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Weekend drinking thread (10 to 12 Jan 2020)

My first bottle of the 2018 Thymiopolous Xinomavro - I think I might like it even more than the fantastic 2017. A touch more acidic and even more crunchy minerality - makes me think of 7 fuentes, although not as extreme… delicious!


We’re making pheasant breasts in Marsala sauce this evening (I forgot how gorgeous Marsala is as an aperitif!), so after some umming and ahing decided to open this rather unusual 2017 Roussanne/Marsanne/Piquepul blend from the Languedoc:

Well, this is proving a bit of a divisive wine! I love it, the other half is really unsure. According to the notes, the Marsanne portion of the wine spent 30 days macerating on its skin - and you can tell it just from the colour, which is med gold but with definite amber/copper hues (not sure the photo quite conveys it). The nose delivers honey, fresh apricot, Fennell, nougat, nuts and a whiff of Jasmine. The palate, on the other hand is much more about structure, texture and grip. The fruit is very subtle (orange, apricot) - but it’s the wine’s grip on the palate that is really interesting. There’s definite tannic feel to it, and then some spice, herbs and a slight bitterness - like citrus pith - come through. It’s uber complex - a wine to take the time over, for sure!

There’s a bit of an alcoholic burn on the finish, which I’m not that keen on (this is 14% ABV) - but other than that, I think this is a really unique wine. I was going to put a couple more into my basket, but looks like this is out of stock now.

As for the couple who made it… nice to read that they met and fell in love whilst working for Hugel. Who would have guessed Alsace is romantic? :grinning: :+1: :clinking_glasses:


Leckford, Waitrose’s own English Sparkling Wine, was on offer at £19.99 Friday and so we thought we would try a bottle. Labelled as 2014, this reminded me of champagnes at least £10 pounds more expensive.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Yellow, gold. Fine mousse. Clean nose. Intense. Brioche, toast, yeasty. Lovely nose. Clean palate. Rich but dry. Lovely mature fruit. Lemon, toast. Long finish.


There is something very very wrong with this wine ! I am not one to turn my nose up at Burgundy but this is awful :nauseated_face:! It’s a real shame, I know I have another bottle too. I also had a corked rosé I opened in the summer from them too.
I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is wrong with it , it just tastes all over the place with a horrible bitter taste, quite obviously faulty and some oxidation going on too . Unfortunately I still have 4 rosé to try and some Fixin too :see_no_evil:! Hope they’re not all goosed :confused:.


The white burgundy premox issue strikes again. Is the supplier offering no quibble refunds for premoxed wines - many are?

Bought them direct from the producer :cold_sweat:

Came back hungry from the gym and opened a bottle of


which hit me with a waft of peach and apricot when the cork was about an inch out of the bottle. Pale lemon colour with hints of green. Rich but fresh. Peach, apricot, flowers, creamy, and a touch of salinity. Lovely. Will be drinking with chilli prawn noodles shortly.
Came from TWS but seems to be no longer offered.


Sorry to hear about your faulty bottle @leah, there’s nothing more galling wine-wise than a dodgy Burgundy.

I made a casserole with guinea fowl legs, mushrooms, cream, wine and some stock knocked up from its carcass yesterday. Reheated today and enjoyed with this deliciously individual Jura white…

…a l’Etoile ‘en Banode’ 2015 from complanted Chardonnay and Savagnin. Pungent, complex and deliberately oxidative in style it was an excellent companion to the food ( which tasted better than it admittedly looks ! )

Reminiscent of a winey Manzanilla on the nose with its aromas of tangy apple. almonds, yeast and, something like, wet wool. A tangy integrated melange of flavours on tasting makes it difficult to pin down anything in particular. Fresh, complex, elegant, structured and beautifully balanced with a distinctive nutty / mineral finish will have to suffice.

It isn’t something I’d wish to drink every day but with any kind of fowl in a creamy sauce it’s very hard to beat.


We enjoyed this 1983 Hermitage “La Chapelle” with roast free-range chicken and vegetables followed by cheeses. The fruit is starting on a downhill path and so the 4 or 5 remaining bottles will be used during 2020 but not only did it hold up in the glass but it opened up. Next time I will single decant and serve.


Just a coravinned glass of the 2012 Marcel Deiss Altenberg de Bergheim GC to wind down tonight. It is delicious, with a touch of Grains Nobles. Concentrated, but not overly sweet. Very nice for sipping.


Enjoying this tonight

I’d describe it as light-bodied rather than medium as per the TWS notes. Immediate fruit on the palate supported by a pronounced savouriness (herbal, almost medicinal?) that, together with the medium/high acidity leads me to think this would be nice with food (had Sunday night soup with the kids hours ago so can’t test this) - though nothing too full-on due to the delicate tannins.

Unusual. Pleasant to drink, first glass disappeared very quickly so had to help myself to a second glass to write any kind of report here other than “nice”


It’s no less pretty, but a lot less touristy than the Haut-Rhin. There’s also some excellent wine made, generally emphasising finesse, which sadly doesn’t make it over here very much. Not to say that the Haut-Rhin wines aren’t good, but we do miss out, and what does make it here tends to be on the pricey side (Ostertag, Kreydenweiss). Kudos to TWS for stocking producers like Boeckel and Mochel.

Very easy, and tasty. Boil new potatoes, sweat roughly cut fennel pieces till soft, mix half a dressed crab with a tablespoon of mayo, mix all together with chopped tarragon and some halved cherry tomatoes.


Hosted our first Sunday lunch of the year; roast pork with dauphinoise potatoes and usual trimmings, after a few nibbles served with Wiston NV. Appletastic autolysis. Punches well above its bodyweight imho.

Guests brought some prosecco, and I also wanted to try one of the Domaine Rollin Pernand-Vergelesses after trying the Louis Jadot “Les Combottes” last night, from the TWS mixed case I bought last year.

Sinuous, silky, salinity and butter.

Leaner, less unctuous, more clinical and precise.


Received a BYO offer from Stannery Wines for Trinity in Clapham last week, so decided to indulge on Saturday with these:

The Rousseau was, as hoped, very good, fantastic nose of fruit with some earthiness showing through, and then all in perfect balance on the palette with a great, long finish. Worth what these now go for? probably not, but certainly the precision and balance made it difficult to fault.

The Huet was certainly a new one for me, as have not had old Vouvray before. Super funky on opening, but the sommelier took great care of it and after a decant it stabilised. Definitely medium-sweet at this point, and with great texture, went well with desert. Surprisingly fresh, with notes of citrus and ginger, but remained slightly off-putting on the nose. It was surprisingly more-ish, although left with a mixed impression, and not sure I shall be getting any more older Vouvray’s.


Thanks for taking the time to post the recipe Robert, tasty and easy, two of my favourite words when it comes to cooking !

Sounds great, I don’t really like crowds and if plans come to fruition I’ll be taking a bike to get around and explore. Thanks again for the advice.

Yes, finesse ( and balance ), that’s what I’ve liked about the Bas-Rhin wines tried so far. I’d forgotten about Kreydenweiss as I haven’t come across their wines for many a year. Now that my memory’s been pricked I remember drinking their ‘Kritt’ Klevner and Riesling / PG blend Clos du Val d’Eleon in the early 90’s. IIRC the Klevner was £10+ even then. Both were very good though.


Kreydenweiss was the first Alsace producer that wowed me. As a fan of wines from over the border in Baden, I do like the slightly subtler styles you come across in the Bas Rhin.