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Weekend Drinking Thread [11-13 March]

Jane Eyre Savigny les Beaune 1er crus aux Vergelesses 2019
Smoked paprika popcorn

Out of office is on!

I’ll have to get back to you on the wine. First sip is delicious but it could use a little chill.


Ferraton la Matiniere 2018 Crozes Hermitage. Lovely dark colour, very purple indeed.

It’s masses of black currant, liquorice, something ferrous, something else a little smoky, smooth tannins and a crunch of acidic bite. Long finish.

Yum. A million miles away from new world Shiraz, a proper savoury northern Rhône.

Happy weekend everyone. May your bottles be at least as enjoyable as mine


I would like to try a Pinot noir this weekend and we have three bottles, all from 2017 vintage. One is Lemelsons Thea Wilamette, Oregon. The other two are from Burgundy. An Agnes Paquet Auxey Duresses and a Jean Guiton Savigny Les Beaunes. Which one shall we open?

I have a feeling that the Oregon one is ready now and the two from Burgundy might benefit from more bottle time. Anyone had any of these and care to comment?


Had the Thea back in December and agree it is open for business. Thought it was delicious and so did Harriet (my wife) and she’s not usually a PN fan. More on the darker fruits with some savoury spice.
Not tried the Burgundy’s sorry.


We oenophiles pay a lot of attention to provenance.

Well, this was bought in the Spar in Morzine in the french alps a couple of weeks back. Put straight in the freezer at the chalet, forgotten about for 24 hours, defrosted, hurriedly packed into my ski boot for the flight back to Gatwick and home from there.

The result? - delightful example of a St Veran, making me smile as I remember how it came to be here.


Finally a negative LFT, which has prompted me to open something a bit special for a Friday night. On the nose it’s not quite kerosene/petrol, somehow more like those Humbrol modelling paints. Very dry, almost austere, will be interesting to see how it develops, with baked trout.


Though in the final analysis I’m a Burgundophile I think I suffer from an irrational bias against Bordeaux thanks to the Parker years. I’ve got quite a lot of it coming into maturity (thanks to it being my gateway style to wine) like this:

After a couple of hours in the decanter it is really attractive - and archetypal - with cassis and cedar notes. You know it’s good when your better half offers at first taste to drink it all because, and I quote, ‘you won’t like it’ :grinning:


I really like this wine :wine_glass:, gorgeous aromatics .


Disaster averted. Fancied a negroni after quite a busy few days at work but thought we were out of ice.

Fortunately our daughter had filled up her Death Star ice cube mould :grin:


As I’m reading a biography of Alexander the Great, I thought I might try a wine from the area he came from. This is from my first ever Vin Cognito order (I think there will be more orders) - floral, citrus and peach nose and a fullish body with a good streak of acidity, dryer on the palate than the aroma suggests. Somewhat surprisingly (to me) it is a blend of Xinomavro, a red grape, with a white one I’ve never heard of, Malagousia.


Finally, a compelling reason for small people!


I’ll be sure to inform her that her life now has purpose


A bottle from just down the road tonight. Two Degrees West 2018 from a’Becketts Vineyard in Wiltshire. Doing a very passable impression of a decent Chablis at the moment!


I need this in my life


Picked this Craggy Range SB from Martinborough from TWS bin ends recently. Starts like a New Zealand SB but finishes like a Loire SB.

Pale with green, gold hue. Intense nose. Gooseberry, freshly cut grass, asparagus. Notes of nettle leaf. Light palate. High acidity. Dry. Less gooseberry and more mineral. Wet stone. Apple. Citrus. Some grapefruit. Medium finish.


Loads on eBay right now. I think my mum gave it to her. That’s definitely a bonus bottle of Madeira in the next mixed case for my parents.

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Really like the Craggy Range SB and just got a box of the 2020’s this week though haven’t tried one yet. Always seems to have quite a French side.

Love Hondaribia. Stayed there in 2019.

Cannot recall that resto but if we stay there again will seek it out.


This evening, I pan-fried some red mullet fillets, and served with yeasted cauliflower purée, roasted cauliflower leaves, a red wine and beetroot sauce made with the roasted bones, and poppy seed sourdough rolls. We drank Christian Barthel Pinot Noir Symbiose 2018, served lightly chilled.

This is the first vintage of this wine, and it’s really rather good. Unoaked, lovely, intense fruit flavours of ripe redcurrants and wild strawberries, and an overriding impression of freshness that belies the vintage. There’s a streak of minerality to the acidity too. One of those wines that’s so easy to drink, but equally rewards more in-depth contemplation.

Happy Weekend!


Steak night last night and I fancied Chianti so opened our second of six Fontodi Chianti Classico 2017. This is really lovely - tannins present but there’s so much fruit, spice and freshness that they blend right in. No doubt will keep but a pleasure to drink right now.

I see the 2018 is getting good reviews already too.