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Weekend Drinking Thread (11 - 13 February 2022)

May as well kick off this one. After all I have an hour’s advantage. The let’s have a dry day resolution lasted at least 4 hours but when contemplating lunch of leftovers soup (whizzed up leek and chestnut gratin, a potato, onion and some stock plus a dash of sweet chilli sauce), left over entrées, and some rustled up salad, there seemed a gaping no-wine hole to fill.

Cue this travel souvenir - a Bastardo (aka Trousseau) rosé from the Algarve - already chilled just enough in its under-stair cupboard lair - which added a nice brambly creamy bitter jazz to the meal; rendering it complete.


Got to admire a chap that has black pudding as a left over entrée :slight_smile:


Bong. It’s a mini-soufflé omelette with herbs, usually served cold as an appetiser. I can send you the recipe if you like.

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Just in the decanter for later, with Wild Mallard and roasted beetroot …

Resisting temptation at the moment, but the early signs are good. To revisit in about 3 hours (after the customary Valentine’s Pink Champagne - a Veuve Clicquot, which I may have mentioned is force of habit) :smiley:


Alheit Hemelrand 'Vine Garden', Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge, Walker Bay 2019 This is really tasty and being drunk tonight :slight_smile:


Posted a review of this on the web site to counter balance the 3 poor reviews. I found this pretty good. Black fruit, herbs and cassis. Certainly decent value and matches up well with other Bordeaux wines I’ve had at this price.

I may have expected one dodgy bottle but for the 3 reviews to be as poor as they are seems odd.


Haven’t had any wine for a while but finally getting round to raising a glass for Taffy. Guigal St Joseph 2017 seemed fitting enough. You won’t be forgotten.

Happy Friday all.


Opened a bottle of locally bought St Estephe, Chateau La Commanderie 2016.

I’m afraid I have no idea what I paid for it as I didn’t keep the receipt. I wouldn’t normally drink good St Estephe this young and It is very good with lots of fruit but also lots of tannin and needs food really. But almost everything you buy in France seems to me to be quite young!


A fabulous Chardonnay which benefits from decanting and being served at close to room temperature.

Sacred Hill Riflemans 2019


Later fireside once back from our pub supper with old friends - will be interesting…


Bogle vineyards Merlot 2017 in Bodegas Rio_jano tonight. It’s probable a little faded, as this should be all about the brash fruit which is just a tad more muted than expected. It’s all Victoria plum fruit and vanilla oak. Very smoooooooth, in that California way, wears its 14.5% alcohol very lightly.

It’s sailing close to being the the kind of wine that Sideways would criticise. It’s a little too play-it-safe, don’t-scare-the-horses, play-the-big-hit-singles-not-the-new-album, let’s-not-offend-anyone-or-scare-the-children, light on the acidity and tannin. Very Californian. Possibly bland if I’m being harsh. It’s perfectly fine for what it is, but it’s not what I normally look for.


Nothing like a saline white
On a chilly February night
Matches perfectly with grilled fish
To complete a winter wish
Lots of fresh high acid
Just the thing to keep our palate
In trim with citrus fruit
To keep me going with a load of doggerel bollocks


An excellent wine tonight

Had kind of forgotten about it actually and glad I did as it’s turned all golden apple, quince, cinnamon, creamy and round. Reminds me a bit more of Northern Rhone white than a Loire counterpart but maybe it’s just uniquely South African?

Miles Mossop Saskia, Coastal 2015

73% Chenin blanc, 18% Viognier and 9% Clairette Blanche


Always seems a popular choice on here but I’ve only just got round to having a bottle. Got a sort of herby/floral flavour to it (is that the right description - it certainly isn’t too sweet/fruity) and it lingers a while … lovely!

Just put case straight into reserves :hugs:


Cracking start to the weekend. Not a new wine to many on this page but new to me.

Pazo de Villarei Albariño

On the nose it’s ripe; apple, pithy citrus fruits, tropical with a sweet floral note. Much fuller than I expected. Rich fruity palate (peach, orange) but abundant acidity for balance. Very dry with a nice piquant saline finish.
Not what I am used to with Albariño but none the worse for it. Retains that fresh, mineral quality I know but with more body and riper fruit. A delicious surprise.


In anticipation of the imminent offer of the 2020s EP by my local wine merchant. I bought a bottle to remind myself of the style. The 2018 Bourgogne Rouge by Bruno Desaunay-Bissey is showing very well tonight. Morello cherry pith, hint of ripe stalks, food friendly.



One of these for me tonight - a 2002 Domäne Wachau Ried Loibenberg Reserve Riesling.

And goodness gracious me - how nice is this! A dense, oily, viscous and delightful goo-pot of layered baked-candied-fresh fruited & honeyed goodness. But with enough acidity - just - to keep it keen. Loads going on as it evolves over the evening but not loads left. Yum-yum :~}


I really want to like this, I really do but so far I just can’t. 2nd bottle of 6 of 2019. Lovely nose of apple crumble but both bottles so far end on a really stalky, unripe finish. Maybe they need more time?


I just put a bottle in the fridge for tomorrow or Sunday. Anything you recommend for food pairing based on having tried it?

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To accompany a Louisiana pasta, we opened a bottle of the recently arrived white Cote du Rhône Villages Laudun 2019 from Ferraton. Enjoyable southern Rhône white.

Mid yellow, gold. Medium plus nose. Pear, melon, peach. Citrus notes. Hint of white musk. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Slightly oily texture. Apricot and peach. Ripe Russet apple. Wet stone. Hints of grapefruit. Medium plus finish.