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Weekend Drinking Thread - 10th to 12th September

As I am on paternity leave I decide to start at lunch time with a favourite.
Decanted 2 glasses into a small decanter and the rest in the bottle will be gone by end of the day.
I won’t bore you with notes as this needs no introduction and been very young I know it needs time but I’m just happy with the events in the week.
Have a blissful Friday all! :wine_glass:


Not surprised you’re happy! Congratulations from me too!


Big congratulations Rafa! And a delicious way to celebrate :+1:

Over here:

I plucked a couple of these off the shelf of Asda earlier this year, with a crazy clearance price of about £3. I figured they’d be good for cooking if nothing else but boy, this would be good at twice the price, or more.

No gritty rasping sharpness here, but neither is it blandly overripe and sugary. It’s soft, for sure, and the friendly strawberry vibe is joined by a fragrant leafiness, not quite mint but certainly something to brighten the corners.

What a bargain. I regret bunging so much of this in the ragù now.


This is good stuff. Still available I think too.

Steak in a bit. Living the dream.

Congrats Rafa.


We’ve just opened one of the Society’s Exhibition Langhe Nebbiolo 2018, which featured in the recent specialz list. It’s top notch, with a fruity nose, slow exposure on the palate and long graceful finish. I had decanted it earlier and it benefitted. I’ll be back for more.


We enjoyed the Iona from Elgin at the TWS north v south tasting and bought a case. A rich, buttery Chardonnay.

Pale lemon, gold. Hint of green hue. Medium plus nose. Buttery vanilla. Lemon. Hints of melon. Rich, full palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Lovely Burgundian style fruit. Good dose of oak. Lemon, melon, peach. Long finish.



Öküzgözü Vinkara Winehouse 2018

This went down very well with a veggie chilli, lots of upfront, dark fruits and a slightly herbal finish. Would probably pick as a southern Italian if I tasted it blind.

Good value, as are all the Vinkara wines I’ve tried.


It had to be Beaujolais tonight. This is a favourite. Fabulous colour and great slightly chilled. Strawberries and bubblegum on the nose, really fruit filled palate but also nice bit of tannin. Shall enjoy this across the evening.

Then on holiday next week. Hurrah! Happy weekend all.


After abstaining throughout the week I was, to put it mildly, up for it tonight…

…the fourth of six bought EP. It very much shows the strength of the vintage for white Burgundy. Weighty, lemon and stone fruits, spicy butterscotch, hazelnuts and a hint of Greek yoghurt on both nose and palate. Still fresh acidity provides lovely balance and tension to those flavours and there’s plenty of length to finish. The only downside was it was finished, solo, within two hours of opening !

Perhaps dinner helped in that respect, I had king scallops ( with roe ) to start and then Dover sole with a lemon, caper and burnt butter sauce as a main…

…as always, not the prettiest plate of food but I was more than happy with the results. Er, as the night is still young there’s a 2017 Riesling Spatlese ‘Am Schlossberg’ from Toni Jost in the freezer to be opened when I’ve finished here !

I hope your weekend is going as well as mine, all the best everyone !


Embee - that is a fantastic plate of nosh with a fantastic wine to match :~}

I say that as a cook who specialises in burnt butter sauce [and burnt other stuff]

Enjoy the Spatlese!



A bottle of this tonight - Umanu Rosé, Ile de Beauté, Vignerons Corsicans 2020 - with our often Friday special of deep-fried katsu chook in onion salt / coriander / sweet smoked paprika, with rice & sweetcorn - sometimes the tried & tested combos are just what you want. Simple but tasty on both counts, and both really hit the spot.

The Umanu really is for my tastes an absolutely lovely wine, and IMO an absolutely lovely bargain at the absolutely lovely WS price; one of my go-to wines. A perfect combination of fruity - savoury - herby loveliness, which just happens to really match the similar tastes of the chook.

