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Weekend drinking thread 11-13 January 2019



Cauliflower steak with sweet potato and chimichurri served up with this Alsace bin-end:

A bit more breadth and grip than a pinot blanc, but less rich than pinot gris. Reminded me of some Alsace sylvaner in its green apple fruit and mineral hint. Not amazing, but very pleasant and not bad with the food.


A lot of Auxerrois ends up in the fatter cuvées of Pinot Blanc, as it’s perfectly legal to blend in as much Auxerrois as you like, and still label it as straight Pinot Blanc. I believe that Josmeyer’s “Les Lutins”, for example, is made almost entirely from Pinot Auxerrois (or at least, has been in the past)(http://www.josmeyer.com/blog/JosMeyer%20Profile%20WFW22.pdf, and scroll to page 6)


Agree wholeheartedly - you really can’t go wildly wrong drinking most Italian whites in their youth, I find. Ageing them is unpredictable: sometimes it works, but isn’t generally worth the wait, imho.