of their 2019 PN so need to taste it!

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My chopping board companion this muggy afternoon…

…wow, that glass didn’t last long.


Starting the weekend with a G&T. The Stin is one of the rarer gins in our collection - I haven’t yet found anywhere in the U.K. that stocks it. My wife was introduced to it by the barman at the excellent Ring Hotel in Vienna and it is now a firm favourite. Heavy on the juniper but also a real trademark note from the Styrian apples. Tried it with a few tonics and, so far, the best match is with good old Schweppes.

Steak and chips later so I decanted a bottle of the Zorzal Corral de Altos this morning. It needs a lot of decanter time (not a “pull and pour”) and food (protein) to show at its best. Third bottle from a case of six.


Going with this Loire red rather than a compare and contrast duo. I know it might not be a perfect match up for pizza night, but I’m still looking forward to raising a glass to the weekend.


Another example of CT reviews needing to be taken with a degree of caution. This was apparently shot ten years ago……

There’s no way I recognise some of the CT descriptions in this wine (I suspect many expectations were for much more fruit rather than that which traditional Cote Rotie offers). This is fully mature with a smoky meaty character on the nose - but not in the least bit Bretty - with darker fruit and that tell-tale, for me at least, slightly blood orange acidity. Finish isn’t terribly long but stays clean and balanced.


Excellent weather forecast for the weekend and its involving friends we haven’t seen for several months. Unconfined joy!

Drinking for tonight and Saturday sorted. The bookends are this evening and middle three for tomorrow’s entertaining.


A venture into a rose tonight. I have always enjoyed the Provence Rose wines of D’Esclan and the latest vintage did not disappoint.

Very pale pink with hints of orange. Light nose. Floral. Citrus - lemon and orange. Hints of violet sweets, rose water and peach. Medium palate - pleasantly unctuous. Fresh acidity. Sweet strawberry. Lemon. Peach and apricot. Sweet pear. Medium finish. Lovely wine that develops in the mouth.


Day 1 - more approachable than expected compared to the Verduno 2017 I had recently.
No surprises here. Evident tannins but not harsh and the nose is beautiful rose petal and raspberry.
Day 2 - a lot more fruit driven specially dark cherries. Bay leaf, thyme, a little oak and something like pot pourri. Tannins are less evident but this is in no way evolved in terms of nose and palate.
Gorgeous wine and I’m very glad I have 2 more bottles at home before getting more “free” bottles from reserves
@Robin63 i don’t think you will be disappointed if you open one


Lovely wine. Beautifully complex.


@Rafa - perfect, many thanks for that. I will look for a suitable food accompaniment - any suggestions?

It seems I haven’t partaken in the weekend drinking thread for a while … too much tasting and spitting out and not enjoying wine for what it is …
This has been such a stressful week, most of you will know Mr.Leah has spent a lot of the past year abroad and he’s currently in Malaysia, it looks like until the beginning of August & he’s already been gone almost 4 weeks … it therefore makes it difficult and stressful organising paid childcare whilst I’m off sitting exams and for classroom days. Sorting uniforms, dinners, babysitters etc…etc… before I even think about getting myself on a train . So tonight the kids are watching a new Disney movie whilst I’m making sweet chilly sauce and drinking this very very lovely Aligoté made by Le Grappin.
I’ve tasted some very bad Aligoté mainly in France but Le Grappin have definitely figured out how to work with this varieties phenolic kick and racing acidity.
They’ve done an epic job at retaining fruit whilst balancing that acidity and phenolics ! Hats off to them .
I’m back off to Edinburgh for next week so Sunday will be full of kids uniform prep, dinners prep and “me prep”, but tonight I’m just enjoying this wine and the simplicity of making one of my favourite sauces !
Happy weekend all :star_struck::+1:!


Warming up for a stag do tomorrow :grimacing:

Wow this is just so drinkable - 8% Cerdon du Bugey “La Cueille” Méthode Ancestrale - my first experience of this and I’m very happy to have a small case

Happy Weekend all


Because it’s quite young and tannins are lively it stands up well to protein in my humble opinion.
Yesterday I had it with homemade burgers and chips and tonight it will be pappardelle cacio e pepe


Hope you are also finding time to fit your cycling in - or at least some time on the smart trainer!

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Great. Many thanks.

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Have decided to extend my Miles Mossop 3day vertical into a full blown Safari, and the fact that I am now a wine wingman for Mossop, and riding shotgun for SA produced and bottled.


After discovering the positive reviews this week I had to open this tonight

Very light, low tannins, lots of raspberry on the palate. For 8.95 it’s a bargain. The reviews are very justified.

Somehow my wife and I have finished the bottle….now to find another wine to open….


It must be a huge logistical nightmare @Leah - do hope it’ll soon be over and moreover that the results of your efforts will be greatly satisfying. Two months towards winter and the children will barely remember the disturbance to their routine… Good luck! :grinning:


That colour :heart_eyes:

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