Weekend Drinking Thread [10 Mar]

Note: I’ve got to post this early these days to stay ahead of the keener members!

The weekend is, once again, almost upon us and there are exciting bottles to be opened and enjoyed, and simply not enough hours to do it in. This is particularly true if you are a mother, hoping to get some extra pampering and relaxation, or if you are planning on doing something special for a mother in your life.

So, how will you be squeezing the maximum enjoyment out of the vinous opportunities offered by this celebratory weekend?


:joy: Some weekends start early!

I shall be forcing down this…my 2nd bottle of what is a very standard white wine. Not the cheapest bottle and i think there are wayyyy more good value bottles to be found on TWS, but this was allocated in my wwf.

This was also in my wwf and looks delicious! And shall be Saturday’s choice

Then sunday I’m doing braised beef in madeira with a clos floridene,
Grave rouge (no longer available on TWS)

Mother’s Day will begin with a WS Cremant d’Aldace

Followed by English Bacchus

Amarone on Saturday…

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Barolo. It was on special offer at Waitrose. I have no expectations at all that it will be the bargain it pretends to be, however it should at least be drinkable. I’m not having the best week at work due to IT issues and have a persistent cold and can’t really go to the gym or for a run, so I’m seriously in need of a drink!

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I will be acquainting myself with this bottle through the weekend, the one that got away. Must make some hearty stew to accompany, may have a go at this with the chilli toned down for the minors…

We already started on this yesterday, it is so grapey that even my wife said she likes it, which is a rather rare occurrence. One could say sweet (not overly) sparkling grape juice one might say, but there is definitely a time and place for it. I nicked it from the case I got for the postponed work function


Oooh Trevallon! Very nice!!! I helped to pour these wines at the Midi Icons tasting and it was superb

I started on the Weinart Cab Sav 06 last night. Goodness what a wine for £12.50. It got better at 2.5 hours after opening - and I tasted it again this morning before leaving for work and its getting better.


Latest order arrived 30 mins ago. I for see Maby Lirac and or St Eulalie Minervois with tonight’s vcassoulet. Depending on how much bean and sausage stew is left, it could same again tomorrow, or possibly with the addition of more pulses, paprika and herbs a hearty bean soup with some fougasse to celebrate Les frogs v les rosbifs. Allez les Blancs:wine_glass:


On a mini break this weekend. Will report back.


Yeah, our weekend usually starts on a Thursday, as the other half doesn’t work Fridays.

Anyway, I found this in the garage a couple of days ago, something to do with last Christmas I think:

With admittedly low expectations, it was a perfectly drinkable generic tanker wine and got me through Tuesday’s litany of twin-related toilet accidents. We finished it off last night before uncorking this eye-opener:

As for this evening, I’m eyeing up this curiosity:

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FFS I wish I could unread this now… those two bottles look right up my street and need to go on the wish list at least. I was eyeing the Monsant yesterday evening and will also be very interested how that mature Blaufrankisch is…

I beleive the Blau Montsant was in the ‘Where’s the Value’ case. Did you pick up a selection?

My Society Champagne has only just arrived, and based on your recommendations I will try to hold on to it for a while, so this weekend I will be opening my last bottle of this with my wife:


Not sure what else we’ll open - but I’ve a bottle of this ready in the fridge:


I’m going to further dip my toe into the Rhone selection recommended by @szaki1974:

I’ve never (knowingly) had a white Rhone.

We’re then taking a Tagine to the in laws, and a couple of bottles of this:

I had it a few weekends ago and enjoyed it more the longer it was out of the bottle. It developed and interesting herby slant


The Montsant was an example (as per the wishlist thread) of a wine that had sat on my wishlist for so long that I had to delete the out-of-stock 2015 and add the 2016. That was the final straw, and I finally added to this week’s delivery. Really stopped me in my tracks, masses of bang for the buck, and after a couple of glasses the label had a slightly hypnotic effect as well, which was a bonus. The picture in the caption really doesn’t do that label justice :no_mouth:

Yeah, as soon as I saw it listed I knew I’d have to grab a few bottles. Can’t wait to give it a go. Mind you, that Trevallon looks fabulous. I tried to get some in the 2015 en primeur but alas…

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Well it looks like I have Bertrand-Berge Fitou Origenes and not Lirac …My error. Stet the rest…

That syrah is delicious. I started exploring white rhone more (well that’s not condrieu) via the ep mixed cases. Currently enjoying the 2014 version

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Seconded! Really good for the money.

Here is our roast lamb wine for Mothers’ Day lunch. 9 of us (my parents, my in-laws, us, 2 out of three children plus niece). The eldest daughter will be working hard - she manages the customer service team at Bloom&Wild - this is their busiest weekend of the year and they deliver on the Saturday and on Mother’s Day itself! We’ll raise a glass to her, as well as to our mothers and all mothers everywhere!