I prefer them with just a little bit of bottle-age, which seems to emphasise the herby - savoury qualities. Although I’ll sometimes keep them for 2 or even 3 years, the 2020s are just coming into drinking time for my tastes :~}


Thank you ! I’ve messed up the sauce before as I didn’t sniff it to confirm nuttiness but thankfully I seem to have learnt that lesson. BTW, the Spatlese is hitting the spot too. More on that tomorrow though as it’s now time to shut my eyes and listen to some music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another mystery selection from the fridge - Deltetto Langhe Favorita Servaj 2018 - a bottle I’d bought without knowing what it was. Fortunately ignorance turned out to be pretty blissful. A pale golden colour with quite a herbal aroma. Pleasing slightly salty, herbal, gently fruity flavours with a surprisingly long finish. It’s very satisfying to sip gently, although not that gently as it seems top-ups are needed quite frequently.

I now know that favorita is another name for vermentino, and servaj is a dialect word for wild, so that’s what it is. It all makes sense now!


Fabulous dinner and what a wine!

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Home made fish and fries tonight - fresh whiting - and glass of this delightful Sauvignon which has a fresh subtle citrusy finish. The bottle is hiding the fries.



Tonight we had venison steaks pan-fried served on a bed of a Madeira and cream sauce accompanied with green beans and a baked potato. It called for Pinot Noir and I found this in cellar hidden by a white tissue wrap.


As ever, everyone seems to be eating and drinking well this Friday :yum:

I baked some rolled fillets of brill, and served with roasted fennel, white wine, fish and cream sauce, and salmon roe. We drank a bottle of Mosel Trocken, which came as part of a German mixed case in March - Willi Haag Grauschiefer Alte Rebin Riesling, 2019.


It may be trocken, but it’s distinctly off-dry, though with a good seam of acidity. Very much drinking on the fruit, with lemon, lime and ripe grapefruit, and a slight prickle on the finish, though more from the acidity than from any dissolved gas, I think. A good counterpoint to the creamy richness of the sauce, and it didn’t overpower the delicate fish.

Happy Weekend!


Following on from the Vajra Langhe last night I think the Vajra edges it slightly, pretty marginal though, I love the nose on this one but the Vajra palate was a touch more discreet and layered, really good bottle though.


That Hawksmoor at Home box I won was delivered yesterday. Way too much food for two people (we neither finished the steak nor started the pud!).

It wasn’t much less work than doing it yourself, but the quality of produce and the little touches were great. Obviously the stand out was the piece of steak itself. I’d say the salmon start was not disappointing, but was not the step up from supermarket smoked salmon that the rest of the stuff was.

I’d originally planned to upgrade the wine provided to a bottle of Tondonia, but a slight excess of wine on Thursday (I went to an actual in 3D human wine tasting, which I’ll try and get my brain into gear to write up!) and a very heavy (but very poor form) weightlifting session left us deciding to go with the provided wine. Very good it was too!

Rosso Braida 2018 is a DOC Monferrato Rosso. Mostly Barbera with a bit of Cab Sav and Merlot. Lots of plum skins and damsons with a lovely peppery note (similar to say a Carema or other cooler climate nebbiolo based blend), slightly jam/raisiny, but not unpleasantly so. It was really quite silky but with plenty of acid to cut through all the salt and fat of the steak. The fruit became redder on the finish.


Yesterday and today’s wines. I am reluctant to praise the Exhibition too much in case it sells out too quickly. It is unctious. Drunk with pork shoulder braised in tomato sauce with a portion of @peterm spicy beans. Great combination.

The Rosso di Montalcino was a new wine to me, all cherry, raspberry, very light in colour and quite high in acid. Maybe this need to be a bit older, don’t really know. Drunk with tapas style meat platter, cheese & bread. Good match.

Tonight will be the first of my Thorn Clarke William Randell Cab Sav. Looking forward to this wine as the taste profile is right up my street. The question is how long should I decant?

Happy weekend all.

Many congratulations @Rafa