Weekend Drinking Thread [10 Nov]

Big night tonight. Opening the first bottle of a 12 bottle case of Château Beaucastel 1995.
Bought En Primeur in 1996.
High hopes, but we shall see! LoL


Once again I was distracted - sorry. We had a HUGE influx of new members yesterday so I’ve been busy welcoming them

Thanks for starting this @Taffy-on-Tour

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I opened this bottle yesterday:

and I’ll quickly pop one more bottle in the next order…


What was it like?

I like it very much, there is a lovely savoury, meaty quality that I did not expect.

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Just ordered 2 bottles. :+1:
DR reckoned it as well 5*, missed that
Back to the Scotland Rugby, but my lot playing at 5.00pm.
Nervous about that game! :crossed_fingers:

Plan B
Beaucastel 1995 tomorrow with some Roast Pork
Ce soir, a bottle of Raspail 2011 that I just unearthed from a forgotten about stash.
The upside of a motley memory. Ha, ha!
I also found a bottle of a Le Clos 2006 Muscadet, which is meant to be half decent.
Will do for some mid week fish.

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Opened an old reliable this weekend to be finished off with a Sunday spag bol :spaghetti: in front of Blue Planet II :whale:. Dark ripe fruit, slightly astringenty on the nose but still quite easy drinking I think :slightly_smiling_face:
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I have not had a Chilean cab for a while.
This one has a lovely concentration and mouthfeel. Gorgeous nose blackcurrent and some cigar box notes
Will have with a juicy steak later.
Will definitely order some more.

Plan C in the end.
My GF’s young daughter picked up the bottle of Beaucastel 1995 unbeknown to me and apparently gave it a vigorous shake. GF mortified!?!! Me amused.
So it was Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Le Varroniers 2009 with the Roast Pork.
When served the wine had 4 hours in the decanter but was still not ready.
It is a baby, but huge! It completely overwhelmed the Pork. I can only describe it compared to a bottle of Hill of Grace that I tasted many moons ago. The mouthfeel was amazing with gobs of glycerol and fruit that the depths could not be navigated. And a bouquet that rolled out of the decanter and the glass in waves.
In all honesty, this wine left me defeated. I could not finish it, it was too much for me; a bit like my team playing the All Blacks in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff in the last 10 minutes of the game, they come at you, again and again, utterly relentless until they finally best you… That is the way Monsuir Chapoutier left me last night, one thing to be put to the sword by a kiwi, quite another by a frog! LoL

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