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Weekend drinking thread [10-12 May 2019]



The Giro 1952, all part of the diet…

I see that the stage this year, on the 19th is officially the Sangiovese Wine Stage !


BYOB fish restaurant last night. Had this lovely Loire SB with a perfect provençal fish stew.

Not much on the nose, and the palate was classic restraint. Grass, flint, twist of citrus and enough length to notice. Perfect foil to the rich stew. Might pick up a couple other Loire examples from 2017. The grape might be making its way back into my consideration list.


I see what the fuss is about, this is delicious!


Had this a couple of months ago - delightful bottle!


This is my other half’s favourite White Port - probably mine too! The only real rival to the title has been this gorgeous one:


Both fab, though! :+1::heart_eyes:


Glad you enjoyed it, John.


Another one sitting on my wishlist… what is the port to tonic ratio?

Opened this one… a bit too much kerosene in my dace, hopefully a bit of air will help or I will need to take delivery of the 2 bottles left. Interestingly the 2013 is just gorgeous now, different vintages I guess…


After all that fizz the night before you must have been relieved that the WSET wines came from the areas you mentioned. Fortified wines might have been more of a struggle !

Oh, that Muga sparkler is lovely stuff.


The food this weekend deserves something a bit special, having decided on halibut with steamed asparagus and Jersey Royals tonight, Sirloin on the bone tomorrow.

To accompany…

The Meursault is a 2011 and the last bottle of six bought EP. It will be missed.
The Saint-Joseph is a 2010 bin-end. I’m a bit scared by this as it weighs in at 15% ABV.
The riesling is the appetite stimulator !

To be updated tomorrow.


Dan Dan Noodles with this rather nice Riesling. :+1::+1:


Ah, was wondering if there was going to be a wine themed time trial this year, thanks for the heads-up.

If memory serves, Franciacorta, Chianti Classico, and Barolo were the last three.

I love the Giro, really looking forward to it, the hellish last week especially.


Same… I bet a lot of other people opted for these, too


Been studying for my WSET 3 most of today, and my head is spinning from looking at maps, and vineyard names and appellation rules. So… starting the evening with the lovely (if tiny) leftover 2015 Oncle Vincent, which I so enjoyed yesterday at WSET class:

Main wine of the evening is a mystery to me - hubby just decanted it. Nice colour! Would have to be a red that can match salmon, so the options are not too wide. Looking forward to finding out what it is… :thinking:

Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


Just finished a delicious Alpha Estate ‘turtles’ Malagousia. The first Malagousia I’ve tried, to my knowledge. I came across it in a failed attempt to find some Assyrtiko, but was a very fine substitute! Even better on day two, as well. Apparently with some skin contact, although I wouldn’t have known that from drinking it. Anyone got any other malagousia reccomendations?


Daughters fifth birthday went off well this afternoon, so celebrating with:

Agrapart Mineral Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2010

Good drop this…


Mrs Robertd requested that I cooked squid with fregola sarda risotto, and I was happy to oblige.

We drank the Maturano 2015.

Fascinating wine - only the second orange wine I’ve tried. Much less on the nose than either of us expected, especially given the reviews - some ripe fruit, perhaps, but impossible to pin down what. Flavour-wise it was also hard to describe particular fruit - Mrs Robertd thought apricots, I thought yellow plums - dry, medium bodied, the expected tannic finish, and medium length. It worked well with the food. Am I glad to have tried it? Yes. Would I buy more? Probably, on occasion. Would I drink it every day? Probably not.


A lovely off-dry Riesling from one of my favourite Alsace producers. Also the wine we served at our wedding 8 years ago! Gorgeous!


The mystery wine turned out to be (surprise surprise!) a 2017 Cab Franc. It had all the hallmarks, too – lovely cherry, raspberry and bramble on the nose, complete with a touch of pencil shavings, bell pepper and even a bit of geranium. The palate was one of ripe red fruit, with light tannins and medium acidity. With 14% ABV, it was definitely on the the riper side of Cab Franc.

As we had another Cab Franc open in the fridge (yet another left over from WSET class that nobody wanted!), we did a little comparison:

We had the 2017 vintage very recently and loved it, but this one, being 2018, definitely felt a wee too young. The colour was stunning purple – more Lambrusco than Cab Franc - and the nose a wonderful bouquet of violets, complemented by cherries and raspberries. The palate was a work in progress; still a bit harsh, with acidity that is a little out of kilter. Having said that – it tasted far better than it did in class yesterday, with time to aerate and soften. It really made me think about the pitfalls of assessing red when it hasn’t had the chance to soften a little and show its better colours.

The L’Orangeraie went really well with our salmon and chorizo, so smiling faces all round! :grinning: :+1:


Enjoyed a bottle of Spee Wah Crooked Mick Viognier at a nearby gastropub last night… Not come across it before and thought it was a decent wine at a tolerable mark-up. Quite rich and oily.

At home we had a night-cap of Elysium Black Muscat 2009. Delicious. A bit sweet I suppose, but coming across as intensely fruity more than sweet. A lovely drink.


@cerberus @GannetKeith

Wonderful. And chafing woolens, too that you had to wash every night! Just to say, if you want the full experience, maybe have a bottle while listening to Tim Moore’s book being read on Radio 4’s Book of the Week. All the episodes are available. He cycled the route of the truly epically horrible 1914 Giro D’Italia on an actual 1914 bike… with cork brakes. A braver man than I…