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Weekend Drinking Thread - 10th to 12th September

That looks amazing!


That’s a beautifully cooked piece of beef, @strawpig :yum:

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Had an aroma and to a lesser extent taste, of green tea, something I’m not very keen on. Still ‘interesting’ but I’d never buy a bottle. Trimbach Pinot Gris 2014


Know what you mean about the Poggione Rosso… am working my way through a six pack of the 2016, was expecting great things given the ineffable performance of its big brother… but the three bottles that I have had so far have left me nonplussed. Muddled and lacking the precision of the BdM. Like you, have concluded that it needs more time. Or that I have made a bad choice…


Looks fab :yum::yum:

Last night with a very unphotogenic lamb massaman curry - wonderful pairing. I’ve been trying to find out why it’s a multi vintage 19/20 blend. I can’t recall seeing it in a bandol rosé before. It is delicious. If anyone can shed any light I’d be grateful

Going with duck and my first ever Dureil-Janthial Rully this evening, :crossed_fingers:

Congratulations @Rafa to you and your family


Two wines being opened this evening, both possibly past their best. Azevedo Loureiro-Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2018 to go with pimientos padron and a Domaine Jones Fitou 2012 to go with pork chops in a mushroom, red wine and creme fraiche sauce. Fingers crossed for our wines.


After a day of gardening, looking forward to a veggie roast with all the trimmings, and a bottle of this lovely 2016 St Emilion from J P Moueix:

The 2016 is a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Cab Franc and after a few hours in the decanter it really opened up to reveal its charm. It’s not a super sophisticated wine – no layers of flavour to surprise one - but it’s generous, easy to enjoy and showing some nice development too.

Deep violet in the glass, there is some browning on the rim. The nose is a mix of dark fruit (plums, cassis, blackberries), mixed with cedar, spice (cinnamon, clove) and violets. On the palate it is supple and smooth at first, but there is a nice chewiness to the mouthfeel, and the fruit is ripe yet not cooked, but rather fresh and tangy. Medium acidity is balanced nicely with the slightly grainy tannins, and the finish has a lovely medicinal cherry note with a kick of spice.

Unlike the slightly underwhelmed review on the WS site, we felt this was offering excellent value for money, especially with a few years of age. Would happily buy again! :grinning: :+1:

Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


I was expecting a bit of a comedown from the two beautiful Langhe wines. But although I have a feeling that I like this wine more than it likes me it is so interesting. A Donegal knit of a wine, sort of knobbly and a bit rustic. Love it. I wonder where I got it?


Down to the last 3 from a case of 12:

They’ve been a slightly mixed bag, some seemed prematurely aged, possibly the result of a hot vintage, but when they’re good they’re really good and I’ll definitely buy again.

Going to have to stand up to some heavily spiced tandoori-style lamb chops, so hoping this one has enough fruit left to cope!

Edit: this one is nicely on-song, black fruit, a bit of spice, soft tannins. Could be mistaken for a decent mature southern rhone.


Tonight, a lovely Assyrtiko…

This is drinking beautifully right now and I’m sure has a good few years ahead of it.

To be followed with one of my favourite Chiantis while watching the tennis.


Some big wines on here this weekend but we fancied unfussy fizz so we’re here with this Portuguese number.

Apricot, muscat and peach on the nose. Good fizz and then a sweetness quickly followed by dry mouthfeel. Nothing complex, just fun. And a very cute top of cage.


We treated ourselves to a Tommy Banks food box this evening, and matched it up with a couple of wines.

Starter was cured salmon with tomato jelly, pickled apple and buttermilk granita, with which we drank Mélanie Pfister Furd Pinot Gris, 2019.

It’s very much on the dry end of the pinot gris spectrum, though with a bit more residual sugar than either of us remembered from tasting it when we bought it. Still an excellent gastronomic wine, with a light touch and plenty of acidic balance to let it pair dishes like this through to richer fare. Mandarins, yellow plums, a touch of spice on the finish, and very versatile.

Main was lamb rump with a black garlic glaze, and roasted and purée cauliflower. We drank Dominique Piron Morgon Côte du Py, 2018.


This is such a good wine for £15.50 - really high quality, classy Cru Beaujolais. Bags of cherry fruit, super balance, and the tannins are smooth and add just the right grip to the finish. Yummy.

Dessert was a choux bun with lemon verbena cream, and raspberry gel.

Happy Saturday!


Yesterday’s £3 pinot was so much fun that the second bottle virtually opened itself. Just a couple of inches left today, so after that I decided it was time to level up:

Geek detail:

Think it was £24. Lovely, youthful, open nose with ripe, black cherry fruit and a whiff of the good earth. Still lots of structure here, lots of depth, and I’ll be keeping my other bottle back for a few more years, see where it goes next.


Saturday evening I cracked open the bottle of 2018 Domaine Dureuil-Janthial Rully that I couldn’t walk past at Shrine to the Vine a couple of weeks ago. A lot of hype about this producer and winemaker especially on the whites (but I haven’t had the opportunity to walk past one of those yet!).

Brought out the Zalto burgundies for the occasion. I did pour a glass into the JR x RB glass too, which was very good (and easier to handle on the sofa) but the Zalto brought out the aromas just a little bit more at dinner.

Went with one of my go to meals for Pinot Noir: pan fried duck breasts, girolles, spinach, little roast potatoes and a maple syrup vinaigrette. A really nice match for this wine.

I’m still drooling over that @strawpig steak


Well yesterday was a good day.

Riesling and crab followed by a selection of cheeses and Sauternes.

Whilst the food was delicious, my presentation was a little too shoddy to warrant any pics and nowhere near the high standards of this Community :wink:

Wines were superb though.


I think it’s fair to say we have mutual food envy then as that looks like a cracking plate of food!

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Wow ! Wonderful food everyone, I didn’t have much of an appetite before reading through but certainly do now :yum:

This was opened yesterday and will be finished later today…

…a strong ruby colour for nebbiolo. A beautifully fragrant nose of fresh and dried flowers, red fruits, strawberry and cherry in the main, spice and liquorice. Similar impressions on tasting with some savoury tarry complexity to boot. Ripe fruit, layered depth of flavour with fresh acidity and fine grainy tannins to balance and structure. Good for a few years yet I would imagine. Great value too for a vineyard Barbaresco of this quality ( £24 ? ).

Not that it was the best companion to dinner. I cooked a roasted butternut squash and sage risotto with pine nuts and gorgonzola…

…my suspicion that the cheese chosen, instead of the usual parmesan, in an otherwise nebbiolo friendly meal proved correct. An off dry pinot gris would probably have been a better match. No worries though, I just drank water whilst eating.

This was opened on Friday and finished later in the evening…

…no notes taken though. From the village of Oberdiebach in the Mittelrhein. Impressions were, an archetypal spatlese that had that delicious balance between ripe, lightly honeyed, riesling flavours, minerality, lively acidity and residual sweetness. It had a smooth textural quality to it too. Like the nebbiolo it was also very good value ( £14.50 ) for what was in the bottle.

Whatever you’re up to today, have a good one.



Of the two potentially over the hill wines, the Jones Fitou was the best survivor. The Louero Albariño was tasty but flat in the mouth, the Fitou superb. Dark in colour, not much sign of ageing. Promising nose of dark fruits and spice also apparent in the mouth along with leather and pencils. Lovely.


After a dry midweek induced by a bout of a fluesque virus running through the household we are on the mend and the second half of the 2011 Brunello di Montalcino from Canalicchio di Sopra tastes delicious today.