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Weekend drinking thread [10-12 May 2019]



Daughter, son-in-law and his parents round for dinner tonight. Indian flavour to the dishes, so this is a no-brainer …

… and this is the other one in the frame:

EDIT: Oops - I lied. Substituted Carême Vouvray with this one. It didn’t disappoint.


This tonight which was part of the Viognier mixed case in the Rhone EP offer.
Not sure what to expect (Organic apparently) but will be having it with whatever fish Mrs WC picks up today.


It was cold last night - and no doubt tonight too. So this was opened. Still a stunner, the alcohol is high but the pleasure is as well.


Like @Ewan there will be Indian food tonight — this arrived today & went straight in the fridge:

A bottle each of these are also in waiting just in case the weather does better than expected…

Otherwise the red side of the rack is still pretty well stocked — haven’t decided what will be opened yet but this keeps drawing my attention:


Lovely looking collection there, have a nice evening :clap::+1:


Comfort eating tonight - venison sausages in red wine. Something reasonably full called for. Found this in the wine fridge which hopefully fits the bill. Seems a bit closed on opening so will splash decant. Plenty of Syrah fruit and pepperiness and a decent whack of tannins. Should do nicely.


All the reading I’ve been doing about Bodeaux EP has put me in the mood for claret. Bottle 2/6 of this. A treat with lasagne.


Columella 2014 tonight as a treat. My others will not be touched for some years, though it is a fabulous drop already.


Just opened a bottle of this to go with some salmon


Seems more zingy than I expected, and also surprised it’s 13.5%, but maybe still a bit too cold. Needs to warm up a bit.


Rather agreeable bottle of this tonight.



Waiting for this to chill, delivered earlier. Loving the slender half bottles.


Probably just a beer after a wine dinner last night which consisted of these (shared between 10 of us)

Delamotte 2002
Bollinger GA 2002

1996 Matrot Meursault 1er Charmes
1996 Chandon de Briailles Corton-Charlemagne
1996 Joseph Drouhin Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Blanc
Keith Willcock - 1996 Tondonia Reserva Blanco

1996 Charles Joguet, Chinon Clos de la Dioterie
1996 Charles Joguet, Chinon Clos de la Cure
1996 Guado al Tasso
1995 Chateau d’Armailhac
1996 Chateau d’Armailhac
1996 Ch Montrose

2007 Ch Raymond Lafon (half)
1996 Ch Giraud Sauternes (half)

The accompanying menu

  • braised rabbit “rillette” with confit tomato & taragon
  • beef filet tournedos “Rossini” with foie gras, Spring
    vegetables & red wine sauce
  • tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream

Food was just fabulous - classic French cooking with a modern take.

This was the main:

Maybe something Italian tomorrow to celebrate the start of the Giro.


A real treat tonight, Grosset Polish Hill Riesling 2009. Difficult to describe how good this was; concentrated, pure, razor sharp, fragrant, textured. Riesling par excellence.


Busy couple of days, all good stuff- but tiring nonetheless.

Been to the Three Wine Man event in London yesterday - which was all about fizzy wine. Great fun, with lots of interesting things to taste. 'Twas really nice to chat to all the exhibitors, and - of course - try all the Wine Society wines (No @ewan though- he apparently had ‘a better offer’ :wink: ).

I attended the two masterclasses too (Domaine Paul Mas, and English Wines), which were great fun. Of TWS wines I tried, these two really hit the spot:

Such an enjoyable glass of fizz!


Which was spectacular! Incredible depth and length, with fine bubbles and layers of flavour. One for the basket, for sure!

My biggest conclusion of the evening was that English sparkling wine rocks! Almost all of the ones I tried were great examples, with finesse and style. I was particularly wowed by the Wiston Estate wines, especially this well-crafted wine:


Today, day 2 of WSET 3, and though I was definitely worse for wear due to last night’s event- was a thoroughly enjoyable class. Maybe casue we covered Alsace, Germany and Austria first thing :blush:

Lots of good wines were tasted, quite a few from TWS. The one that wowed me most, though, was this Burgundian treat:

Expressive on both nose and palate, very concentrated but full of elegance with a long finish. Incredible value for money. A winner! :heart_eyes:

Then this evening, celebrating the girl’s 16th birthday in a Thai restaurant in Lewes which is BYOB (her choice), we opened this lovely lovely Riesling:

Precise, with lovely lime and gentle jasmine - it was utterly delicious, and worked very nicely with the Thai food. Young still, could definitely do with a few more years. Still, even the girl liked it - and that’s saying something!

Exhausted now, and ready for Maigret followed by shut-eye… :sleeping: :sleeping:


The Trimbach is very good indeed - a huge streak of lime, taut but long and refreshing.


Hard week - this is how I intend to quell a twitchy reward system. A ripe GCC and some duck.


I don’t normally put up a wine unless it has something special about it or is a flop but I make an exception with this because of all the misconceptions about Pinotage.
I drank a few bottles of the grape years ago, but it largely disappeared from the shelves owing to poor reviews and some poor bottles during that period, I never encountered any of these poor bottlings but the fact it disappeared meant I did not drink any Pinotage for years.
Lo and behold by chance last year I picked up a clearance bottle of the grape under the Fevertree label and was reminded how good the grape can be and remarked as such to our resident guru PeterM who gave me a run down on what is and what is not available at this time.
A trip with the missus to M&S revealed a Pinotage on their shelves and I asked PeterM about it and got a full review of the wine and estate plus was told it was an M&S exclusive, so returned and purchased a couple of bottles, I am not about to become a Pinotage devotee but will certainly include it when of this standard in my buying, recommend to anyone who wants to try the grape.


Home from the smoke, off the train and a refreshing glass of this with a delightful fish supper, COD loin and Jamie’s crazy fish sauce.


I am looking forward later this year to trying some of the high altitude, low yield Sebritskloof pinotage I picked up from L&W’s SA offer earlier this year. 17 on JR and described as ‘ethereal’ so I have high hopes. I was a big Pinotage fan for years - a lighter Swartland example was served alongside duck at our wedding - but there were too many cheap bottles of burnt rubber around and it disappeared. It is capable of being very lovely.


Ok go on then I’ll have to give Pinotage another go…

Had previously written it off completely as a variety