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Weekend drinking thread 11-13 January 2019



So, Mrs @Pipe49 and I will be going tramping (= UK hiking) in the seaward Kaikoura range this weekend, with friends of a roughly similar vintage.
As a concession to our combined great age, we’re actually doing it as “glamping” which, in NZ, means glamorous tramping rather than camping. This refers not to the stylish clothing that we will be wearing, but instead to the fact that we will be staying in relatively comfortable accommodation, albeit remote and halfway up a mountain which is significantly bigger than any in the UK. We will also have the luxury of having some of our gear and food transferred to the next comfortable hut, rather than having to carry it all ourselves. This will, of course, include our wine stock of 12-16 bottles for 8 people for two nights. Our communal menu will be a home-smoked side of salmon with asparagus and potatoes for the first night, and barbecued citrus and mint marinated chicken kebabs with orzo salad for the second night. Our contribution to the wine stock will be these:

The Johanneshof is recognised as the best gewurztraminer in NZ, quite similar to a decent Alsace version. The Te Tera pinot noir is regularly available through the WineSoc and is a fairly light, but very quaffable example of the genre. The Jules Taylor is the classy SB which I took to our local NYE bash in the Marlborough Sounds.

Despite the assisted passage of our luggage, this will still be a fairly strenuous affair, but made easier by the knowledge that, at the end of each day, we’ll be eating and drinking good food and wine while looking out over some of the most spectacular mountain and coastal scenery in the world.


We are starting the weekend with a local wine tasting of wines from the Mollydooker estate in McLaren Vale. Know nothing about them so looking forward to the tasting. A bit apprehensive as having googled the winery I see all the wines have dubiously daft names. Anyway it is what is in the bottle that counts so shall go with an open mind and an expectant palate.


I know nothing about them either, but had a really delicious Shiraz called ‘The Boxer’ at a friend’s house a few months back. What amazed me was how it was able to maintain freshness of fruit despite 16% ABV! It was actually really complex. I’d be curious to hear about their other wines…


The Boxer is Mollydooker and it is a big wine , not for everyone but I enjoyed mine and have another in the cellar, giving it a bit more time as the rough edges did show a bit on the first one.

It lines up with the likes of the Two Hands range, again all big wines, some more successful than others, if you like full on big wines you will like Mollydooker.


Australian prosecco, or ‘prosecco’ or glera.

Opening soon.

Pretty good but not a party wine. Quite dry, medium complexity - melon, bitter orange.


The weekend is starting with this number

Restrained nose and rather muted on the palate. Tannins to the fore but melt away quickly leaving the really pleasant red fruit flavours. Good length. I am sure this would benefit from at least a couple of years cellaring but jolly pleasant now.


I’m drinking this tonight, with beef stew and dumplings.

It’s the Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, which received high praise on the Forum and which prompted my purchase back in March last year.

Definitely picking up leather on the nose, and blackcurrant, and it’s 15% which is apparent, but not overly so to throw things out if balance. I think it will match the food very well.


This - for wife and daughter mainly - with crispy chilli beef and noodles, though I had a glass…for research purposes clearly.

Still very young and indeed a slight spritz to it (!) which will probably fade with time. WS rate it a 4 for sweetness, more like 3 I think, at least initially. A kind of lime zest like Oz Riesling then the sweetness begins to kick in. Long finish. Glad I have another 2 bottles to put away for a bit.

I am having this

with grilled lamb and ratatouille. One poor member review and one very good press review (Decanter). Will see what I think…


Who’s cooking two meals tonight?? Hope its not you :wink:!

My nerves are gone, Ive just driven home from TKMaxx with a long poof type piece of furniture hanging out my boot and hoping I tied it down well enough… :see_no_evil:
Fortunately it didn’t slide out on the hills so I’m opening this!! Promoted of course by the “Champagne/Sparkling wine thread” :sweat_smile:…….any excuse :smile:


My wife is drinking this tonight a gift from a colleague. Quite impressed but not a good match for pizza. I am continuing with my no drinking regime, I had the lurgy before I went to Portugal in mid December and still cannot shake off sore throat and blocked nose.


Score draw Leah…they cooked theirs, I cooked mine.

The red is probably somewhere between the two reviews. Definitely no VA on mine, but quite a light and ethereal Vacqueyras. I buy and drink a lot of Clos des Cazaux and this one is nice but not as good as some others.


I’ve been on a detox this week so only had 3 bottles since Monday. Sneaking a half in tonight:

Brought back from my honeymoon a few years ago. More of a souvenir than a fine wine but not bad at all, savoury fruit and a bit of spice.


The thought crossed my mind to open a bottle of Agrapart for the same reason, but I’m sticking to Potensac instead:


We had that one and seven others. Our palates and brains are befuddled!

You may be able to make out the wines names and their alcohol content. 15%turned out to be low alcohol this evening! All a bit overwhelming and increasingly difficult to detect differences between wines as the evening went on. One of these wines would have been interesting and enjoyable. As a set of eight wines, it was a test of endurance. All a bit too much really. Looking forward to an austere wine with enough tannin to suck the life out of my mouth!


At Mum’s this evening (would have been Dad’s Birthday today) and had a very pleasant evening with a veggie lasagne and this Christmas leftover. Nobody knows who bought it but it’s a lovely fruity, spicy quaffer. By taste I thought Syrah would be the dominant grape but listed in order of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan


Am sure you raised a lovely glass to your Dad @NickP! Happy Birthday to him :wine_glass::wine_glass:


can you say that these days, just asking…:rofl:


Our wine group’s first tasting of the year last night - riesling not from Alsace.

An interesting selection, and a good range of styles and prices. I’ve been a bit of a sceptic about spending much money on Australian wine, as I often feel that you don’t get much complexity, just a bigger fruit bomb (despite what the write-ups say), but the Grosset Springvale 2014 proved me wrong by being my firm favourite. Quite a sulphurous nose when poured, but soon replaced by citrus and stone, and then long and vertical to taste, with some salinity on the finish.

It was also very unusual for our tastings, in that the most expensive wine was joint favourite, and the least expensive was the least liked. Normally there’s at least one surprise package at the top, and one dud at the bottom!


Tonight we are having some Sri Lankan Garlic curry:

With a bottle of this:

Super value at £9 a bottle, not an easy wine match to make, will see how it works!


After Friday’s Mollydooker endurance test of high alcohol, in yer face Aussie wines (good fun though!) something more subtle is called for this evening. So to go with Smoked mackerel pate we are trying a local wine, a dry white from Setley Ridge winery in the New Forest. A blend of Seyval and Sconberger. Never tasted it before so should be interesting and a good contrast to the 15% Verdelho dry white from Mollydooker yesterday.

Then with our smokey pork goulash we are thinking of a Ribera del Douro red. But not sure so if anyone has any suggestions fire away. The only Hungarianwine we have on our racks is this one which may go