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Weekend drinking thread 10 - 12 June 2022

Can’t believe what a Lush I am kicking off the weekend thread as late as 6pm. Today par hazard came as a German outing, first the Riesling to go with lunch - baked wild salmon, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus and barley. Just the style I like these days - bone dry, greengages, gooseberries, hint of of beeswax. Acidity- yes, but in real time mellowed and nicely balanced after an hours’ opening .

Then - to make tomorrow’s starter for the Norwich TWS group meet-up, couldn’t help myself lubricating the cooking process with a snifter of this Rhinegau Pinot.


Interesting rosso Toscana made with mainly CF and merlot. Big flavour and big alcohol (14.5) which detracts rather.



Enjoying this full flavoured Muscat with some asparagus. Better than that of the Ribeauville co-op we had recently. Next, the Familie Mantler!


This evening I cooked a warm salad of hake, home-cured Mangalica bacon, fried duck egg, sauté potatoes, Little Gem, tomatoes and crispy broad beans. We drank Franconian wine which we were given by friends who live in Würzburg - Bürgerspital Würzburg, Würzburger Innere Leiste Silvaner Trocken, 2020.

It was lovely - fine-boned, with a strong saline and mineral streak, and pulling off the trick of being substantial without being heavy. Typical silvaner bitterness on the finish, with the impression of spritz without bubbles - very lively in the mouth. They also brought us a riesling from the same producer, which would probably be excellent now, but would also wait. Decisions, decisions … but something tells me that it won’t survive that long :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


One of these for me ce soir - a 2019 Lysa Verdelho.

When I first had one of these back in May last year, I hadn’t put 2 + 2 together, and thought it was a new grape for me. It is, I assume [EDIT - wrongly!], Verdejo by another spelling [too lazy to look it up right now! EDIT But I should have done, cos it isn’t!]. It certainly reminds me of a cheap & cheerful Verdejo I always enjoy - the Diez Siglos Rueda Verdejo.

This one though dials it up a level - rich, heady tangeriney-oily lusciousness, and aromatic orange-blossom & honey haze; but with a lovely grippy dryness to it too, in tandem with a smack-bang whack of green-pineapple acidity & minerality, to make a truly scrumptious & indulgent Friday-night-mouthful. Goodness gracious me - this is very very nice. Fortunately I have 4 more to go, and you could see this lasting a long old time yet.


Quiet so far on here this weekend so I’ll bring this to the party


Pronounced green herbs, lemongrass, tropical fruits and a sweet floral note pairing well with a fresh saline hit. Lively but with a bit of muscle. Great intensity on the palate, concentrated citrus and tropical fruit abound with a resounding finish.
It’s like a NZ Sauv B made in Loire Valley, just divine, so balanced. A big :ok_hand:


No verdelho is a different variety, comes from Portugal. A lot of it in Swan district WA and is one of the varieties used for Madeira. Yours is South African yes ?


Had this tonight with a spag. bol. Purchased in the Rhone EP before last. Nice enough but didn’t excite particularly. Seemed correct for decent gamay.

Cheers all


Yes - now you say it, I remember looking this up in fact when I had the first bottle last year. I bought some Madeira on the back of it too. The first Madeira I’d had in a long old time.

This one is South African, yes x 2.

Is there any genetic link at all between Verdejo & Verdelho, do you know? This Lysa definitely reminds me of the Diez Siglos Rueda Verdejo, and others too. Either way, both certainly very nice wines :~}

Nice note. Salivating here.

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No relation at all. According to JRWG verdelho is a white mutation of an ancient red variety grown around Minho (N Portugal) since at least the c17th. It may be a distant relative of savagnin.

Personally I’ve never seen verdejo outside Rueda but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cultivated elsewhere. JRWG says it’s a sibling of godello - hardly surprising as Valdeorras is close by.

An interesting quirk is found in the “Topaque” made in Oz - which was formerly “Tokay” a fortified sweet wine which originally was thought to be made using furmint but then discovered to be muscadelle and in Swan district is sometimes misidentified verdelho. But they are now making dry table wine from verdelho as indeed they are also doing in Madeira these days. Apparently also in the Loire.


2015 E. Guigal St. Joseph Blanc Lieu-Dit, 14.5%

Rich, oily, buttery but not cloying as it had the typical Marsanne bitter almond note on the finish.
Delicious stuff with some salmon.

Edit: yes that is the dregs of an old fashioned that was my warm up before the main event.


Had some Guigal Cote Rotie 2015 followed by some Toni Jost 2018 Bacharacher Hahn Riesling Auslese, that I brought round to my friend’s house. The Rotie was bought for £30 and to be honest that’s about the right price, the oak was nicely integrated and the wine was enjoyable, but lacked a bit of excitement in comparison with other Northern Rhones I’ve had.
The Auslese was full of gentle peach flavours with a refreshing finish. Too young to be complex but absolutely delicious, my "non wine "friend enjoyed both bottles, but was most impressed by the Jost Auslese.


Friends have been kind enough to invite me over for a meal tonight, As per tradition now, I’ll be providing some no stress nibbles, the starter course, wine and a dodgy sommelier impression. The wines lined up are…

… fingers crossed they like them and that none of us suffer with acid indigestion as a result :grinning:


Can’t rule it out with that delicious-looking

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Blasting the pandemic cobwebs away


I seem to have gone a bit Sideways of late if you no what I mean.Last night I had a wonderful bottle of Domaine Changarnier Monthelie 2019 from TWS. Has anyone else had it if so what did you think. For me it was one of the best bottles of Burgundy I have had in years.


Our monthly wine society’s offering this week.


Was there scoring or did you have a personal favourite?

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I have had a couple of bottles and really enjoyed it too. Very balanced, with delicate tannins, acid and fruit. I tend to like monthélies and lighter pinots in general though. As with all Burgundy, I was still left wondering whether it was worth the price and haven’t bought any more since.

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